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One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.
—  Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark
When Worlds Collide

If they can make ALIEN VS. PREDATOR movies (uh, quality notwithstanding), why not something that brings STAR TREK and STAR WARS into the same galaxy and timeline.

And what might happen if you threw FIRE FLY into the mix?

I’m just sayin’.

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13, 15, 22 & 27

Alrighty! Here we go! Sorry these are taking so long. I wanted to take time on them since you all were so sweet to play with me. :)

13. Biggest wish for season 5? Well, since I’m a trash queen you’d probably expect me to say “Cophine love scene” BUT I just want Cophine to be a team. Delphine has spent 4 seasons getting shit on, having her motivations questioned, and sacrificing everything for Cosima (and the clones). Delphine has earned trust and respect, especially from Cosima. Clearly, according to the spoilers, shit is gonna go real sideways and that’s to be expected. However, I just want Science Girlfriends kicking ass side by side this time. Them vs. the world. Like two beautiful (and brilliant) lady John Wicks. When the writers treat Delphine with respect I’m always a happy camper. Also they better not die.

15. Favorite episode? I would HAVE to say 1x6. My queer ship spidey sense had been tingling since “enchantee” but the moment when Cosima realized she was truly fucked (ya know when Delphine kisses her on the cheek and she forgets how to breathe) was the same moment I knew I was fucked too. I know I was watching that episode with my chin on my hands and heart eyes like a giddy idiot. That ep was magic and I was officially ALL IN after that scene. I didn’t realize yet that I would end up devoting SOOO many hours and SO much mental space to the minutiae of this clone show we are. Non, je ne regrette rien.

22. Character I wish I was like? I mean…there is a reason that her primary scene mates (Ebro and Josh) are madly in love with her. She’s brilliant, unaware of how sexy she is, passionate about life’s mysteries, and she sucks the air out of the room with her charm. In the words of Evelyne Brochu “I mean, Cosima, how can you not, you know?“ I’ll keep my height though. I win there. 

27. Character who should go on The Great British Baking Show? It has to be Shay. You know this bish has “Great British Baking Show Contestant” on her vision board. 

Mary Berry would DESTROY her though. Might be fun to watch ;)

Science versus Feelings

Hello! So I promised I’d start posting Farklecentric essays. As an RPer I’ve always watched shows or canons paying to the very minute details of how a character holds themselves, speaks, or moves in certain situations.

And since the topic of the hour around here is often focused on ships, I figured this was a good place to start! Because it’s really important here and it’s not just a ship focus– Farkle’s whole character development has been this prominent display of ‘is feelings greater than science?’

And the answer for this boy is simply this: Yes.

The first episode we see this real confrontation in is in, of course, Girl Meets Smackle. Farkle and her discuss their rivalry and it’s very prominent there are feelings there. However, this seems to be mostly one-sided (Smackle). We actually don’t see Farkle recuperate any of her advances in this episode. He very distinctly does not get her asking him out on a date. Fast forward to Girl Meets I am Farkle, he still doesn’t quite get it.

For Farkle’s arc Smackle is the practical embodiment of science. He’s attracted to her! There is no denying that. He does feel strongly for that is or will never change just as his attraction to science won’t. Smackle is important to him in the same sense as science is– irreplaceable.

However, from as early as episode one we start to see the arc that prevails in season two for Farkle. In the first episode he is faced with the dilemma of school (knowledge) versus his girls (love/feelings/etc). At the time he is strained and unable to chose between the two. In Girl Meets Boy, however, he chooses to put the desires of Riley before his own (FOR EVERYONE WHO SAYS FARKLE PRIORITIZES RILEY: It’s been since the first episode, guys). He knowingly goes into what he feels is a dangerous situation because of his will to make her happy.

These instances are both important because they’re when we start to see Farkle having a tug-a-war between these two instances. What is the logical answer? Okay, so what is the answer my feelings want to make?

I’ve seen people say that Farkle had a sudden character change, but that’s untrue. His changes have been rooted as early as season one Girl Meets Boy. And let me explain further why:

Socially Farkle feels he is inapt– and for good reason. Everyone looks at Maya’s life as really bad, but honestly with the clues we have to Farkle’s home life she seems to be doing A LOT better in mental health. Why? Farkle is used to the constant in-home fighting. He is honestly perplexed at the idea of people and families being close and at home together. It’s outwardly said that Maya understands this more than he does. He seems to have literally been raised by technology (see the fact in Girl Meets Boy he states life can’t exist without technology as it is and Stuart’s primary focus is always enhancement).

