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Can Buddhist Practices Help Us Overcome The Biological Pull Of Dissatisfaction?

Are human beings hard-wired to be perpetually dissatisfied? Author Robert Wright, who teaches about the interface of evolutionary biology and religion, thinks so.

Wright points out that evolution rewards people for seeking out pleasure rather than pain, which helps ensure that human beings are frequently unsatisfied: “We are condemned to always want things to be a little different, always want a little more,” he says. “We’re not designed by natural selection to be happy.”

But all is not lost. In his new book, Why Buddhism is True, Wright makes the case that some Buddhist practices can help humans overcome the biological pull towards dissatisfaction.

“I think of mindfulness meditation as almost a rebellion against natural selection,” he says. “Natural selection is the process that created us. It gave us our values. It sets our agenda, and Buddhism says, ‘We don’t have to play this game.’ ”

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A human brain has around 86 billion neurons, and the communication between these neurons are constant. The sheer scale of these interactions mean a computer (an EEG) can register this electrical activity, with different frequencies indicating different mental states.


A Guide to Moldavite

What is a Tektite?
Moldavite is classified as a Tektite, or a natural impact glass. It comes from the Greek tektos, which means “molten” or “fused.” Basically, a meteoric impact produces pure silica molten glass (all soil impurities are burned away) because of the pressure and heat, and the cooling glass is launched by the force of the impact as it forms. It lands back on the ground as a hardened piece of silica glass.

What is Moldavite?
Moldavite (Vltavin) is a green Tektite found primarily in Czech Republic, and only very rarely in other parts of Central Europe. After the impact of the Ries Meteor, Moldavite literally rained from the sky across fields of Czech Republic, where it is now mined from the sandy soil. It’s known for being a high vibration metaphysical crystal and a tool in awakening consciousness, because of it’s partially “extraterrestrial” origins. Some people feel energy from Moldavite so powerfully, they can only wear it in small doses. 

So, what type of energy is associated with Moldavite?
Moldavite can help calm the mind for some, but for others, it speeds up intention and manifestation and must be used with care. It is best used during meditation, as one of it’s many spiritual uses is discovering inner truths. You may feel an awakening and an awareness of your own intention and power of manifestation, and may have powerful thoughts of “Why am I here?”, “Who am I?” or “What is my purpose here?” which is all very normal. Another effect you may notice is increased empathy, or perceiving feelings of others within yourself. This is important for anyone who does healing work, and Moldavite can be a great amplifier for that as well.

How do I know if my Moldavite is real?
Moldavite is usually sold in its raw natural free-form state, and has very distinct textures, patterns, waves, and bubbles, as you can see in the below photo, taken with a smartphone microscope looking at the surface texture of Moldavite. The colors range from deep green, to bright vibrant green, even olive colored and some have brownish hues, but if you see a piece of Moldavite and you don’t trust the color, hold it up to the light and look for waves, bubbles, or other irregular textures that may be authentic. Some fakes may look very real, and if you ever personally have a question about a specific piece of Moldavite’s authenticity, contact with some photos and we will try to help you figure it out! The popularity of Moldavite has grown as people are becoming more conscious and spiritually aware, and it’s important to buy Moldavite from trusted sources whenever possible.


Captured these beautiful flashes of color on one of my Labrodorite slabs.
Labrodorite is a very magic stone, amplifying one’s psychic power and intuition. This beauty can help one get over issues from past occurances, while also protecting the user from negative energy.

YOUR HIGHER SELF ∞ QUAN YIN “It is I, Quan Yin. Accessing your higher self’s energy is your fastest route to holding a fifth-dimensional frequency. Since you already are your higher self, there’s nothing that you need to do, or achieve, or conjure up in order to find yourselves offering a fifth-dimensional frequency. So it’s as easy as allowing yourself to be the fullest version of you that you can at this time be. Your higher self is no longer a concept to you, and it is not some thing or someone out there, somewhere. It is an aspect of you that you sometimes allow to come to the forefront of your consciousness. The higher self is a perfect representation of you, living in the flow, moment to moment, stress and worry-free. Because you are still letting go of the control that the ego cherishes so much, this is a process. It is not as though you access your higher self and then the game is over. So how do you access your higher self? Start by intending to do so and then letting your minds go blank. Focus on your breath, and then intuitively seek out the energy of your higher self within you. Ask yourselves what would happen if you allowed your higher selves to dominate your conscious awareness and to guide you. And then as you follow your impulses and take the actions that you are being guided to take, you reinforce that energy. You solidify the higher self’s stature within you. You let go of control, and you be. This is what you are here to do. I am Quan Yin, and I hold you in my heart.”