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“Welcome back, Doc. It’s been awhile. I missed you.”

A scene from The Scientist by the lovely @talkingsoup! The story is amazing and since I was going to draw these two nerds anyway, I thought I might do some fanart for it as well!

Very much inspired by my hero @chaotichero, currently my favourite artist and the one who made me love the ship in the first place. <3

Undertale Shipping Pride Month - Day 25: Sanster

anonymous asked:

Wait, where are you getting Fred is Bi from? I mean, obviously, I would be quite pleased with this, but just wondering where that conclusion is drawn from, if you don't mind. :)

mainly drawn from fred’s interactions with willow in 4x15 (’Orpheus’) 

willow visits LA to help restore angelus’ soul and her and fred are kinda flirty and it’s kinda gay i mean

i mean willow even thought fred was flirting with her and had to be all like “damn im dating kennedy” and leaving fred lookin lowkey disappointed

fred is bi and had a lowkey crush on willow and they would’ve been so much better together than willow x kennedy


Here’s some cardio lecture crammed into a gif. >_> You see I DO STUDY!!

I tried to match the gif’s frame rate timing to a real resting heartbeat, so if you’re sitting at a computer this might match you! The rate for this heart is 72 bpm. (unless it’s lagging. please do not match the lagging heartbeat, only zombies do that.) 

(slowed and expanded gif here)

Back when I was a studying biology, I noticed that a lot of anatomical terms sound like they come straight from Middle Earth. So, to celebrate the release of the last Hobbit film, I’ve created this INCREDIBLY nerdy quiz.

Do these words and phrases refer to parts of the human body, or reference people and places from J. R. R. Tolkien’s work?

  1. Antrum of Highmore
  2. Crypt of Morgagni
  3. Caves of Androth
  4. Lobelia
  5. Loop of Henle
  6. Scapha
  7. Great Vein of Galen
  8. Halls of Mandos
  9. Groin
  10. Gap of Calenardhon
  11. Macewen’s Triangle
  12. Canal of Schlemm
  13. Gerontius
  14. Islets of Langerhans
  15. Meckel’s Cave
  16. Chamber of Mazarbul

You shall not pass.