As a follow-up for my Girafarig Crossbreeds, I wanted to draw another Weird Bro With Hooves. Problem: Stantler is in the same egg group as Girafarig (field), which basically meant anything I “bred” it with would either be Girafarig’s sloppy seconds or rejects. Boring. SO HOW ABOUT SPLICES INSTEAD? 

Science has gone too far, and mashed up Stantler with a bunch of Pokemon it can’t breed with. The unifying theme here is that they’re all psychic, playing off Stantler’s moveset if not its typing.

Childermass’s Yorkshireness. There are none more Yorkshire. Vowels flatter than a blind cobbler’s thumb. Perhaps the only man in the land to have the freedom to call Geoffrey Boycott a soft southern shite. 

That said, did other book readers have him as an older, more ragged man? When I wrote about the series for the Guide, Bertie Carvel told me at some length about the “strikingly beautiful” Cilenti. And indeed Cilenti’s Childermass is a handsome devil.