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Touhou 03   (Tabula Rasa ~ The Empty Girl)

—English fanlyrics—

So I heard, some people believe that magic is fake.

Here I am… so then how can it be?

Don’t you know, that magic can be something you make?

Or I think… but that’s just my philosophy.

I look up… through the dark…

And the answer hits me like a spark.

What I say, you may just think is sentimental fluff.

I can try to straighten up, but will it ever be enough?

Who am I?  Who, I am fuwafuwa~

So long as I’m working hard, my life goes on.

With a light head, feeling fuwafuwa~

I’ll be working hard however long.  (No matter how long…)

Once more, singing fuwafuwa~

Maybe I’ll leave something here before we part.

All I have left is a fuzzy memory,

Wiping clean the tablet of my heart.  ♪

Each day is a fuwafuwa day…

I feel like I’m forgetting something still.

So I see me in the mirror, and I say:

What of me has changed, and what else will?  (I wonder what else will…)

White clouds passing through a blue sky…

Try to name a shape, but then it’s far too late.

I’ll forget now, and embrace tomorrow.

My heart is an ever-empty slate.

God, please let me love and be loved!

Even such a fleeting heart can make this prayer.

It’s a magic I can only dream of…

Someday dreaming might just be enough to take me somewhere…

Dream on…  Love is fuwafuwa~

Only such a fleeting heart would see this way.

‘Cause I love you, won’t you write upon me?

Writing a new story every day.  ♥

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Sam takes Bucky to the science museum. Sam loses Bucky at the science museum. Sam asks staff to P.A for Bucky because he cannot find him. Bucky is led back to the front desk by Neil deGrasse Tyson who was just trying to look at all the science. Bucky has asked Neil about the aliens, black holes, and if the plot from I, Robot ( the movie not the books) could ever happen. Sam treats Bucky to pizza for dinner. Bucky has a very good day.

I love the random ass cameo by Neil Degrasse Tyson omg

But what I love even more is giant science nerd Bucky being amazed by how far science has come in the past 70 years, and Sam purposefully taking Bucky to all kinds of science fairs and museums to see the way his boyfriend lights up at all the amazing info

Scheduling my defense
The ambush was set.

Reullses and I were posted atop the roof of a single story building. On top and inside of several other buildings overlooking the street were my Marine brothers and sisters waiting in silent anticipation of the enemy patrol. This was the high point of the invasion for me. They were about 50 meters out, not yet close enough. Cold sweat ran down my brow. 35 meters. I grasped the pistol grip even tighter. 20 meters. My heart beat so loud it was deafening. 10 meters. “Remember Ormeyea”, Reullses whispered over the radio. 5 meters. I took my weapon off safe. Then, they were right below us in our kill zone. We opened fire in glorious retribution. I looked into my HUD’s targeting system. My computer would ID a target. I would fire at him and watched the zoomed in video of his head bursting, or limbs breaking off, or other assorted body parts being torn away.

They began to return fire. Chunks of building crumbled away as our cover fell apart and we became more and more exposed. Reullses got hit in the left shoulder. He went down but sprang back to his feet and continued to suppress the enemy. One by one the enemy fell until none were left standing. Blood stained sand lingered in the air that was constantly blowing on Sauros.

Their melted bodies lay strewn and contorted before us. I felt nothing then. To me this was revenge for Ormeyea. Nobody ever said anything, but we all knew what this campaign was about. You could see it in our eyes. The Sauro never stood a chance. They were seriously out-manned, out-gunned and unorganized. They fell by the millions all over the planet. The only time they posed any real threat to us was when we were deploying, but once boots started touching down, they were fighting a losing battle, and they were losing badly.


Male sharp-tailed grouse (Tympanuchus phasianellus) practice their courtship dance during winter. When mating season arrives in spring, the dancing ground (also called a lek) is filled with competing males and observant females. The females judge the males on their dancing and their ability to keep a prime spot on the dance floor. After mating with the most dominant male, the female leaves to nest and raise their young alone.

Life Story (2014)

Unlucky Days and Lucky Charms

Summary: When Marinette feels her luck has run out, Adrien reminds her of the lucky charm she once gave him (so much fluff- warning you now).

I promised the thing @miraculousturtle! I did it! My compooper crashed halfway through and I almost lost it all so this is the miraculous fic which survived! I hope you like it :)

Pairings: Adrienette

Rating: Tiny-tot friendly, adult friendly, teen friendly, ‘tis a friendly fic with no naughtiness :3

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She always knew this day would come. The day when her luck ran out.

