science shit!!!!

So we have a sorcerer that doesn't believe in magic

Sorcerer: Makes a successful Arcana check “I sense a being in this forest of unorthodox origins.”

Druid: “A magical creature?”

Sorcerer: “No, of course not. magical is an innaccurate descriptor, everything in this world has it’s basis in science.”

Druid: “But…you…do…magic…”

Sorcerer: “I prefer to call it the yet-to-be-explained application of unconventional science.“

I just… really love this movie

Try to unravel this mystery, January.

I did it for the pun

When your president wants to cut funding to science then you have this shit that tells you how much we NEED science!

maybe i’m asking for too much but if “it devours” also manages to tell us how carlos fell in love with cecil from his own point of view i will literally leave this plane of existence and subsequently reach nirvana

Probably one of the biggest arguments I see being used against astrology is the Barnum effect. Basically, it’s an effect that states that people are naturally inclined to believe in general, vague descriptions that can apply to everyone.

The people who make this argument get so smug because they think, “It’s true, the astrological descriptions are all so vague and applicable to everyone, so therefore, it’s bullshit!” when really, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

If you look at your natal chart, you’ll see that all of the signs are present. You are supposed to feel all of the signs resonating within you. When you read those vague Sun sign descriptions, they should ideally resonate somehow in some way. If you don’t, you have an interception, and interceptions can feel quite painful for anyone who has one in their natal chart since it shows an imbalance of the signs.

The people who make this argument also argue on the assumption that astrology was supposed to be extremely accurate, in an objective sense. What these skeptics don’t realize is that astrology is a subjective subject, and that accuracy, or the truth is truly a subjective idea when humans have different biases and perceptions due to their complexities. If accuracy was so objective, why do people still have arguments to this day? If accuracy, or the truth, was so objective, wouldn’t everybody know about it to where no conflicts would occur? Of course, this wouldn’t happen because the subjectivity of the truth is connected to our uniqueness as an individual.

Astrology was not and will never be an objective subject in its essence. If astrology was objective at all, it would be for the sake of existing and mental understanding. After all, you can’t objectify the human personality, and people who generally take an objective stance will struggle to understand that.

Astrology isn’t vague because it’s inaccurate, it’s vague because it takes the essence of life into account. Astrology is a subject that realizes that random circumstances, environments, and events all come into play when it comes to the individual. Take the variables away, and you’ll see a warped, incorrect picture of life.

Hey you know Sid from Ice age?

yhea that guy

You probably think he is kinda pathetic, goofy, stupid and just a little bit of comic relief.


Sid is no ordinary sloth.

Sid is a fucking GROUND sloth.

this is what Sid actually looks like. 

Lets get some perspective on that

See that shit right next to our buddy Sid?

That’s an elephant.

Sid could have smacked the shit out of a fucking elephant

so this scene

Would not have ended very well for our buddy Diego

for real

Giant Sloths could and probably did fuck up entire packs of Sabre Tooth tigers, and then take a shit on their memory, without even waking their big asses up

Don’t fuck with Giant sloths

Giant sloths stood seven meters tall and weighed in at about 7 tons




Mammoths only weighed 6

That’s right Manny

You better look scared

cause forget Diego, Sid could have kicked your ass too

Lets look at a size comparison


Sid is the equivalent of a mammoth with fucking arms and claws

Sid is without a doubt the biggest badass in that show, and probably in all of history.

So next time it is family movie night

and your weak shit asses are watching Ice Age


Sid could fuck up everyone else in that show.

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