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Stunning portraits show not all redheads are white 

There’s a lot of mythology surrounding redheaded people, but one ignorant assumption trumps them all: Redheads are white. The reality? They’re not. Photographer Michelle Marshall is raising awareness of this fact through her photo series “MC1R.” Even someone with two black parents can have red hair.


This purple bee balm is one of the most fantastically colored flowers I’ve ever photographed in UVIVF. Ordinarily green, with purple flowers and pinkish bracts, it’s a great variety of rich colors under my 365nm UV light. Each of the glowing nodes is a bud yet to bloom. For almost two weeks after photographing it, it kept blooming in a vase.


Three space travelers landed safely back on Earth late Saturday night.

The journey began in the evening, 5:12 p.m., ET to be exact, when the hatch to the International Space Station closed, and Kate Rubins, Anatoly Ivanishin and Takuya Onishi climbed into the cramped Russian-made Soyuz spacecraft that would bring them home.

About three hours later, they separated from the space station as it flew over Mongolia. Inside, Ivanishin was at the controls as the ship’s commander.

About 230 miles below, as Americans went about their Saturday nights, rescue crews fanned out in helicopters around the target landing site in central Kazakhstan. Around 11 p.m., ET, when the space travelers were scheduled to re-entered Earth’s atmosphere, rescuers began to scan the sky for the falling spacecraft.

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Photos: Bill Ingalls/NASA