As Marinette sat in detention, for the crime of losing her science textbook, she mentally kicked herself for ever believing a Miraculous could solve all of her problems. She was still Marinette Mischance and she always would be.

Considering the day had started out beautiful and sunny, the whiplash of her misfortune hit twice as hard. She’d forgotten her sun cream and could already feel the burn on the back of her hands, though she couldn’t tell if the itch on her neck was from the damaging sun rays or her yearning for freedom. Chloe had managed to get the upper hand in an argument, Lila had been bashing Ladybug all morning (and someone in the other class had actually AGREED with her ugh), and she’d fallen face-first right in front of Adrien, spilling water on her favourite top as she’d tumbled to the ground. At least he hadn’t laughed like most of the courtyard had. At least she didn’t think he had, truth be told she’d run as fast as she could to the girls’ bathroom and only looked at him once. He’d probably waited until she was gone to laugh at her, in order to spare her feelings. He was kind that way.

So, when the final class of the day rolled around, Marinette was already one hundred and ten percent done with everything. Of course it was when she was at rock bottom that fate decided to jam a rusty hook straight through her last ray of hope. Her textbook. Of all the things to get sent to the Principals office for. Her stupid, stupid textbook!

The seconds ticked by painfully slowly. By the time detention finished, she was so fed up she wanted to cry. Marching down the stairs and through the courtyard with a singular focus on getting home before she burst into tears, Marinette failed to noticed someone calling her name until they’d placed a hand on her shoulder and she shrieked in shock.

“Woah! Sorry to startle you!” Adrien stepped back with an apologetic hand wave. The unshed tears in her fled the instant she saw him, probably in fear. A quick glance at Adrien’s white fencing suit told her he’d had extracurricular activities today. It was a Thursday after all, she reminded herself of the chart of his schedule. Ugh, another day before the weekend. Knowing her re-born bad luck, it’d probably worse. She’d probably set her hair on fire in chemistry or lose her gym shorts, or something.

“How was detention?” He asked as the other club members went back to the lockers.

On any other day, Marinette might have turned into a stammering mess, making a fool of herself in front of his as per usual. Today was different. It wasn’t that her heart didn’t race when she saw him, it still did. But her mind usually floated away in the bliss of just coming into contact with her crush.

Today her mind was rooted firmly to the floor. She stared at her feet glumly and sighed.

“Honestly? It sucked.”

When she heard him chuckle nervously, Marinette glanced up to face him.

“Ha. Yeah, that was a stupid question sorry,” He replied whilst scratching the back of his neck “but at least it’s over now.”

Lord help her, that smile on his face was enough to make her melt, and not because of the heat of the day either. Speaking of heat-

“Aren’t you hot in that thing?” She blurted out “I mean, you’re hot anyway- I MEAN you know- the heat- sunny- I got burnt- so…ummm. Yeah.” Well at least she was functioning enough to stop functioning around Adrien again. His smile had given her that luxury. She wasn’t sure if she should be grateful or not.

He shrugged off her awkward concerns with the grace and humility she’d come to expect from him. Instead asking after her wellbeing. For once she decided to be honest.

“I don’t know; it just feels like such an unlucky day. Before you came to this school, last year, people called me Marinette Mischance. And this year…it just feels like things were starting to get better. I was feeling lucky. Now I’m just, I guess my luck ran out again.”

For a while, Adrien was silent, to the point where Marinette realised she’d probably overshared and scared him off. Just as she was preparing to leap from the building without her trusty yo-yo, Adrien told her to wait for a few moments and dashed away to the locker rooms. Gaping after him like a bloated carp, Marinette wondered just what was happening.

A short time later Adrien returned, in his usual attire. He must have gotten changed in a hurry because his hair was scruffier than it had been when he’d left her. For a moment, Marinette was reminded of someone. But she couldn’t figure out who. Whatever comparison there was to be made slipped away like water from a closed fist, especially when she realised what he was holding out to her.

Her lucky charm bracelet. The one she’d given him months ago, for luck when they were partners during the gaming tournament.

“I know you gave this to me, and it’s been a huge help, it really does cheer me up when I’m feeling down,” Adrien was stammering now and Marinette’s gaping was bordering on rude. Since when did he get shy around her? Oh god she really must have freaked him out earlier, “but I thought you could take it back. I mean don’t think I’m giving it back to you because I don’t want it or anything! I just think you need the lucky charm more than me right now. It seems like you’ve had a pretty crummy day.”

As Marinette stared at him she realised his kindness outweighed the light of the sun above them, and it burned her in a much better way. It set her soul on fire.

