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The harp sponge, or Chondrocladia lyra, is a species of deep-sea carnivorous sponge. Researches with the Monterrey Bay Research Aquarium Institute discovered in 2012 at a depth of nearly two miles below sea level. The sponge preys upon small crustaceans using sharp spicules - tiny, velcro-like hooks - to capture prey, then secretes a digestive membrane to envelop and break it down into particles small enough to be absorbed through the sponge’s pores. 

i’m just… so tired of reading posts complaining about problems that only exist because people won’t read romance novels… it is a huge genre there are books about werewolf dukes, there are books about black revolutionary war soldiers, there are books about south asian doms who care about enthusiastic consent, there are books about shape-shifting cowboys who turn into bears, there are books about lady scientists learning how to trust that their boundaries will be respected, there are books about alien barbarian warriors, there are books about genies, there are books about women of color in victorian london, there are books about polyamorous earls, there are fake marriages and marriages of convenience and basically every fanfic trope that people lose it for exists as a book with original characters but some of the same people who complain about how books no longer satisfy them turn a blind eye to a whole genre because it never occurs to them to read a ~bodice-ripper~ when they could read romantic fanfic of a more respectable genre instead


Up until a couple of years ago, I didn’t realize that anemones could move. I thought they were sessile organisms, like corals, sponges, or barnacles, incapable of locomotion. It was only after I noticed anemones in an aquarium seeming to switch places that I realized they could “crawl” like snails. It wasn’t until this summer that I discovered some species can detach from their rocks and swim around! I’m curious as to how it sensed the sea star’s approach. 

maybe i’m asking for too much but if “it devours” also manages to tell us how carlos fell in love with cecil from his own point of view i will literally leave this plane of existence and subsequently reach nirvana

Reminder that a wild Orca called Granny died this week (well most likely she’s missing presumed dead) at the grand old age of 105. Tilikum died at 35. Captivity kills.

nerd shaming

NEGL 80 percent of why I like Canadian Holts is because them being aggressively Canadian when the GG is too ‘Merican or if someone’s talking shit.

Shiro made the mistake of once telling Matt he’d assumed he was American for months and Matt started throwing in every piece of slang he could think of, ending every other sentence with ‘eh’ and referencing childrens’ TV shows Shiro probably wouldn’t have known even if he was Canadian too.  Because Canadian enough for you yet????

Things that confuse me about Star Trek:

The Enterprise-D doesn’t have a Chief Science Officer. It’s a massive ship with exploratory purposes and there’s no Chief Science Officer. Even DS9 had a Science Officer, who was assigned before anyone even knew there were new scientific opportunities there. For a ship whose purpose is finding new scientific stuff, you would think there would be a Science Officer