This a real fossilized baby Stylemys Tortoise! It dates back to the Oligocene and was found in South Dakota. This is the oldest known dry land tortoise (in the order Testudines) ever discovered in the United States! We can ship this, and all fossil specimens, worldwide! We are only asking $250 (Canadian dollars) and you can buy it now on!


hey astronauts u better stop playing around up there and get to some real science!!!!


Scientific proof that Kevin Bieksa has two different people alive in his face.

In the first picture, we have Kevin Bieksa as seen by the naked eye.

In the second, using science, we see innocent, boyish Kevin. Give him a cookie and take him home to your mother. They will get along great! He has never done anything wrong in his entire life.

In the third, we have sultry, evil, Bieksa. Don’t let him near your mother; he’ll probably seduce her. And notice how much older he is than Kevin. See, Bieksa has been around. He will chirp you with impunity. Also he fights.

Now when we look back at the first image, we have a better understanding of the power of his face. Kevin reels you in, and Bieksa closes. Together their powers combine to form… Kevin Bieksa.

God help us all.

Although scopolamine in its most processed form looks exactly like cocaine, it’s not really for recreational purposes. Well, unless your idea of fun is to blow mind-control powder into the faces of unwitting victims to make them do your evil bidding. Scopolamine is reportedly popular among criminals in Colombia who spike the drinks of unsuspecting dupes or simply blow it onto them voodoo-style. Then, once the drug has achieved the desired effect of rendering those same dupes highly susceptible to suggestion, it’s time to lead the victim over to the nearest ATM to empty out their bank account or make them happily agree to whatever other nefarious activity springs to mind.

5 Drugs That Turn Your World Into A Real-Life Horror Movie


Science is real.

I was talking about Kepler with a coworker and about how there is definitely life of some kind on that planet. We also said that with the size of our universe there is no way we are the only planet with living creatures. Another coworker overhears and says ‘I can’t believe you guys believe in that shit.’ I’m like 'believe in what, science?’ PRETTY SURE SCIENCE IS REAL. God creating our universe in 7 days is A LOT harder to believe than fucking science.