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The above design was created by me! I’d like to turn it into a lapel pin, unfortunately, the price is pretty steep. I created a Kickstarter if anyone wants to help me out! Any amount pledged will help! Pledge $3 or higher, rewards will vary! Stickers, pins, stickers AND pins! (rewards only sent if project gets funded) Check it out, share the page, reblog this! Please, anything helps! Click here!

Page from The Crown Book of The Beautiful, the Wonderful and the Wise. Being a Compilation of Some of the Most Notable Things in Poetic Literature, in Science and Art, in History and Biography, in Earth, Sea and Sky, in Philosophy and Music. By L. N. Chapin.  Bradley, Garretson & Co., Brantford, Ont.; Brockville, Ont.; St. John, N.B. Also Wakefield & Greenwood, Melbourne, Australia. 1884.