science is sexy


i did this for science…………….


Hey, Tumblr, did you realize that there is a (French but translated in English too) comic called “The Infinite Loop” with a gay redheaded freckled lead and her Japanese girlfriend, a (round) sexy black girl who is also the boss and even a genderqueer kid? All that wrapped up in an amazing sci-fi story full of time travels and time paradoxes. It’s fun, it’s queer and everything else people ask on Tumblr. But nobody seems to be talking about it. Can we change that?


1927 … vroom! by James Vaughan

@lil_henstridge : Who said science isn’t sexy? #tbt #sexyscience #agentsofshield 👩🏻‍🔬. 📸 and 👚👖s by @ann.foley