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When you literally had to learn everything about radiation to obtain your degree and then you watch The 100 explain science…

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Since I have not posted a personal post in a long time, here is an update:

I will be spending the summer conducting search with my professor. The research is mainly related to knowledge extraction and organization. Currently reading up on some recent papers in the field.

And yes, I did use this as an excuse to buy a nice notebook.


But the fate of the team depends on Jemma reuniting with Fitz. Because yes, Daisy’s in there too and will do her own badass duties, and she’ll be amazing, and yes. But if there’s anyone in the real world who’s going to reach anyone in the Framework and snap them out of it, it’s going to be Jemma Simmons and Leopold Fitz. Their connection is too deep. The fate of S.H.I.E.L.D. depends on the romantic entanglement of these two characters. 

So just… level with me. Regardless of the scenes they do or don’t get. Regardless of the kisses they do or don’t get. Regardless of seeing Fitz with another woman. Regardless of… well. I literally have no clue about the Jemma being dead thing… but anyway…

Look. It could take one episode for Jemma to find him (or like. Be alive.), or it could take five. 

But all I know is Jed Whedon chose to heavily feature FitzSimmons tonight in his first ever written and directed episode. Jed and Maurissa chose to feature Elizabeth Henstridge in a bottle episode last season. 

Daisy said what the writers wanted us to know tonight. FitzSimmons are the real deal, they are endgame, and the writers never stopped caring about them. 

I truly believe that. 

So let’s just enjoy this brilliant arc together. Let’s see how the team finds each other. 

And let’s be forever grateful that the heart of the show is and always be our favorite science duo. Regardless of the screen time, scenes, etc. they’ve been given.

And enjoy the fucking ride. 

Because they sent Fitz in with the rest of the team in an alternate universe. 

And Jemma is going to fight tooth and nail to get him back. 

Of that we can all agree. 

After my old iPod being turned off for months, I tried turning it back on to find an old photo. To my surprise, this is what I saw. It hasn’t been on for months and no one had tried to get into it. How is this even possible? How long is that? Can someone from the science or technology side of tumblr please help?

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