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Birthday Spider

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Peter Parker:

Warning: Little Fluff


Peter was walking to the Avengers tower after school because Friday had contacted him of a mission that the gang was going on tonight, himself included. Once he got in the building he noticed something strange, no one was at the front guarding the doors but he shrugged it off assuming that George and Hannah were on lunch so he took the elevator up to the penthouse portion of the building. When Peter stepped out he notice a particularly sweet smell, so he followed the smell that led him to the kitchen and what does he see?

The whole avengers clan baking different types of sweets but one thing was the same about them all, they were covered head to toe in flour Peter tried his hardest to hold his laughter but he couldn’t.

He bursted out laughing causing all the avengers to be in defensive mode until they noticed was Peter “Kid, what are you doing here?” Tony asked cleaning his hands from the dough he was kneading “Friday called me saying we had a meeting?” Peter said shrugging taking a seat on the barstool near the island “Yes, at night . Not now.” Tony said sighing holding his temple “So why are you all baking anyway?” Peter asked which caused all the avengers to take a strange look at him “No reason. Now go home kid.” Natasha said holding peter’s shoulder walking him to the elevator he simply nodded and pressed the lobby button but he didn’t go home.

He went for a walk in Bryant Park looking at the ice skating rink from the outside but something besides the rink caught his attention, she caught his attention and all she did was sit on the bench curled up in her book Peter wanted to do nothing more then walk over to her and spark a conversation but he didn’t know exactly how to do that so he didn’t say anything. Only problem is you felt him staring at you , you looked at his direction and smiled curling your hand to him which he picked up on and began to walk over to you “I didn’t mean to stare.” He said bluntly covering mouth as soon as the words came out which made you laughed a little.

“It’s fine, I didn’t tell you to come here to curse you out Parker.” You said which caused his eyes to nearly pop out of his socket “How did you know my name?” He asked moving a bit closer to you “I work with Dr. Banner as his apprentice, so I’ve seen with Mr. Stark on more than a handful of occasions so I know your name.” You said smiling “What? Apprentice ? Meaning you understand science and its laws and nature?” He said leaning toward you with a dorky smile on his face “Yes I know and understand all the good stuff, but my favorite is the science of cooking.”

You said causing both of you to laugh “Hey, speaking of cooking everyone was backing upstairs any ideas why?” He asked, you looked at him shocked how could he not remember his own birthday, maybe he was joking but his face was so serious so all you did was shake your head at his question. “We’ve been talking and laughing yet I didn’t even ask for your name or where you go to school.” Peter asked slightly slapping his forehead but you take his hand and settle it down on his lap “I’m (Y/N) and I’m home schooled.. Dr. Banner is my uncle and new guardian so he’s very protective of me.” You said shrugging looking at Peter making an “O” with his mouth. You felt your phone vibrate and when you went to look at it there was a text from your uncle saying to bring up Peter.

Your uncle knew that you had a huge crush on Peter from the day you saw him, and he would constantly tease you about him “Hey Peter can I show you something?” You asked taking his hand, he nodded and followed you tightening his grip on your hand you lead him through at different entrance to the Avengers building “Cover your eyes.” You said holding the bars of the door in your hands waiting for him to cover his eyes.

You opened the doors slowly then ran to move his hand directing him to the party and once he was completely inside you hear the roars of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” shouts from the Avengers causing Peter to blush “You guys how’d you know it was my birthday?” he asked smiling “A little spider may have told us through a web.” Tony said winking in your direction which caused Peter to look at you “You planned all this (Y/N)?” he asked walking to you “Yeah, I overheard you tell Dr.Banner that you haven’t had the chance at having a big birthday party and even though it is the BIGGEST party I thought it would be better than nothing…” you said looking at your feet shrugging your shoulders and then you felt it.

Peter Parker had just kissed your cheek “Well it’s the best party I’ve ever gotten so thank you.” he said looking at you blushing “All right Parker, she’s still my niece so relax with these teenage feelings.” Bruce said causing everyone to laugh and just as you were about to walk to the kitchen Peter softly wrapped his arm around you and continued to talk to everyone and as the party went on you began to become more comfortable with the feeling of his warmth.

