Hi there!

I am a Year 10 student (as of 2016) from New Zealand. I love Science and English- as well as fine liner pens. Next year, I am taking extra science, Latin and Classics.

Inspired by my friend miliastudies, I decided to curate my own world of pretty notes and inspiring study-ish stuff. Hopefully my patch of studyblr becomes a sort of ‘Science side of’, displaying things that make me happy.

I hope you enjoy it.


[09.02.16] art notes & ap enviro notes !i’ve got to stop sleeping at 3am…

{4/100 days of productivity}

hi everyone! since the holidays are over for most of us, i thought i’d make an inspirational and motivational masterpost all about notes! upgrading your notes by changing the layout, adding doodles, banners, using sticky notes, changing your handwriting etc. motivates me personally to study! 

out with the sloppy last minute notes and in with the new!

  • handwriting

how to write in cursive

some fonts to try out

how to improve your handwriting

  • note taking systems

study methods summed up

stationery to make it all happen

sticker printables to jazz it up

  • notes

how to take lecture notes

how to annotate books

taking notes from a textbook - studyign

note taking system - theorganisedstudent

note taking system - emmastudies

another note taking system - academicmind

another note taking system - wonderfullifee

the 2 notebook method

note taking with highlighters and post its

pretty timelines

note taking printables

plot summary with sticky notes

20 uses of sticky notes

colour code your notes

method with columns 

the cornell note taking system

the cornell note taking system using onenote

in class notes

another in class note taking format

what are sketchnotes?

online whiteboard

  • flashcards

how to make flashcards

another how to make flashcards

an example

another example (with sticky notes)

and another example (biology)

8 ways to improve your flashcards

make  and test flashcards online

alternative to flashcards - studyign

print onto flashcards

  • mindmaps

how to mindmap (1)

how to mindmap (2)

some examples

  • apps


  • banners

simple banner

more banners

it’s a banner party over here

banners (shown how to draw in gifs)

  • illustrate your notes

how to illustrate your notes - reviseordie

sketchnote tips (banners, lettering, doodles)

more sketchnote tips

even more sketchnote tips

how to make your notes pretty - theorganisedstudent

how to make your notes pretty - studyspoinspo

how to make your notes pretty - booksflowersandtea

what is visual note taking?

a visual alphabet

  • note taking printables

dot grid 

note outline printables

lined cornell method printable

grid cornell method printable

hope you all had a good rest and are ready for a new year of studying!

xoxo lou



had our senior class retreat this weekend- came home and made a physics study guide for a unit test tomorrow!

(inspired by @studyguideverified)


the manuscripts of the masters: scientists

albert einstein, ph.d., physics
marie curie, ph.d., physics, chemistry
nikola tesla, electrical&mechanical engineering
george washington carver, m.s., botany
rosalind franklin, ph.d., biophysics
charles darwin, evolutionary biology
thomas edison, electrical&mechanical engineering

47/100 days of productivity + SAT 10.8.16 // 12:54pm

theme of the week: astronomy. october sciences  (2/4);;;; starry=eyed at starry skies +++ starting dental exploring with the 3A and the 11/12 on monday!