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OTP imagine : Thigh Frames

Person A: *walks up to person B and sits on their lap*

Person B: *rests their hands on person As hips* Hmm?

Person A: Well I wanted to say. To me your face is a beautiful picture….

Person B: That’s sweet… Mph.. *person A kisses them*

Person A: *pulls back and smirks* I’d like to frame it with my thighs.

Person B: *squeezes person A’s ass, making them moan* Now that. *Lowers their voice* Sound very. Very. Fun.

*the room proceeds to be filled with moans and whispered words of praise*

this episode was so blessed……..stamets injecting himself with tardigrade DNA because of how much he loves his husband and his mushrooms…tilly and michael having lunch…tyler destroying his rapist..michael stamets and tilly bonding over loving science and ripper..stamets and culber brushing their teeth..ripper being freed…………..we’ve been,,so blessed,

voltron + aesthetics // favorite minor character - matt holt

 "Anyway, the point is, you’re a nerd.“