There’s also the fact that the boy suffers from anxiety to the point of panic attacks. This is something I feel stems from the pressure Stuart puts on him. He’s flat out told his son that Topanga should have been his mother. Farkle feels like he has to impress him. When we see him talking to his father it’s always polite, refrained, polished– even when he berates him. You can tell in both instances that Stuart isn’t used to his son talking back. Furthermore, BOTH times Farkle tells Stuart he has different plans for his future Stuart looks visibly taken aback (watch the Legacy scene carefully, Stuart’s smile is very tight and he pulls Farkle away for a few moments).

And let’s not forget: Farkle honestly does not feel he understands or knows how to love.

Important stuff here, right?


Because Farkle’s arc regarding feelings starts in Crazy Hat. It’s when he’s given his first real reality check. He’s told to ‘not keep the dollar’ which at the time isn’t a concept he understands. He’s always been surrounded by money, his father has always succeeded and shown to keep the dollar. This is the first time that Farkle is told that maybe this superiority thing isn’t so good. Maybe everything he’s been taught wasn’t right. He considers passing it on, if briefly from fear, but he’s not ready to move on yet.

So we move onto Friendship where Farkle has the chance to become dictator. Farkle who’s science and logic about ruling the world. Who understands people as on the level uof sheep and can be controlled at this point, ultimately even PROVES IT…. Decides… against it? Why? Because Riley tells him she won’t talk to him again after he mistreats her. Reality check number two. He decides that being a dictator wouldn’t be so great if he had no friends.

We’ll fastforward a little more and push to Belief where Farkle is once more confronted with science versus belief. In an interesting move, Disney actually allows an openly atheist character. Because Farkle outright said he doesn’t believe in things he can’t see and by the end of the episode this doesn’t change. However, he does realize maybe he wasn’t completely right and that some things are just right and are. That science can’t dictate everything…

And so we move onto Yearbook. Honestly, this was not a scene that wasn’t meditated on his part. Farkle was honestly prepared for this change. It’s something he was planning on. I say this because he already had the clothes and character in mind: Donnie Barnes, regular guy. Why is this important? Because he describes Farkle as a goofy scientist. This was his first prominent, open move of trying to breakaway from science. It’s why by the end of the episode he explains to Lucas that he needs to be allowed not to be a scientist sometimes. That, in order to grow, he needs to be allowed to explore.

So brings on I am Farkle. Like Yearbook, this episode is pivotal. Yearbook brings us discovery and a yearning to be something else. However, he still doesn’t feel like he can quite be anything else yet. This is because when they test him for Asperger’s the concept isn’t beyond him. All the conditions he heard about seemed appropriate for the feelings he always felt he had– or lac-thereof in his case.

By the end of this episode Farkle is actively aware that the issues he thought he had weren’t real at all. He suddenly realized that everything he was feeling until then were real– It wasn’t a game. He always thought they were because he didn’t understand them, but now suddenly their concepts and the concepts of love were real.

Which is 100% of the reason why I feel his actual growth in this series starts right then and there: Because Farkle Minkus starts embracing feelings. We don’t see him get into a lot of highly emotional scenes until after this episode. But it’s Farkle who later pushes the girls to confront their feelings. He pushes Maya about her liking Farkle when she asks him to help her. He firmly goes ‘You care about him’ until she threatens to hurt him. Likewise, he later pushes Riley into admitting her feelings for Lucas.

And of course there is our lovely New Years scene.

There’s one more, though, too and it’s one I briefly went over before: His confrontation with Stuart in Money. And even Legacy. Farkle is focusing on honesty and feelings. Or, to better put it, it’s often about interpersonal connections. We’re seeing a kid who actively thought he should keep his money because people didn’t matter to a kid who goes ‘nah dad let’s give away all our money other people need it more’. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT.

And it’s something I do not believe his relationship with Smackle will be able to grasp.

