Physics of the piano

One of the most prominent piano companies, Steinway & Sons, was founded in 1853 and was known for developing inventions that improved the sound the instrument was able to produce. In the period between 1850 and 1875, the company was granted 25 patents, a number which they’ve been building on ever since. The reason behind these changes and patents are based in basic physics:

  • A single piece iron plate was inserted in the piano to combat the stress that the piano case experienced as a result of a greater number of strings and their tensions. The tone was not affected by this addition and it soon became the norm.
  • Modern steel wires were used on the earliest Steinway models, meaning diameters, lengths, and tensions of the wires did not need to be changed going forward. Instrument designs did not need to be radically altered and innovation could be focused elsewhere.
  • At the suggestion of physicist Hermann von Helmholtz, the Steinways built in a small ridge on their soundboards of their grand pianos to allow strings to vibrate at their ends, improving the overall tone.

These and many more of the patents registered to Steinway & Sons result from the designers’ understanding of physics, applying them to create the legendary instruments we know today.

Image credit: Interior of a Steinway grand piano (model B-211) by Kjethdubns. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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