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Why is the popular characterization of Stanford Pines still this “cold, stuck up science jerk with ambiguous morals” sorta thing…have you seen him??? Sure he’s spent the last 30 years in dimensions with rules and social norms wildly different than ours, and sure he can be standoffish at times and get really carried away with his research, but other than that honestly he’s like… embarrassingly wholesome. Did y'all miss the “gotta do the right thing even when it seems impossible” speech? The part when he pulls out a picture of him and Stan as kids that he’s kept in his pocket for 30+ years? The time where he stops what he’s working on to play a goofy board game with his 12 year old nephew, complete with doing ridiculous hand gestures and poses when he talks about different characters? Or how about how he’s been wandering through dimensions with no home or resources with ppl hunting him down and he like…can’t stop overthrowing evil regimes and being friendly to random people and generally doing good? Its not that the angsty loser of science who gives weapons and mind control ties to children isn’t him, but sometimes i kinda wanna see more Stanford “chronic dogooder with a marshmallow center” Pines in fan work, y'know?

field trip!!!!!!

First But Not Last;

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Summary: Vernon’s parents decided to on a weekend away, in the meantime his parents hire a babysitter for his sister

 Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @vernons-laugh-is-my-aesthetic for the gif

Member: Vernon from Seventeen x Fem Reader

Rating: Mature

Words: 1157

Note: It wasn't EXACTLY what you wanted but I made it a little smutty (?) but yeah if you want me to write more. give me heads up. if it gets like 60 notes, I might.

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My Science Teacher was a Jerk

Twice a week for my entire 7th grade year my shitty science teacher would make two of his students spend 10 min outside writing what the weather was like. Even in winter when it was 15-20 degrees. And he wouldn’t allow us to get our coats so my entire class was miserable all winter for his class.

Oh and each year he had his students guess when it would snow. We had to write the month, date, and hour. He gave 50 extra credit points to the person who guessed closest. Which, surprise surprise, happened to be his favorite and the smartest student.

Purple Part Eight | Taehyung, You

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Why do you have to be different?

​​​​​​​The lake became their ‘spot’, they met each other there almost once a week. Their lives became busy again, Taehyung having to finish his final copy of his part one for his thesis, Tori having to study pretty hard in order to ace her exams (she decided she should try harder this time round considering she was dating the smartest kid in her class) and apart from that Taehyung would often go to the library or to the gym – and only ever during dusk – while Tori would be at the mall with friends or working her part time job at the grocery store.

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Sexism in the IT industry

Today, while I was checking my emails and notifications on Twitter, Facebook, etc… I noticed I received an email on LinkedIn from someone who I recently accepted the invite thinking we would have a professional chat.

However, this is what I saw:

Nothing can piss me off more… How can people want to see more women in the IT industry if this is the kind of comment we get?

It is not the first time I get comments on what I look like rather than on what I am capable of but receiving that on LinkedIn is maybe even more pathetic.

Who cares who’s hot, who’s not? I love programming, this is my passion and THAT is what matters and this is what I would like people to see in me.

How do you want to fight the impostor syndrome of telling yourself “I got the job just because I’m a woman” if the only thing people tell you is like “Oh, you’re doing IT…?”, or “You don’t have the face of someone who’s into robotics”…

I’m really fed up of the idea that women just need to be sexy and this is it. Sexism is still present in the industry and pushing women away from programming careers. This is just sad.


Ruben and Marcelo from the Evil Within


fan art doodle 

Reference used

ugh….I just feel like drawing smart scientists talking about stuff today..


if Marcelo can be less of a jerk and more of a mentor to Ruben I really think they would get along well…

like he can help Ruben publishing papers…doing thesis…and they go to brain conference together…..or just do bad stuff together and go to villain cons….and then Ruben got his PhD in Horribleness and Marcelo is happy for him and they go to music concert together and they can be happy villains together and none of the bad stuff will happen.._(:з」∠)_

please ignore me ramblings _(:з」∠)_ I just have many feels _(:з」∠)_

I just come across a translation accident that might be worth sharing. So once again, I’m French and here the translation for Nietzsche Die fröhliche Wissenschaft is Le Gai Savoir. “Gai” means “joyful”, so, okay. It never struck me before, but then I was reading this American book for my dissertation and there…

The Gay Science.

Which is. Awesome. I mean thanks a bunch Friedrich, this is a great contribution to human knowledge and right now, we all needed that.

Hey if you live in America and – days after another mass shooting – you get your panties in a twist over something objectively harmless and inoffensive on the internet like, for example, a female artist crystalizing a common book for art and science, and your knee-jerk response is to say she should be shot for ruining a book

Maybe fucking don’t

Just stop talking about shooting people as the first response to anything that upsets you, how about that

My will to be diplomatic and nice is drained day by day