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Entomological Illustration Station at the Maastricht Natural History Museum 

I had the awesome chance this past weekend to work the day at the Maastricht Natural History Museum for Het Weekend van de Wetenschap (Science Weekend), where I was asked to set up a station for scientific illustration! Since Sunday was bug-themed, I focused my little area on entomological illustration.

What is entomological illustration?

Entomological illustration is used to accurately describe and catalogue all known species of insects. This type of descriptive illustration is called a habitus

Why use drawings?

Though macrophotography has become more prevalent, it is very expensive and still requires visual interpretation (due to changes in depth of field and zoom limits).  Drawings, however, can be detailed and clear to the smallest level and can describe layers of depth and function otherwise unseen.

I had about 3.5 hours to hang out and draw bugs, both digitally and with the museum’s fancy camera lucida. 

A camera lucida is an attachment to a microscope that allows the viewer to see both the magnified subject and the artist’s paper/hand via lights and mirrors! It’s a super useful tool to secure the accuracy of the measurements and proportions of the specimen, but it’s actually quite difficult to get used to! I had the chance to use it during my internship with the Smithsonian a few years ago, to detail the budding on the bean specimen I was drawing, and it was just as difficult as I remembered hahaha 

ANYWAYS–we had a fun little troupe of people and children walking in and out, exploring the lab and the selection of insect specimens the museum had gathered to share. It was so exciting to see how interested the kids were in discovering the amazing details of the insects like the scales on butterfly wings and the hairs on honeybee legs! 

One of the little girls, 8 year old Indigo, came over to me to tell me how excited she was and how much she loved fossils and dinosaurs and everything in biology, and then pulled me over to her microscope to show me the differences between the butterfly scales and asked for a piece of paper to draw them all. Her little sister, Elsa, also took a piece of paper to draw the bees like me (: 

It’s so inspiring to see little girls so excited about science!!
Girls need so badly to be supported to increase the gender balance within STEM fields (Science Technology Engineering and Math) and I hope the best for these creative, curious girls. Keep exploring, little ones! :)

River Phoenix/Chris Chambers, ‘Stand By Me’ (‘86)

5-day semi-hiatus

Okay friends, since I have no self control, I need your help. I have a pretty big lab report to write that’s due Friday night, and I keep getting distracted by Tumblr. So, I am disappearing under a cone of silence science until this report is finished.

My queue is adequately stocked and everything (or almost everything) in it is tagged #if queue want. If you see me around here apart from my queue, please yell at me to get back to my lab report.

Thanks, and I’ll see you all Friday night!


february 26, 2017 | studying

I have a science competition this weekend, so I’m currently studying (more like cramming) information. My brain feels like it’s about to explode… the good news is that my fjallraven came the other day! I tested it out yesterday, walking around Los Angeles and the straps are actually quite comfortable, which I was skeptical about.

signs as '80s movies

Aries: the lost boys

Taurus: weird science

Gemini: the outsiders

Cancer: the goonies

Leo: sixteen candles

Virgo: weekend at bernie’s

Libra: st. Elmo’s fire

Scorpio: ferris buellers day off

Sagittarius: heathers

Capricorn: mannequin

Aquarius: pretty in pink

Pisces: stand by me

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anonymous asked:

Hiii I absolutely adore ur content and ur handwriting and ur personality in general and I was wondering how exactly do u use ur purple study schedule printable, thank you!! Have an awesome day 😊

Hello! That is so lovely, I’m flattered. Thank you! The study schedule can either by for planning out your week in general or planning out your study sessions. How I’ve used it is to write in my commitments by the hour then add in when I have the opportunity to study. I personally think it’s great for prepping your studying for exams. It encourages you to break up your studying over the week and avoid cramming! It is also good since you can map out the different areas you want to cover so you aren’t getting bored. For example, you can plan to study biology on a Monday and Thursday, maths on Tuesday and Wednesday, then science over the weekend. Here is an example of me using it. I’d also recommend checking out my tagged photos on my Instagram @emmastudiess - some of my lovely followers tag me in their photos so you can find some more inspiration there! xx


18.03.2017 // saturday

i really love weekends because that’s the most productive part of week huh. i passed my history test and chemistry test and i hope to get good grades. at the social science i discovered some new useful aspects of our (russian) economy system.

spent 90 mins playng tennis w/my friends, that was really tiring, but i was tired in a good way, um, like runner’s high? anyway this day is cool for more two reasons: i have learned chemistry paragraph all by myself and also solved 50 math equations and now i’m going to finish ‘the dandelion wine’, yay!

really hoping for tomorrow to be productive not lazy.

Corey Haim ❤️

A cafe in Tokyo exclusively for girls majoring in science!

A  new cafe is being opened exclusively for those females graduating in science in Tokyo on 20th June. This cafe will also cater to those girls studying in middle school and high school, who are interested in science.

This restaurant called RKJcafe was conceived by the Knowledge Hands,an employment support company based in Tokyo. Normally girls form only 10 - 30% of all the students studying science, so females have a hard time finding fellow female science students to discuss and interact about various scientific concepts.

This cafe will provide an ideal platform to all the women interested in science to get together and discuss what they truly love i,e science. Most amazing part of this restaurant is that female science students will wear white lab coats and serve customers drinks in beaker and test tubes. This cafe will operate only during weekends, when science students get some respite from their grueling schedule.