Deranged: Part 10

“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.” -Stephen King

Warning: Contains violence, abuse and tense situations

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studying for science on the floor of your local library with a cool new study buddy is a really great time + super productive too! This is how I’m taking notes for chem. It’s funny because the only reason I’m studying like this is because I accidentally packed my history folder instead of my science folder with my notebook in there, but hey, this method is definitely equally as effective and doesn’t take as much time. I’m about to leave, so once I get home I’m finishing tutoring homework, doing some chill leftover worksheets and simulations for my maths test tomorrow and possibly finishing this chem note taking depending on how much time I have.


April 18 2017: Are you a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner?

Definitely visual which is pathetic because I wear glasses and can barely see the board and professors have terrible handwriting

I think Tuesdays are like my rest days because last Tuesday I went out and today I took a two hour nap in study buddy’s room. I felt kinda bad about it because I’ve been meaning to do work with him (I guess i kinda miss the old times) but today i was all slept on him. I wanted to do the chem lab pre-lab write up so badly tonight but I restrained just because i want to do it with him tomorrow lol :(


Leave places more beautiful than you found them. Leave cities with fond memories. Leave the past where it belongs, and only take the lessons you learned with you. Leave the dead to rest; don’t carry the weight of their ghosts. Leave those who hurt you behind; anger is just a sign that you still care. Leave memories in photographs and journals and songs. Leave people stronger than you found them; leave them better off for having met you.
—  EMJ // Instructions for Leaving Things Behind

Steve Harrington is a seriously talented artist but (mostly) gave up drawing for baseball and track because his father pressured him to do so. Throughout school, his math and science notebooks are filled with absentminded doodles, but he’s sure to keep that part of himself carefully hidden. 

Steve starts sketching again when he starts spending more time at the Byers’s house and less on the baseball diamond he’s grown to resent. He often hangs out with Will when Jonathan and Joyce both need to work—he and Will mutually agree that babysitting isn’t cool enough to describe their afternoons experimenting with paints, watching movies, and making oversized ice cream sundaes. 

Jonathan finds Steve’s loosely organized collection of sketches when he ends up crashing on the Byers’s couch for a few days, kicked out of his house after a run-in with his father. The sheets of paper tumble out of Steve’s backpack amidst his toothbrush, shampoo, and extra t-shirts, but it takes some coaxing from Jonathan and some encouragement from Will for Steve to actually open up and share what he’s drawn. The sketches of Nancy are numerous and they’re Jonathan’s favourites, but there are also a number of drawings of him that make Jonathan blush and stumble over his words of praise. 

Will, beaming with delight, picks out his favourite sketch of Jonathan and pins it to the fridge with a bright green frog magnet because it’s really good and my mom is going to love it.

march 19 2017 end of spring break and i’m not ready

well i haven’t posted in a few days, entirely because i haven’t touched any school things for the entire week. now i’m cramming for my test tomorrow morning. i have done this to myself. but i got new stationery today so that’s making re-writing these notes a little better.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Orphan Brigade [Baby Years]: The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager.

Ryan was sat alone in the public library, scribbling down various equations. He had been tasked with triggering an explosion for their latest heist which meant a lot of advanced planning, especially since it was an area he wasn’t confident in. 

The chemical formula he had written would certainly combust, but not enough for the level of damage that he needed. Something was missing. 

“You’re balancing the equation wrong.” A voice in front of him stated simply. 

Ryan looked up across the table to find a familiar face watching him. “….Pizza boy?”

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anonymous asked:

8. “Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" Chlonath

“I’m sorry,” Chloe said, leaning against the locker next to Nathaniel’s.

“Do you even know what you’re apologizing for?” he asked grumpily, shoving his textbook in his backpack. The hallway was empty, since Nathaniel had spent some time after class to ask Ms. Mendeliev some questions. Chloe had waited for him.

She bit her lip. “Not really.” She hadn’t even realized he was mad at her at first, so she didn’t have a clue what she’d done wrong.

“You’ve been going on and on about trying to be nicer to people. That’s what made me start liking you in the first place. I admired that about you. But you’re just as mean as ever to Marinette,” he replied, shutting his locker door harder than necessary. “I thought you were getting better.”

At lunch that day, Marinette and Nathaniel had been talking outside the school. Chloe had bumped into Marinette, purposely knocking her over, and then called Marinette the clumsy one. Then she dragged Nathaniel to class, leaving Marinette alone to pick up the contents of her bag.

“I am getting better,” she insisted. “I didn’t even tell her how horrible she looked in that outfit.”

Nathaniel stormed past her. “See you tomorrow.”

“Wait!” she cried, grabbing his arm. “I really am sorry. It’s just because it’s Marinette that I get that way.”

“Why do you hate her so much?” he demanded. “You’ve made such great progress with everyone else.”

Chloe didn’t answer for a moment. She really didn’t want to tell him the truth. Nathaniel sighed loudly.

