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 "Anyway, the point is, you’re a nerd.“

LGBTQIA+ community, I need your help

Currently, in my computer science class, we’ve been told to come up with a project that we can do in the next 2 months of school that pertains to our abilities. I wanted to do something that would make me feel like it was worth completing. Why not make something that could benefit the LGBTQ+ community?
The problem is, I’m not totally sure what sort of things the community needs that I can do. So I’m turning to you, the masses, to ask for your ideas. What would you like to see? An app for people to buy and sell clothes to help them look more like their gender identity? A website to help people connect to others in their community? I don’t know what's​ already out there, but I do want to help.
So, tl;dr:
If you have any ideas for a game, app, website, or other tech-based thing that would help the LGBTQIA+ community, let me know via asks, responses to this post, or DMs. And thank you in advance!

For anyone who has parents who say that being gay isn’t natural or that biology always involves heterosexuality: I do research on a yeast that causes meningitis and one of the key things about is that it has the option to mate with the same-sex yeast and same-sex mating offers greater genetic variation and more often than not, ensures a longer lifespan.

So there’s that.

Waiting for season 5… Here’s some cute teenage Cophine for you to feed your fangirl needs 😙 Cosima being that sweet baby lesbian and Delphine an unsuspecting bisexual 😊 She is this pretty french girl with perfect hair who just moved to California because of her mom’s job, and she immediatly caught the eye of Cosima, who has a huge crush on her. They bond over science and biology and soon Delphine’s feelings grow into something more…. 😍💕 ahhh I need a fluffy fanfic 😅 if anyone has recommandations …

100% authentic real clip deleted from 2x21

alex: i really don’t see what you mean, maggie. lena is straight. she dated that science guy

maggie: she’s gay. major lesbian. she’s in love with kara

alex: no way. she’s not. no.

kara: guys-

maggie: yes she is. totally.

kara: guys-

alex: and plus, kara likes james.

maggie: are you joking? kara is totally in love with lena

kara: guys-

alex: kara is straight! and so is lena!

maggie: HA

kara: GUYS

maggie: kara shut up you have no say in this


lena: j'onn, you can read minds, right? does kara like me? i don’t think she does. is it because i’m a luthor? it’s because i’m a luthor, isn’t it?

j'onn: oh my god lena