science is sexy

Fic Rec: Math Kink Fic!

It happened one day that I was at work and on #cap-im irc and somehow me and @disco-pinecone​ ended up talking about whether statistics kink could be a thing. And she, being an amazing awesome person, went and wrote it! Two parts of it!

It’s all about the math by @antigrav-vector​ gen, 525 words.
Tony and JARVIS have a conversation; Tony designs, JARVIS handles the logistics.
The non-smutty one, with Tony & Jarvis & all the cool science!

Statistical Mechanics and Mathematical Immersions by @antigrav-vector​, explicit, 2,660 words.
Steve pinpoints one of Tony’s kinks and takes shameless advantage.
The hot smutty one with Steve/Tony, which also has some cool and sexy science!

Yes. No one’s going to tell me science can’t be sexy. Go read them, they’re glorious!


Here is a new video about a little science secret to spice things up in the bedroom. Who knew science could be so sexy?