science love and lsd

Thought catalog first LSD trip

entry 1:
feels fucking amazing, lost in the thoughts of cosmos of life playing in the line of ecstasy of spirituality and science oh the beauty between the threads that hold them together. slight tense in my back, though. regardless the contentment with the cynical bastard I am is euphoria on levels I have never experienced, the highest high.

entry 2:
may you feel the wonder of all those who came before you and never the fear. the love for my mind grows as I put the laws of the universe together calculate myself without prior knowledge how the great scientific feats may have been accomplished. as newtons ideas are pinnacle to science and wonder may god grant me the intellect, passion, and perseverance to have notions, ideas which propagate into the future with the same tenacity and power but I crave no fame.

entry 3:
the highest high just got higher. at this point, I’m surprised I can type, to be honest. lets fucking do this.

entry 4:
I have come to loath indifference what is a person who can not engage any emotions or feelings. Even my enemies are better, they engage feelings, be it of hatred. once i engage your emotions the balls are in my court, the wheel in my hands I can stir this relationship into what ever I need it to be, to its demise, a trusted friendship or to the bedroom it is all an art where every emotion engaged, every deception read and every move made must all be done with mathematical precision or else its back to square one. But at that point, you might as well give up because nobody’s worth that much energy if you still pursue you better be darn sure they’re worth it (or she could have you by the balls there buddy).

entry 5:
alright so our youtube spree started from LSD videos and much later ended at Lil Wayne’s 6 foot 7 foot and by far that music video takes it all it shouldn’t be humanely possible to speak that fast and lets be honest even if you can its not like you can exchange any information at that pace and at that point its just rhythmic noises rather than words.

entry 6:
the tensioning in my back could be my nervous system being stimulated because this tensioning feeling has a very weird deja vu feeling to it. most definitely its my nervous system every time I indulge in theories of space and time, our existence and belief system it gets tenser and tenser an almost orgasmic feeling if I am honest.

entry 7:
hi, im a collection of a billion, billion, billion atoms named $#$#$#.

entry 8:
how do I satisfy myself for knowledge for the both beauty of the human mind and cognitions and the ideas of stars and galaxies, bodies of heaven so to speak. life and its wonders truly a mystic seducer. no kind of knowledge is insignificant there’s is beauty in everything with mathematical precision. if you wish to indulge in astronomy or psychology do it through your own passion don’t let the arbitrary ideas of majors and minors hold you back. read, read, read, you can hold the knowledge of the universe and its inner workings, the laws that govern everything in motion and not, learn about the human mind how it thinks process and stores data more efficiently than anything we have created and at the same time try to understand what created it, the beauty in that paradox is something I can not put into words. break through the walls of heaven.

entry 9:
knowledge what an unquenchable thirst. its beauty in the vastness no matter how deep I indulge in the secrets of the universe and its laws. the human mind and its complexity between every line is a plethora of information and i only wish to learn.
to make a difference, propagate ideas through ages just as the great thinkers philosophers and scientist did before me.
I am more.

entry 10:
what sort of a man would it make me if I never made a difference in someone’s life. I wish to be part of the hands which helps push boundaries of human capability.

being everything I can be is what I strive for it is what ignited the kindle so let this passion not go to waste don’t let this hunger and love for knowledge ever subside. when you feel the flame getting dimmer ignite it through what ever means necessary because that is our life blood and we persevere for are willing to die to keep our flame ever glowing.

nobody in their right mind would want this much cognition. a pleasure indulged only when in need but never in excess.

only pleasure that ever indulge in without limit is pushing boundaries of human knowability.

conceal your thought do not always speak your mind, knowing whats behind feelings and emotions is not a luxury everyone should have.

stuck in a loop of being dispensable to this world but living for myself at the same time how do I satisfy my selfish self and give back to this world something as impactful as theologians and thinkers did

human iris what a fucking amazing thing with all its intricacies and colors end into a center of deep dark nothingness but a whole world lives behind it. even the collective efforts of van Gogh and Leonardo da vinci would have proved futile to create what nature has perfected over eons.