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Was this deliberate?

So, on the TV series Class one of the canon relationships is between characters called Ram and April. In the series April develops - well without spoiling things too badly - some pretty serious and science fictiony heart issues that are very relevant to the overall story arc.

Now, with a set of characters in a relationship, there’s usually a ‘smushname’ of their names mashed together, right? One possibility with this one is “Ramapril”. And I’m wondering if the show runners deliberately chose the character names to form that smushname possibility, because:

”Ramipril is [a medication] used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) or congestive heart failure, and to improve survival after a heart attack.”

And April’s heart has literally been attacked, and the relationship with Ram (at the point where I am catching up watching) is helping her cope with the fallout, so…..

I just wonder about these things sometimes. ;-)

Mistakes in MBTI Typing

INTJ - It’s the villain, they’re always so evil and trying to take things for their own benefit!! 
INTP - Oh look, they love science! Pretty clueless too but in a cute way. Also wears glasses and is nerdy. 
INFJ - Ah a psychic hermit mystic who is idealistically dreamy but also a romantic that speaks in metaphors…
INFP - They always want peace and doesn’t like fighting or arguments. 
ISTJ - Boring. No comment 
ISTP - This one isn’t social and doesn’t speak a lot, but a computer science geek. Good at building things. 
ISFJ - I love this person! She’s so beautifully caring and kind and never says anything mean! Perfect~ ^-^ 
ISFP - The quiet, shy person but with a lot of talents and a way with art and words
ENTJ - A natural leader but also have temper tantrums like ESTJ and really rude. Constantly brags about world domination and how everyone must obey them. 
ENTP - Some classclown that talks so fast and really rebellious 
ENFJ - So genuinely nice and warm!!! Just. Really. Wonderful!! This person always understands you and everything!
ENFP - Lol so random! But they’re really hilarious, even though all they talk about are unicorns 
ESTJ - He always have arguments with ESTP and often has a lot of temper tantrums. What a rude dude 
ESTP - Wow they only jumped off the roof yet survived and they want to do it again?! Unfortunately loves the wild experience and is notorious for a lot of crime like robberies 
ESFJ - It’s always the mom! Or people who want to act like moms. 
ESFP - The popular kid, obviously! Always in the spotlight, famous, and flirty. But aren’t all of them popular anyway? Therefore all of them ESFPs. 

(( I’ve been looking into just what Entry 17 is about, and what machine it was he fell into. Some friends and I have come up with at least something.

“Photon readings negative” could just be Gaster’s fancy way of keeping up the “jesus christ it’s dark” motif, or taken literally it could mean an actual black hole.

I don’t think a negative amount of light is possible otherwise?? 

He could’ve been intentionally making a black hole to use as travel (considering Loop Quantum Gravity works like that, I think), or it could’ve been the result of a major miscalculation.

The idea of a giant intimidating machine accidentally making a black hole isn’t exactly science fiction, too. Pretty sure that’s a concern people have for the Large Hadron Collider.

It also explains why Gaster’s areas are COMPLETELY EMPTY. Both Mysteryman and [REDACTED] are surrounded by “void”. 

I’m also starting to believe his Followers were his co-workers, who also ended up in the black hole, and they and Gaster are the people seen on the picture of Sans in his lab.

Also, the term of being pulled through a black hole is Spaghettification. I think that’s decent evidence, considering it applies to both Papyrus’ love for pasta and Sans’ godawful puns.

Again, I know nothing about science. I only made the LHC/Void/Loop Quantum Gravity/Spaghettification comparisons, while the actual science was done by a friend.

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I don't think there being a girl version necessarily implies that there isn't a gendered version! It's like how you can buy pens "for her" and "for him" (with smaller and larger grips because average hand sizes) but you can also buy pens that are just pens, and no marketing people think that a pink pen was needed because the black pen was for dudes, they just thought that they might sell pink to girls that wouldn't buy the normal color because they're not into pens and science, just glitter.

…yeah, but the pens thing was pretty stupid too! But ALSO. The pens make a lot more sense (even if it was still a dumb idea) because at least you could argue that they were making smaller and larger pens because of the average size of women’s/men’s hands to make writing more comfortable. The volcano just looks pretty, there’s absolutely no functional difference between glittercano and standardcano.

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((Could I get positivity? I could use some today...))

((Yes you can have some positivity :3))

((Col’s a wonderful character! I love the idea of a College Rick whose not all about science! It’s always fun to look at the more artistic side of a Rick especially considering in the show he says it himself about…I think it was ‘science is more of an art’ I believe. I love his designs too, it’s that cute College Student look and it’s awesome~

Also! I like how he gets supremely excited about science too and how he and Ricky get along pretty well. Especially when Col teased him with that Rick Roll, it was honestly really cute. I also like his interactions with Mort too, he’s just fun to interact with in general.  Col’s a fun character overall and I can’t wait to see more of him.  <3))


I ant believe that Paul Rudd is in this Vsauce3 video looking at all the weird things that would happen if you were shrunk down to the size of a tiny insect. 

Rudd and Roper: two great tastes that taste great together! Oh, and the science is pretty delicious too.