New vlog posted! Come see our adventure at the Denver museum of nature and science, where we meet a real unicorn!
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last night i was thinking about becoming a librarian so i asked my mom how to become a librarian and she said “go to college for library science” and i thought she was making fun of me because i didn’t .. know that library science was a real thing… i thought that you could just become a librarian… 


Scientific proof that Kevin Bieksa has two different people alive in his face.

In the first picture, we have Kevin Bieksa as seen by the naked eye.

In the second, using science, we see innocent, boyish Kevin. Give him a cookie and take him home to your mother. They will get along great! He has never done anything wrong in his entire life.

In the third, we have sultry, evil, Bieksa. Don’t let him near your mother; he’ll probably seduce her. And notice how much older he is than Kevin. See, Bieksa has been around. He will chirp you with impunity. Also he fights.

Now when we look back at the first image, we have a better understanding of the power of his face. Kevin reels you in, and Bieksa closes. Together their powers combine to form… Kevin Bieksa.

God help us all.

Going Up! Elevator to Space Just Became Real

Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 18, 2015
A Canadian company has earned a US patent on a free-standing, inflatable 12-mile-high elevator that may revolutionize the future of space travel, and may even provide new opportunities for tourism. Thoth Technology Inc. is a private Canadian company which normally specializes in miniaturized and light-weight gadgets for outer space. But the space company is now aiming for something much bi
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So I saw this thing called "Drunk Science," which of course immediately made me think of Fitzsimmons...


The “kids” (…agents) are all drunk one night. Fitzsimmons can hold their liquor pretty well… but… they’re definitely on the tipsy side of things. Which is why when Skye decides they should start a web series called “Drunk Science” they are COMPLETELY on board. 

No one involved knew that it would take off. I’m talking ridiculous numbers of fans, followers, comments. Fanfics. ENTIRE FREAKIN’ BLOGS DEDICATED TO “DRUNK SCIENCE”. 

It gets so famous that they get some big name guest stars on the show. People are still talking about the time Jane Foster accidentally SUMMONED THOR because she forgot a “reallllyyyy cool, you guys” 3D model. And the episode where Tony and Bruce battle Fitzsimmons in a “science” drinking game? Still their most viewed video.