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i discovered your blog earlier today and i just aaaaah i love everything you draw!! your artstyle is so cute and i'm in love with your science officer!kirk au. much love, and keep up the good work <3

Apparently being in love with Science Officer Kirk is a thing. Also Bones isnot subtle. But then again he’s Jim’s friend, I guess.

Science officer Kirk tag

because i am a sucker for aus and the first/science officer kirk au is just something that really speaks to me (bc fuck jim with glasses or just anyone with glasses is my weakness) 

just imagine all the science officers being all protective of their nerdy chief officer and they have a running bet on when the captain will finally tap dat ass. and obviously they figure out jim’s feelings before jim even does and they start “intervening” and setting up “accidental” meetings for spock and jim and sometimes, when jim forgets to eat or sleep or that there is something else happening outside of his plant cultures, they call on spock to drag his first officer away. 

and when spock and jim finally get together, all the science officers subtly imply that if spock even as so much think of breaking jim’s heart then there will be freaking hell to pay, captain. 

Have some Science Officer Kirk AU with a baby Vulcan. His name is Saros (or s'arev-os in Vulcan) meaning “from the old desert wind”. He doesn’t have any other family and was adopted by Captain Spock partially to get the elders and father off his back on getting a bondmate when he has Jim instead. Jim really bonds with the boy, and Saros curls up against his side when he’s reading reports his scientists give him. Saros has lots of nightmares, and Jim is the one to comfort and sooth him, telling him that even Spock has nightmares about Vulcan’s destruction.

Saros tries to not show any emotion, but everyone knows he thinks the world of Jim and not only because of his logical love of sciences. He looks up to and wants to impress Captain Spock, the Vulcan who took him in when he had no one.

more first officer kirk stupidity (because i just finished a physiology exam and i need something happy to think about because im pretty sure i messed up)

i like to think that bones just pretty much bulldozes his way into jim’s life. like, once, in a pique of forgetfulness, jim eats something with peanut oil or something (he’s actually pretty aware of all his allergies and is constantly vigilant but sometimes when he hasn’t slept in like three days and is just basically existing on caffeine, he just kinda forgets) and someone rushes him to the hospital with numb tongue and swollen hands and NO ONE TREATS HIM (because they learned the first time, and no one in starfleet medical really wants to deal with a phaser-toting captain winona kirk)

because it’s kind of an unspoken rule that no one, and i mean, no one is allowed to treat lt. cmmdr. james tiberius kirk except for doctor philip boyce. but then boyce is in the middle of an operation so jim’s just kinda trying to chill at the waiting room. and then leonard mccoy, who has just finished a hellishly long shift and wants nothing more than to collapse on the nearest flat surface, sees him and reacts accordingly: “why the shit isn’t anyone treating you?! nurse, why isn’t anyone treating him?” “lt. cmmdr. kirk’s attending physician isn’t here yet and no one’s allowed to treat him–” “like hell no one’s allowed to treat him. look at his hands!” and then bones starts shooting jim with the typical allergy hypo and almost kills the idiot because OF COURSE jim is allergic to the typical allergy hypos and the next five minutes is the tensest of leonard mccoy’s life because what the fuck WHO IS EVEN ALLERGIC TO THE HYPOALLERGENIC HYPOS?!

through it all, boyce is just watching in silent interest in the shadows as mccoy eventually figures out that jim’s immune system is a piece of shit


@cnovakw sent: Hi! I fell in love with your science officer!kirk au and so this happened😂😂 I plan to get better glasses, but I figured I’d go ahead and share this (incomplete) cosplay with you 😁😁 -Finn

Your cosplay is super cool! That is not my AU (but if someone knows please tag the creator so they can see this amazing cosplay too!) I really adore your hair, exactly Kirk!! And the glasses are already so cool, I’m sure the next ones will be even better! 🐝

science officer!Jim meeting Dr. McCoy for the first time after an incident in the labs (‘it isn’t my fault they labeled the beakers incorrectly,’ jim mutters 'ensigns, you know?’) and Leonard spends half the procedure bitching at Jim for his brittle bones and, 'i’m putting you on vitamin supplements, no wonder this experiment-gone-wrong wrecked your wrist with weak bones like these’ but his hands are gentle and kind even though the doctor with the crazy eyes and faint scent of mint is obsessed with his bones, jesus christ-

and Jim maybe spending the next three months catching glimpses of “Bones” and maybe scribbling “Dr. and Dr. Bones” on his personal PADD twice a day because of course he missed hearing Leonard’s real name and was too embarrassed (I.e. SHY) to ask anyone what his name actual is

Title: Next Best Destiny

Author: rabidchild67

Pairing: Kirk/Spock

Length: 58,159 words

Rating: A

Content: PG

Summary: AU in which Spock is Captain and Jim the (geeky) new officer in Sciences.

Overall: THE NERD KIRK AU I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR FOREVER FINALLY FINISHED AND IT WAS PERFECT. Probably the only stxi retelling i can get behind. just awesome guys. absolutely awesome.

Star Trek AU where Jim Kirk is science officer and first officer and Spock received command of the USS Enterprise for a five-year mission (I don’t know whose this idea).

Not my otp, but I made this ‘cause blondes and glasses are my fucking fetish~

and I ship McKirk, that is why Bones is here

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I'm just curious if you know any goodnfics that have captain!Spock/science officer!Jim. Thank you so much! ^^

Sadly there’s not many of them out there. This is the newest one:

Across Every Universe by illogicallyinlove

AU: Jim Kirk, the adorably awkward science officer aboard the USS Enterprise falls for his Vulcan commander, Captain Spock. (1st POV of Kirk)

WIP but nearly finished

Others are in our role reversal tag :)

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i love your science officer kirk au more than anything else in the entire world! i was just looking through the tag again and the though of spock in a fatshirt popped into my mind. i wanted to share that with you

Hail the glorious anon who inspired the fat shirt. Thank you friend, thank you.

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I finished my painting of Commander James Tiberius Cuter Than Everyone Kirk. I’m loving the the nerdy science officer au that’s bouncing around the fandom lately, so I decided to contribute.

Painting this was a struggle for me, not because the subject matter was too hard, but because I was getting continually distracted by how adorable William Shatner is. 

Hope you guys like it! (and thanks druxykexy for your comment on the WIP I posted)