To better put this in a frame of mind: If Smackle is his metaphor for science than Riley is his metaphor for emotion. Smackle and him make sense, they’re logical. Riley and him, however, are always emotionally charged. Again we move all the way to Friendship where he physically recoils when she threatens not to talk to him.  Their scenes are always the ones where Farkle gives the most reaction to. Even in Money with Maya his features and words are reserved and meticulously chosen.

I think one of the best examples I’ve seen to explain this is a headcanon I saw floating around: Smackle comes over one day and sees PLuto on the ceiling. She scolds him and tries to delete it, but Farkle won’t let her. And when he tries to explain why it fails to be any scientific or logical reasoning: It’s something he believes in (Riley).

There’s a reason they constantly have Farkle associate Smackle with science and Riley with belief. At least from a shipping standpoint, but also in a character standpoint it shows where his character is growing to. Season one for him was science season two for him is emotion. We see this develop very carefully until it bursts out in I am Farkle.

Farkle will end up, however unfortunately, naturally leaving Smackle behind without ever realizing it. Not because his feelings for her change but because he’s questioning science and its importance in his life. It no longer outweighs everything else. Instead he’s finding that emotion and people do. So where does that lead him to?

Can we not be scientists for a moment, sir?

Is it possible that feelings are more powerful than science?

Keep discovering, Farkle.

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Thoughts on alternative medicine

It’s ultimately up to the person whether they want to use alternative/holistic remedies vs “conventional” remedies. There was a world before medical science & many of these traditions remain in several cultures today. But I think people who explicitly try to scare people from using conventional medicine like Kevin Trudeau & Dr. Sebi are charlatans who sell pseudoscience to vulnerable people. They care more about themselves than the well-being of other people. The problem is not medical science itself, but who dominates the agenda & direction of it. Science is good, but also Science™ has been/is currently being used as ideology that is weaponized by white supremacist patriarchal capitalism to pathologize those who deviate from its social norms. Medication is then often prescribed not as a way of helping people get better, but as a crutch that helps people cope & better fall in line.

Muslims in a Magic vs. Science Technological World

Hello WWC staff! Thanks so much for running this great resource.

I’m working on a story where magic was ‘discovered’ at the beginning of the 1800s, resulting in a magic-based steampunk (magicpunk?) alternate Earth. Since this Earth shares our history right up until that point, Islam definitely exists, and multiple characters are practicing Muslims.

I have read through your Magic And Islam posts, and found them very helpful! I’d like to ask for a second opinion on what I currently have (especially from Mod Kaye!) if you have time.

For countries where Islam (and/or other religions where magic is forbidden) is predominant, magic-based technology is unavailable, the same way you wouldn’t find a bottle of wine or a ham sandwich in a grocery store. Instead, these countries specialize in science: mathematics, engineering, etc.This results in technology much like what the real world currently has. In countries where Muslims are a minority, non-magical products can be purchased/imported through shops. Or there’s always the internet!

The result is a Mac vs. PC situation, where both science and magic have basic equivalents of everything: phones, automobiles, prosthetic limbs, etc. Each can be made compatible with the other, with a little work, so that no one is living in a ‘bubble’. Just bring your adapters when you travel!

Unfortunately, I don’t know any Muslims to ask in person, which is why I wanted to send the question to you, and your wide readership.  Is this an acceptable treatment?  What can I do to improve it?

Thanks again!

Hi there!

I am honored that you wanted to ask my opinion on this one. In all honesty, I really think this could work, as long as none of the Muslim characters are engaging with the magical technology or activities. Like I’ve said before, the main issue around Muslims and magic is that we actively believe that it exists and dabbling it is not a good idea (backed up by certain related historical events in the Qu'ran and from records in the early days of Islam). Looking at your story, it is the same as Muslims existing and going through life today without engaging in the practice of magic.

Keep in mind, though, that Muslims are science. Like, literally. We invented a ton of stuff that makes this world go ‘round. So rather than saying Muslims had to adapt to magic, I’d say that someone wielding magical technology would have to adapt Muslim inventions to work with it. I wouldn’t want historically documented achievements to be airbrushed away or ignored.

Also, as a general caveat to users, this idea seems fine to me because Muslims are not engaging with magic. Muslims are not engaging with magic. Muslims are not engaging with magic. And I’d still recommend that you tread carefully, make sure you are being aware of inventions and who they are credited to, and generally just making sure that you are keeping this universe as open-minded and respectful as possible.