“So I guess you’re my little spider now huh?” he said whispering in your ear causing you to blush, you nodded slowly “Well, I thought I would be working alone but a beautifully deadly spider like you by my side I could never be defeated.” he said in your ear kissing your cheek once more.

what kind of girls would monsta x be attracted to?

hi!! again, this wasn’t requested. it’s based on my personal opinion and most definitely not made to offend anyone. i did bts’ version a few days ago, and plan on making more of these with vixx and shinee, too. share your opinions with me and feel free to request or ask me anything!

  • hyunwoo; shownu is a softie!! he really cares for ppl who are shy and sweet. he doesn’t like the ones who play hard to get nor cold people; he needs sweetness and love, someone who would love him and appreciate him for who he is. a person who’s vibrant and far from boring - she would always have long and nice conversations with him and keep him entertained. a girl who’s intelligent and has nice hands. probably younger than him.
  • hoseok; hoseok would like someone talkative and smart, probably a bit cocky and funny. someone who does sports and plays a little hard to get. he wants a friend before a lover, someone who’s not too rigid or too mature. confident, bold and independent girls drive him crazy!! slightly muscular, skinny or bony bodies would get him going. maybe someone his age or younger, but he wouldn’t really mind that at all.
  • minhyuk; someone fair and socially graceful, who values peace and tries to avoid conflicts as much as possible. a girl who’s good looking on his eyes and also very romantic. he likes voluptous bodies more than petite ones, but that wouldn’t be the most important factor to him. his heart would skip a beat at someone who had a delicacy while moving and talking, someone almost ethereal. is adored by animals and kids. probably younger than him.
  • kihyun; kihyun likes mysterious, withdrawn, shy women. the ones that are quiet but in reality are deep and thoughtful. girls who almost seem as if they are in need of protection. someone who would look at him with admiration, a girl who would cuddle him and make him feel like a man. a good cook and passionate about science or writing. probably younger, too.
  • hyungwon; another sucker for deep and thoughtful girls, hyungwon would look for someone who’s able to teach him new things and make him a better person. a person who has a strong mentality, ambition and dry humor. someone who would support him but not sugar-coat him. girls in leather jackets and darker shades. values her friends and is stubborn. younger, his age or older, he wouldn’t really care.
  • jooheon; ah… a sweet and good-looking girl would be his ideal type, but that’s too vague. he would love to have an admirer by his side, someone who would endlessly support him. a girl who would not mind the spotlight and is instantly likeable. someone with sincere feelings and squishy cheeks, probably cuter than him if that’s even possible. someone who dresses exceptionally well but still rocks skinny jeans. age wouldn’t matter to him.
  • changkyun; brave, original and capable girls who often seek for support in her ideas. someone who wears stockings and has smooth legs/calves. girls who would make him feel special and unique. loves a good ironic person. attracted to the different, faces and bodies who are not typically considered beautiful. seems strong and independent but needs protection. has a nice, clean room and finds dank memes the best thing on the internet. someone his age.
Men and their power tools

I never knew you could cut zucchini with a circular saw, at least not until today’s GMM. Rhett was really in his element with all the wood and power tools, and I was happy to see Link survived the episode even he got to use the chisel. I wonder if anyone of the crew knows, that a cut from a sharp knife is actually a lot easier to fix than a cut from a dull chisel? (Sorry, I grew up amongst health care professionals, and my dad always gived us these lectures about work safety issues…) I know from personal experience anything can happen with tools, I once managed to cut my index finger with a huge sledge hammer that was only meant to be used with two hands - to this day I don’t know why I chose to use it wrong, but I have the scars to remind me about it for the rest of my life.

Their silly little banter about the size of the paprika was hilarious. They should have used a metal skewer to keep the kebab from breaking, but then we would have missed the entertaining talk about not being ashamed of having a short kebab.

I love the Amazingly amazing science segments, it’s been so long since they made one, that I think I clapped my hands and shouted Yay! when I saw the title. At that point, my mom was walking by and commented something like “There’s gotta be something wrong about a person who chooses to watch those guys every day.” She doesn’t have the sense of humour required for mythical entertainment, I know that. So I just said to her that if that is the case, there are 12 000 000 people in the world who share that something wrong. Lol!