“I’m your boyfriend, Chloe,” he told her. “If you can’t tell me what’s wrong, then what’s the point?”

“It’s because you’re my boyfriend that I hate her,” she said softly.

He paused. “That doesn’t make any sense.”

She sighed, reaching into his bag to pull out his sketchbook. Her fingers easily flipped to the pages with Marinette doodles all over them, as if they had done so a thousand times already. She knew exactly what pages they were, what was on them, how many times he had drawn a pair of Marinette’s eyes. “You liked her before you liked me.”

Nathaniel took the book back and, to her shock, ripped out those pages she knew so well. Then, for good measure, he tore them to pieces. “But I don’t like her any more. I don’t like anyone but you.” He sighed, pulling out a sleek, new sketchbook. “Did I tell you I got a new sketchbook?”

“How can you change the subject just like that?” she snapped. “I’m actually upset here, you know.”

He rolled his eyes and handed her the book. “Just look through it, all right?”

She opened the book, and, to her shock, it was full of doodles of her. Her injured ego was restored when she realized there were many more of her than there had been of Marinette. “You didn’t tell me about these.”

He put his arm around, steering her down the hall. “These are just the beginning. You should see my science notebook. I’m pretty sure it’s your fault I’m failing.”

She looked up at him, feeling guilty. It was rare for her to feel that way. “I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

He kissed her forehead. “You can start being nicer to Marinette. She is my friend after all.”

“I’ll try,” she replied.

“And I wouldn’t say no to some ice cream,” he hedged.

She rolled her eyes. “Anything else?”

“You could pose for a portrait for me.”

“Only if I get to hang it up in my room.”

“I was thinking it would go in my room.”

“We’ll talk over our ice cream.”
Here you go, anon! I’m so sorry for being so late on this. Finals week nearly killed me. On another note, ugh I love this ship! <3 Thank you for requesting it! Feel free to send me another! I promise to respond to it on time! :)

009/100 days of productivity ✨


The contents of the purse today as I tackle my Thursday classes. I actually usually bring in a backpack but today I decided to not bring a laptop and downsize to my purse.

-Hobonichi Scheduler
-Psych Textbook
-psych & science notebook
-various pens
-3 packs of Mildliners
-Coach Wallet
-Tic Tac
-3 kinds of pens
-iPhone Charger

The Wilden/Beach Hottie Dilemma

OK, by now… most of you have seen or heard about the interview where Marlene basically dismisses Beach Hottie. Along the lines of “I thought that was Wilden. I’ll have to check.” Which, as an answer has everyone righteously (and rightfully) pissed off. Because if SHE doesn’t know, then who the hell does?

I never got too wound about Beach Hottie one way or the other, so I’m not too upset… but maybe the same reason I’m indifferent to the character is why she isn’t forthcoming.

I’m indifferent… because I have never believed that he existed. For various reasons, throughout the seasons, I have thought that both the story from CeCe’s mouth and the notebook that the girls found were fake.

My reasons for distrusting the story:

1. It came from CeCe. I hold very little that CeCe said as fact.

2. It’s really clear that not all of Ali’s diaries were really her diaries. I mean the same diary entries were later rewritten… with pen in Ali’s exact handwriting, while Ali was still supposed to be dead. But now that we know Ali was alive, it makes pretty sure evidence that Ali rewrote her own diaries. Rendering much of what Ali said to also be untrustworthy. And the Beach Hottie conversation happened in Emily’s science notebook. Why, of all things would Ali bring Emily’s science notes with her to Cape May? More likely, it was forged in her science notebook because they knew Emily would recognize it and pick it up.

3. In ‘A’ is for answers, Ali more or less tries to make it clear that she was still a virgin.

4. At no point since Ali came back has ANYONE ever asked her about her pregnancy scare. No one. The only person who addressed it was Mona… working with ‘A’ to tell Spencer that it was a false alarm and Ali was never pregnant.

Either that’s an epic failure on the writers, or it’s a question left for later. Because this entire story is either/or.

Either you believe CeCe’s account or you believe Ali’s.

Either Ali had a pregnancy scare or ‘A’ created it to get Wilden in the girls’ sights.

The optimistic approach is this… The reason she’s being dismissive about Beach Hottie is either:

1. Beach Hottie was a work of fiction on CeCe’s part and therefore never existed.


2. Beach Hottie does exist, but she doesn’t want to reveal information that hasn’t yet been confirmed in the episodes that have aired.

I am likely being overly optimistic… but I hope that the question will either be answered, or rendered useless by the finale.

Here’s hoping.


11/5/16 16:23 PM // revising biology and doing some past papers bc next week I’ve got four theory subjects in a row (chinese second language, biology, economics, and chemistry). I’ve got a physics practical exam tomorrow and I really hope it won’t be as difficult as the chemistry paper I did yesterday. Tomorrow is also my younger sister’s birthday but I haven’t got her anything yet 😁📖