The date for the Science March on Washington (and like a billion other places) has finally been announced and everything about it looks lit

On Wednesday, the March for Science Twitter account posted an announcement stating that the march would take place on April 22 — which also happens to be Earth Day. Here’s everything you need to know to make sue you show up in force no matter what.


This just in, an Ivy League School is a “community college” if you’re friendly to The Gayz.

The latest in the series of “science agrees with my prejudice unless it doesn’t in which case it isn’t Real Science.”

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um so u know how dan says he has a pain kink? interesting how in the video of louise waxing his legs he keeps a pillow over his crotch the entire time almost like he's .. hiding something. in conclusion dans pain kink is real and waxing his legs gets him hard. science is amazing


I illustrated a couple of additional posters to accompany my Women Are Strong As Hell illustration– my mom, aunt and I will all be marching on Saturday in the Women’s March on Washington’s sister march in Austin! 

And guess what! You can buy these, AND my Strong As Hell lady as prints on my Etsy store now, for just $35 each!

Science Aesthetic: a well kept lab notebook, perfect sterile technique, cross referenced stock solutions, a single, perfect freezer box, labels

Real Science™: post-it notes everywhere, a messy bench, yesterday’s bacterial cultures, fourteen pieces of scratch paper, digging in the freezer for ten minutes because you don’t know where your stocks ended up

Humans are huge scary nerds

So as humanity progresses we have all these ideas of what space travel might be like. What if we just mash everything we have made up in science fiction into space armadas. I guarantee one person will put their own body in an exact replica of General Grievous’ body and be the captain of a Super Star destroyer with several other human space crafts like the USS Enterprise and fighter jet style craft. And then what if Humans are the only ones to come up with the idea of a Death Star? Humans become known as the Cyborg death people who can’t die and literally have the power to destroy planets with their moon size super weapons.

At the same time we want to literally befriend everything so the aliens kinda just submit like “yeah ok don’t anger the chill world ending nerds”.

TL;DR Humans shove a clusterfuck of science fiction into real life