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Of course Kaiba believes he can get to Atem. 

All of the crazy stuff he’s seen. Souls torn from living bodies, an ancient city as a game board, realms where monsters are real with swords stuck in them, ghosts living in gold acting like parasites that can take over their host entirely.

Is the impossible only supposed to be achievable when it’s Yugi doing it? Knowing everything he knows now, Atem should just be in a different world. And dimensional travel is a party trick. Why would it be out of his reach?

Of course he thinks he can.

Hey science side of Tumblr how come sometimes I’ll draw something and it looks fine, but I mirror and it looks messed up? What makes one orientation look acceptable to my brain but not the other?

“sides” of tumblr

Science side- smol gay science lovers wanting to educate people.  v nice

Animal side- Happy ppl ecstatic over animals and want everyone to know. Strangely knows a lot about otters.

Art side- tHESE FUCKERS ARE AMAZING AT ART. 10/10. Know history about famous artists. “did you know this dude painted a asshole as a fuck you to this other dude? haha!”

Plant side- Tol nice people who honestly just like gardening. No drama, it’s paradise. 


Musical side- these fuckers are the best. Will show you gOOD ASS SONGS, LIKES HISTORY SIDE BECAUSE OF THINGS LIKE HAMILTON.

Why are so many hot guys named Chris

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or Tom

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science side of tumblr explain!!

Alfred Worden holds the world record for “the most isolated human being.” While the rest of the crew of Apollo 15 was on the Moon, Worden stayed in orbit for three days. He reached a record distance of 2,235 miles away from any other human being, and his communications with Earth were blocked by the Moon. He said he “thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Biomedical Artist Audra Geras created this image titled “ Process of Ubiquitination Leading to Protein Degradation by 26S Human Proteasomes” to show how proteins that your cell doesn’t need anymore get broken down into smaller pieces that can be upcycled into new proteins.

Errors in this process have been linked to cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and heart disease. 

Space fact #5

If you and I are in separate space ships both traveling fast, there’s literally no possible way to determine if I am staying still and you are moving, or if you are staying still and I am moving, or if we are both moving. Also, from your perspective time will flow normally for you and slower for me, but from my perspective time will flow normally for me and slow for you.

Basically, everything, including time, is completely relative.