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What FanFiction and AO3 need is a “suggested story” list. When you finish one fic you really liked and you now need to fill the void, you just click on the option and find a similar one.

John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ by Dan Mumford

My Gravity Falls tribute is finally finished! This one was a lot of blood sweat and tears. I lost my entire first 5 days of work to 2 cats with muddy paws, and had to start over from scratch. I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks Gravity Falls for an amazing summer!


hard hat area by SpOoKy777 | Fan Art / Digital Art / Painting & Airbrushing / Games | Sci-Fi Futuristic Concept Mech Weapon | Author’s note: “- Mechwarrior Online Fanart - ‘Federated Suns, 3rd Crucis Lancers ambushing an industrial area occupied by Draconis Combine forces’ game models used as ref” #mecha –