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Here’s a clearer version of my ADHD info graphic
Happy ADHD awareness month everyone!!

A little infographic I put together to highlight how much Star Wars (1977-) blatantly takes from Dune (1965-1985).  

WARNING: Some Spoilers abound. If you have not read Dune and wish to do so, there are reveals here that may ruin certain moments for first-time readers. 

I’ve been wanting to bring some of these things to light for a while now. I will be doing a series of posts in the future based on other properties that Star Wars rips material from, both visually and thematically; namely Dune and Valerian, among others. 

I do not dislike Star Wars (at least Episodes 4 &5). However, much of the DNA it holds is taken verbatim from other sources, with Dune being among, if not the largest of those sources.