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Hi! Title: He's Never Going to Love you Like That

I knew. I always knew. I knew that things between Stiles Stilinski and I were purely platonic. I knew that one matter who I was or what I did, I’d never amount to Lydia Martin.

Of course the most popular girl in school had to turn out to also be the smartest. She couldn’t leave anything for the rest of us. I had the second highest GPA in Beacon Hills, but of course Lydia surpassed me tenfold.

I was voted runner up for homecoming and prom queen. My science projects, although innovative, couldn’t never amount to the genius that was Lydia freaking Martin.

I wouldn’t lie, I was insanely jealous of her. Jealous that no matter how late I stayed up or how many hours I put into something, Lydia would beat with just a flip of her read hair. But thing I was mostly jealous of was the fact that she had Stiles wrapped around her finger. It was blatantly obvious to everyone what she was doing. She secretly loved the attention and admiration that Stiles gave her and to push him away would mean that that no long existed, even if she had a boy friend.

I’d know Stiles for what seems like my whole life. Our class schedules practically mirrored eachother, I’m pretty sure I’m the only reason he passed 10th grade biology, and still I don’t think he knew I existed. His mind always seemed I be elsewhere, like he could never focus on the task at hand. Granted, I’m sure his ADHD had something to do with that. But my mind always wondered if it was her.

Was she a switch he could never turn off? Was she always there like a nagging pain, promising to never relent. I always held out hope though. A guy like Stiles was too smart to ever be taken by the tricks of that sultry siren. But a few days before graduation there they were. Kissing out side of his jeep. The suddenly advancement in their relationship had shocked the whole school, but moreover me.

I stood there even after last bell, watching them talk and kiss and plan for their future. She looked like she always did, like she was standing with Stiles her friend and confidant. He looked like he was standing with the love of his life. I could tell she seemed a little more into him than normal, her act wasn’t fooling anyone. Or was it?

Finally the separated from each other, and she waved to him as they drove away. I watched him until I couldn’t see his jeep anymore before heading to my car.

I’d never really heard Lydia say my name. Maybe be once, but just like everyone else I was beneath her. I guess I was more shocked that she actually knew it. So when she called my name just as I reached my car, I was entirely certain I wasn’t dreaming.

“Hey!” She said just as I turned around. I smiled politely at her although I was very unsure on what to say.

“How are you?” She engaged into small talk.

“Cut the crap Martin, what do you want?” I said, not willing to play her games.

“How are you sure I want something?” She asked.

“You’ve barely spoken a word to me in four year, now all of the sudden your asking how I’m doing? I’m not buying it, what do you want?”

She pursed her lips together obviously not anticipating me to be so intuitive. I fold my arms over my chest waiting for her to continue.

“I just came over her to say, that your staring is getting a little creepy.”

I was stunned, her words hit me like a weight and I fumbled to find words. “Uh- I-”

“Save it.” She interrupted. “Cut your little miss who me act and listen up. You see how he was looking at me over there. That was love, real genuine love and I’ve got it. I’ve spent my whole high school career trying to bury you into the ground. And apparently you haven’t gotten the message so let me give it to you straight, Stiles will never love you like that. So quite your daydreaming and find someone else that available, because he’s not.”

She finalised the blow but spinning around and walking away, her strawberry blonde locks whipping me in the face as she went.

It was my responsibility to do this, therefore I am not sorry.


thank you bones week day 2: eleven temperance brennan character growth moments
- Brennan’s journey to believing in love is by far my favourite. From not believing in love at all, and merely calling it a chemical process. To being jealous of her friends who believe love transcends science and reason. To then finally realising she loves Booth. She’s come such a long way. And she finally has the love she deserved all a long.


‘Alien’ fan art by Blumb Design