[09.02.16] art notes & ap enviro notes !i’ve got to stop sleeping at 3am…

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Welcome to my studyblr! This is my first original post on this blog and I’m really excited for the new year :) These are some of my notes from my neuroscience class last semester and I’m kind of sad that it’s over because brains are cool dude (I’m a prospective neuroscience major so more brains in the future~). 

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3/1/17 9:32 AM // studying physics and SAT stuff this morning in my second study space I arranged yesterday. It has absolutely nothing around it, just a table, and I have to carry the things I need from my study room. So far it’s proven to be effective for maximizing concentration, maybe you could try it :)



had our senior class retreat this weekend- came home and made a physics study guide for a unit test tomorrow!

(inspired by @studyguideverified)

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Today was really stressful. I had to do a bunch of homework and other stuff because I didn’t get it done during the week. I’m really excited for my new set book for english lessons. I’ve wanted to read it for a long time now. Let’s see how I’ll like it! 


[10.26.16] chapter 5 anatomy notes! (Types of tissues) im so tired these days :( but i did pretty well on my anatomy test so im proud!

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august 14, 2016 (10/100) ☁️
spending d sunday reviewing for my midterms 😅 here r my origin of the solar system notes wooo hope u guys have a productive week ahead! wish me luck i hav 2 midterms tomorrow rip ty!

AU where Persons A and B are roommates and A is a vampire and doesn’t even hide it but B just thinks they’re joking all the time.

“Is that wine? Can I have a sip?”

“It’s blood.”

“Haha, whatever you say.”

“Where did you get these sweet fake fangs?”

“They’re real. I’m a vampire.”

“Sure you are, and I’m Bigfoot.”