Thank you for asking and I hope this helps!

-Mod Kaye


My ENTJ dad vs my INTJ boyfriend, from the perspective of an INFJ.

ENTJ: Buys a new car every year because something about warranties; also because he has more money than god.

INTJ: Has been driving a ‘99 Saturn for the past decade because he doesn’t care enough to go through the effort of buying a new car.

ENTJ: Has lots of money invested in stocks, real estate, and probably cocaine.

INTJ: Has lots of money sitting in his checking account.

ENTJ: Complains loudly about humanity; still socializes multiple times a week.

INTJ: Complains quietly about humanity; socializes almost never.

ENTJ: Has been best man at seven different weddings, a groomsman at 5 more. Is currently happily divorced from ESFJ. 

INTJ: Has attended 2 weddings as INFJ’s date. Happily in a forever relationship with INFJ.

ENTJ: Didn’t go to college because “the American higher education system is a scam.” Made tons of money in the stock market.

INTJ: Paid his way through school with scholarships and jobs; graduated college with zero debt.

ENTJ: Wants to take over the world by controlling the financial industry.

INTJ: Wants to take over the world WITH SCIENCE.

Dan and Phil’s Dvd Collection (or at least part of it)

Big Fish

 Children of Men 

 A Clockwork Orange


 Dark City

 The Dark Knight

 Dawn of the Dead (2004)


 Donnie Darko

 The Dreamers


 The Faculty


 Fight Club

 Final Destination 2

 Final Destination 5

 The Fountain

 Ghost World

 Girl, Interrupted

 The Hangover

 Hard Candy

 He Was A Quiet Man

 The Hills Have Eyes

 The Hills Have Eyes 2

 Howl’s Moving Castle


 Inglorious Basterds



 Kill Bill: Vol. 1

 Kill Bill: Vol. 2

 Minority Report

 The Mist


 The NeverEnding Story

 New Year’s Day


 Phone Booth

 Planet Terror

 Pulp Fiction

 The Rules of Attraction

 Running with Scissors


 Saw VI



 The Science of Sleep

 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

 Silent Hill

 Source Code

 Spider-man 3

 Spirited Away



 Team America: World Police


Twin Town


 The Wrestler

 Wrist Cutters: A Love Story

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HI, MBS! I'm wondering why you would promote Hilary Clinton when not only is she being investigated for treason (and numerous other crimes now coming into the light), but more on the environmental point, she is a well known supporter, and promoter of fracking.

Hillary Clinton has not been charged with anything.

Unlike Donald Trump she is not a climate change denier, and she has not vowed to remove all renewable energy & climate change funding as Donald Trump has.

Donald Trump also wants to drop out of the Paris Climate Change agreement. I can’t see why any rational, science advocate would choose Trump over Clinton.

Clinton has a clear vision for Science in the future. Trump does not. He’s barely talked about science at all. This is worth reading:

Trump vs Clinton: worlds apart on science

Trump’s pick of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate on 15 July signalled a sharp turn towards the Republican party’s conservative base. Pence, a self-described Christian conservative, has questioned the existence of climate change, waffled on evolution and criticized President Barack Obama for supporting embryonic-stem-cell research. His new role aligns with the hard-line policy platform adopted at the Republican convention, where Trump officially became the party’s nominee on 19 July.


It’s a common refrain. Deciphering Trump’s views on core science issues has been difficult given the free-wheeling style of his populist campaign. He has often seemed to focus more on taunting the political establishment than on staking out policy positions. By contrast, the Clinton campaign has consulted dozens of scientists on topics that include health, education and the environment.


The two candidates — whose campaign staff declined multiple interview requests — also seem to think very differently about the role of science. Although Clinton has described science and innovation as a foundation for the future, science funding seems to be an afterthought for Trump, says John Karsten, coordinator of the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution, a think tank in Washington DC. Instead, the Republican has focused on issues such as national security, immigration and crumbling infrastructure.

Is Clinton perfect, no (obviously I don’t agree with her push on fracking) but in my opinion she is the only choice worth making in this election. And I haven’t even touched on the dozens of non-science, non-environmental reasons not to vote for trump (of which there are literally hundreds).

Also I didn’t even mention Hillary Clinton’s name in that post. lmao.