For someone like me, who’s never even tried smoking or anything with nicotine in it, the talk in GMMore was a bit meh. It’s great that R&L are doing this kind of thing, educating the kids in an entertaining way, and they had an impressive guest on the show - although I don’t really know who a surgeon general is, he looked like an important person.

If instead of the uncool educators we had in highschool to lecture us about hazards of smoking, drugs and alcohol had been replaced with someone more like Rhett and Link, those lectures might have actually had an impact. Honestly, as long as it appears cool to use an e-cigarette, kids will do it. That’s just how things work when you’re a teenager. I was a weird kid, so I had no need to be cool, but so many on my class started smoking at one point - I can only imagine how tempting those things are if they come in different colours and flavours. Thank goodness I’m not a teenager anymore…

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Can I get a ship? (Golden trio era) I am a Hufflepuff girl with blue eyes (that actually turn green when i'm mad or sad) and My patronus is a beagle. I love to play and have fun, read and write, bake and cook and i'm good at science and sassing off to teachers I dislike XD I'm a sweetheart unless I dislike you or piss me off. Thanks in advance if you do my ship, love your blog - Layla

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I ship you with Neville Longbottom!

He first noticed you on the Hogwarts Express when you both ended up in the same compartment. He would absolutely adore your love of baking and cooking, comparing it to his own love for plants and potions. You both study science together because of his plants and your love of the subject. Your sassiness would be so refreshing for him, considering that he has a hard time expressing his feeling sometimes. You’d soon become the cutest couple in Hogwarts, the both of you visiting each others’ common rooms, holding hands in the halls, or cuddling up in the library together while reading your books. 

Your ship name: Neyla

The Signs as Raven Reyes

Aries: “Grounder princess looks pissed”

Taurus: “It won’t survive me”

Gemini: “Regulating pressure”

Cancer: “Hurry up and save the world, right?”

Leo: “Of course you would, I’m awesome”

Virgo: “You’re the most beautiful broom in a closet full of brooms”

Libra: “Not the way that I want to be loved”

Scorpio: “I can make it go boom”

Sagittarius: “Fifty-two, but so what?”

Capricorn: “It’s not rocket science”

Aquarius: “I’ll cook ‘em real good”

Pisces: “We all have battle scars, Finn. Suck it up and build a brace for yours”

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Top five tv shows?

1. Hannibal, hands down the best storyline and cinematography.

2. Good Eats, Alton Brown’s bill nye the science guy-like cooking show

3. NCIS because I am a sucker for crime procedural dramas and I love the familial dynamics and quirky characters

4. Sherlock or Elementary. Sherlock for rewatchability and shipping, but Elementary is I think better written/a slightly less problematic show.

5. Mythbusters. I watch it literally everyday do not test me on my mythbusters knowledge you will lose

Honorary Mention: God’s Quiz, a k-drama that is sort of like House, MD, and can be found on hulu I believe.

It’s good to hear from you friend!

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(i saw some other peeps doin it sooo) I'm 17 / 5'3 / kinda thick set. Got really fluffy hair and kinda hairy bod in general. Brownish ginger on my head and everything else is black. I wear glasses I'm good at maths n science and i like to code and cook stuff! My fav animal is cats and I'm never not wearing a hoddie with the sleeves up.

am allergic to cats but!! will let you cook for me n hold my hand

【CanCam 2014.10】

JIN: Every morning, I used to leave the house with my dad and get to school at 7:45. I sit on my seat by 8 and earnestly listened to the lessons.

JUNG KOOK: I… was late everyday (laughs)! I was also frequently absent … (laughs)! So I’m the type that don’t do my summer holiday homework (laughs)!

JIN: (bursts of laughing)!! Me and my friends studied persistently. I crammed for my tests but… I was really bad at science~ I was good at literacy and home economics (cooking, sewing classes). I got full marks on the home economics test ♥ so I wonder maybe that’s why I still like cooking.    

JUNG KOOK: Why does it feel like I’m the bad kid today!? Ah! But I worked hard in P.E, art, music classes♪

(Full interview)