For the first time all day, Marinette smiled. An idea forming in her mind, she rummaged in her bag for her emergency sewing kit and thread. Accepting the bracelet from Adrien with a shy blush, she set to work quickly, pulling the bracelet apart bead by bead. Adrien watched her curiously, a comfortable silence settled on the pair as she worked. He marvelled at the speed and agility of her hands.

When she finished, she held up two new charms instead of one.

“There, now both of us can have one,” She shrugged awkwardly “it’s half the luck but I’m sure it’ll do. E- especially when I have a f-friend like you.”

Adrien didn’t speak as he took one of the charms from her outstretched palm.

When he next looked up at her, the beam on his face shattered the last remnants of her negative emotions into a million pieces and sent them hurtling into the distance.

“Thank you Marinette.”

The next day Adrien came into school later than normal due to an early photoshoot. Marinette was already in her seat by the time he arrived. Their eyes met, simultaneously noticing the charm on each other’s wrists.

They smiled.

Your Highness

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Summary: Leo comes back from a mission with unsatisfactory results, so now he has to make it up to you.

Genre: angst, smut, vampire au

Length: 2728

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At long last, the tall silver doors of your throne room were slowly being pushed open, the hinges’ moans reverberating off the cold black stone walls. You flicked your eyes up from the arm of your throne, not sure how long you had been digging your sharp nails into the onyx wood, but it would have to be attended to later. For now, your sharp gaze was focused on the shadow entering your domain, the dim candles burning on the chandelier illuminating a pair of broad shoulders and long, lean legs. You raised your chin at the incomer. You had been waiting for him to return for over an hour, and when one of your subordinates was this late, bad news followed.

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During the Olympics we will hear a lot about the winners. But the reality is most athletes at the games come home without a medal. Today we explore what losing does to athletes, fans and anyone who casts a vote for president.

Listen to this week’s episode to hear the story of judo star Jimmy Pedro, and how he dealt with a crushing defeat in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

Daniel Pink also joins Shankar for a Stopwatch Science competition on all the unintended consequences of losing.

Hidden Brain: Losing Hurts (In Surprising Ways)

It’s easy to look back to the past, and laugh at those morons who used to think that the sun revolved around the Earth. One of the first things you learn in school is that planets revolve around the sun - not the other way around - because the sun is the real star of our solar system, in every sense of the word. And yet that’s not entirely accurate: Remember those solar system models, with the sun stuck on an immobile pillar, while all the other planets spin around it on wires? You know, every model of the solar system you’ve ever seen?

It’s wrong, and so is that diorama your stupid kid made that won second place at the science fair, losing out to a baking soda volcano. In reality, the sun is just another orbiting object, which also rotates around the true center of the solar system, the barycenter. What’s there? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

5 BS Science Myths Your Entire View Of The World Rests On

the signs as common x file fic tropes

by ell @sportslesbian and emma @jodiefoster 

mulder shows up at scully’s apartment in the middle of the night thinking he may have found bigfoot. a fight ensues about aliens v. science.. ends in them doing it.
 common line: “scully…I Want To Believe in the impossible… because with that logic it, might mean that you might someday………feel about me.. the way i feel about yo u………..”  ~ SCORPIO, CANCER

after scully’s cancer goes into remission mulder is distraught and has a breakdown. so they do it.
common line: “i was so scared almost DIED! … i can’t live without you or your science…” “i can’t lose you either mulder!” “it’s different!” “how? you do stupid sh*t and almost die everyday mulder” “it’s different because… you just think of me as a //friend//” “where did you get that idea from… :-) [they make out]”  ~ AQUARIUS, PISCES

while on the road for a case, mulder has a bad dream. scully goes through there adjoined rooms to wake him up. once mulder is done crying they do it.
common line: “scully…………dan nicky your bobbies..” ~ GEMINI, LEO

after driving for hours mulder and scully stop at a hotel. there is only one (1) room left with one (1) bed. they are forced to share it and in the middle of the night .. they do it.
common line: “mulder! don’t be silly:) you don’t have to sleep on the …floor… come to bed… ;-)” ~ LIBRA, CAPRICORN

after another trauma mulder sleeps over at scully’s apartment. because they are both mature adults and Platonic Pals scully invites mulder to share her bed. at 3 am they wake up spooning. mulder is small spoon. they do it.
common line: “mulder i don’t want to sleep alone tonight… you are the only one i feel safe with.. hold my hand”  ~ARIES, VIRGO

scully uses her woman powers to make a crusty old police officer help them out on a case. mulder gets jealous .. they fight.. they do it.
common line: “you never treat me that way scully..” “do you want me to 2..;)) [they make out and do it]” ~ TAURUS, SAGITTARIUS