science fiction land

English is the largest of the human tongues, with several times the vocabulary of the second largest language - this alone made it inevitable that English would eventually become, as it did, the lingua franca of this planet, for it is thereby the richest and the most flexible - despite its barbaric accretions…or, I should say, because of its barbaric accretions. English swallows up anything that comes its way, makes English out of it. Nobody tried to stop this process, the way some languages are policed and have official limits…probably because there never has been, truly, such a thing as ‘the King’s English’ - for the King’s English was French. English was in truth a bastard tongue and nobody cared how it grew…and it did! - enormously.
—  Robert Heinlein, Stranger In A Strange Land

Leonardo Stonewell is a nowhere man set to living his life on the outskirts of civilization, until one morning, he discovers a body floating in the bogs behind his home, it’s face a blank slate. Cue other equally terrifying events happening to the small town of Blackpool, from a mysterious shadow that follows in his foot steps to his ex-best friend suddenly dropping teeth like it’s going out of style. 

TEETHING is a horror webcomic that is currently underway, featuring the spectacular work of @kotsukotsu. It’s a story that follows two boys who partake on a road trip to uncover the truth behind the horrific events plaguing their lives. This includes but is not limited to: swamp lands, science fiction taking place outside of the United States, growing pains, tons of teeth (mostly outside the mouth), glam rock bands of the 80s, adult themes and the constant nagging feeling that shit isn’t alright. 

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