{ 26 sept. 2016 } Last revision of propositional calculus by the window before my test this afternoon! I really like this subject, even if sometimes I can’t figure out how to solve a propoition and I get frustrated…

Also sorry for not uploading in so long, moving out and the beginning of uni got me buisy!

[09.02.16] art notes & ap enviro notes !i’ve got to stop sleeping at 3am…

{4/100 days of productivity}



had our senior class retreat this weekend- came home and made a physics study guide for a unit test tomorrow!

(inspired by @studyguideverified)

Please go check (link in the bio). We (Jasmine + Sherry) put a lot of effort into this so I hope you can all check it out and show some support. The website is about igcse. It includes all our personal notes + resources + tips and more!! Hopefully it will help some of you through igcse/gcse!!