• 707: We have already been to, like, five different doctors. Uh, I got my ankles microwaved.
  • Yoosung: X-ray.
  • 707: They took my blood away to use for science!
  • Jaehee: Cholesterol test.
  • 707: Zen had his sinuses... removed?
  • Zen: Looked at.
  • 707: Some guy looked at my wiener, touched it, and that was weird.
  • Jumin: And that guy wasn't even a doctor.
  • 707: That-... wait, what?

unwritten--diary  asked:

8 & 30 :)

What are your thoughts on animal testing?

Warning: *Unpopular opinion*

 Im for the use of animal testing, particularly for research science. But most safety testing needs to be done on something alive. Its unethical to put humans a such a risk when we have animals specifically breed for it. I dont like the treatment of many testing animals, but there are centers that are good about care. When need to check for safety and theres no more reliable way then animal testing. Also I think many people forget the massive number of human lives saved by the sacrifice of a these animals. 

I think this comes from doing a short rotation in the “Animal Care facility” at my university. Or as the techs call it, the fluffy lab. We have made strides in the areas of understanding diabetes, viral medications, and more thanks to the the rats and mice in that lab. We should praise the mice, rats, rabbits and other creatures who have given their lives for ours, not demonize, and subsequently diminishing their incalculable contributions to science.

Your weaknesses?

Are we talking scientific, or personal? 

As I biologist, Ill tell you my scientific area of weakness, that unfortunately comes up way too often. Botany. I do not understand plants. I dont particularly like plants, I dont find them nearly as interesting as microbes or animals. Questions about plants come up all the time, and I just dont know. 


Wolf vs dog intelligence test 

Wolf researcher Zsófia Virányi at the Wolf Science Center in Austria wants to test how domestication has effected dog’s intelligence. It’s wolf vs dog in the battle for a piece of cheese!

(Excerpt from BBC’s show Bang Goes the Theory - Series 6 Episode 8)

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     Take the fastest and highest flying jet of the day, then strap a rocket engine to it. Most trainer aircraft are meant to be docile and forgiving. The NF-104A surely was not. It was a space trainer, meant to zoom climb to the edge of the atmosphere using mixed power, simultaneously burning its jet and rocket engines. Once at an altitude of more than 120,000 ft, it gave future Air Force astronauts an opportunity to emulate a spacecraft, using reaction control system thrusters in a near-vacuum environment.

     Even today, it remains a simple fact: it’s easy to get yourself in trouble in a rocket plane. The first NF’s rocket engine exploded in flight. Chuck Yeager nearly met his end during the loss of NF ship three. NF-104A 56-0760 was the second of three ever built (pictured above). She remains the only surviving example from the program, mounted proudly in front of the USAF Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base. Her reaction control system was loaned to Darryl Greenamyer and installed on his F-104 which was lost on a civilian altitude record setting attempt. Thus, even the surviving NF had some of her parts destroyed in a crash. Thankfully, in all said incidences, no human being was lost.

     The aircraft stands as a reminder to all who walk through the doors of the USAF Test Pilot School of the glorious trials, tribulations and sacrifices of all who have trod before them. These adventures epitomize the golden age of flight test and the pioneering spirit that flies over the High Desert of California.

YOI Characters as things my classmates have said
  • Yuuri: You think I'm innocent but you should see me in a group chat
  • Viktor: Guys I think I'm gay but I'm not sure yet-- never mind I'm sure I'm gay
  • Yuri: I'm 5'2 but I'm still ready to fight someone
  • Otabek: Wow y'all think I'm a gentleman but wait till you see me swallow a quesadilla whole
  • Phichit: What's your Snapchat? I don't have one I just want to know for future reference
  • Chris: I got an A on my science test and I'm ready to bust a nut
  • JJ: I may look cool, but on the inside I'm just a soggy pile of worthlessness just like you guys
  • Leo: I might have failed three of my classes but that's chill. Im chill
  • Guang-Hong: *in a squeaky voice* I'll shank you
  • Georgi: I don't know whether or not I've had two girlfriends in the past month is good or bad
  • Seung-Gil: I'm great at parties. I mostly just hide in the corner and hope nobody notices me. It works like a charm.
  • Michele: No homo but guys are really pretty
  • Emil: Yugi-Oh is for babies; I play Magic the Gathering like a real man