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Diary of a Mad Scientist 21

I’ve brought her back, I’ve brought her back
She resides now in my humble shack
The final piece, that final piece, it’s beauty does not lack
I feared I may lose it in that last attack

She fought, like a cornered animal
But I subdued my catch so valuable
It was so simple, she and the rest were so compatible
Restoration is so tangible

“You are distracted, Frankenstein
Do not slacken your mind
Let no calamity happen this time
Make use of your talent so fine”

She urges me on
Fan the flame of life that surges in this spawn
Assure yourself that any mistake that emerges is gone
This magnum opus shall be considered the Scourge’s Lexicon

I’ve written down my procedure and process
I’ve logged what creatures have come of my progress
To the amateur it will only seem like nonsense
Far too simple minded to understand these concepts

I exult proudly: “My love, it is nearly complete
I have never accepted defeat
Nor affected to retreat
Losing you was something I would not repeat
Having you back is the only goal I seek
And when that comes to be I shall be at my peak.”

Only then can I rest
Only then can I rest
Only then can I rest
Only then can I rest
Only then can I rest
Only then can I rest

Robert Heinlein

Robert Heinlein goes up to the counter and looks the barista up and down. 

“How much do you weigh?” he asks.

“That’s very rude,” the barista replies.

Heinlein smiles and responds, “May I suggest investing in a sizable life insurance policy any time between now and February 3rd, 2019?” 

The barista stares at him blankly.

“Oh, and could I get three cranberry scones, please?”

A Slip of the Tongue

Miraculous Winter Sonata AU.

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Ladybug screamed.

She cast her yo-yo, wound it around the fire extinguisher in Felix’s hand, and launched it at Finn. It hit him in the face with a loud clang. The fiery suit disappeared as he staggered back into the wall of flames, squealing in pain.

Ladybug was on her feet. She sprang at Felix and all but carried him into the hallway. “Why haven’t you evacuated the building?” she demanded in French once they’d put some distance between themselves and the main room.

“I had to make sure everyone else had gotten out safely,” Felix said. He straightened his tie. “I’m assuming that was Finn?”

“Uh, sure?” Ladybug said, remembering she wasn’t supposed to know his employees.

Felix tsked. “He is so fired,” he said, then snickered at his own joke. Ladybug stared at him. He noticed her attention, wiped the smile off his face, and stared back. “What?”

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70s Sci-Fi Art: John Troy Harris
John T Harris born 1948 in london england is a british painter and illustrator best known for working in the science fiction genre his paintings have been used on book covers for many science fiction authors.
BBC - Seriously...10 Women Who Changed Sci-Fi
Profiling some of the finest female science fiction authors.

“As the Radio 4 documentary Herland examines how science fiction tackles ideas of gender in future worlds, we present a selection of great female authors who have radically altered the genre… “

See the list here, including:

- Mary Shelley

- Ursula K. Le Guin

- Octavia E Butler

- Margaret Atwood

- And more!

18th December, Kathy Reichs

The Calendar Woman for 18th December is Kathy Reichs (born 1948)

Kathy Reichs is an American forensic anthropologist and crime writer whose novels are loosely based on her own experiences in the field. Since completing her Ph.D in physical anthropology at Northwestern University, she has taught at several American Universities, consulted for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in North Carolina and appeared in Tanzania to testify at the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. She was also a member of the Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team that assisted at the World Trade Center disaster.

As well as writing academic books, Kathy has written over 20 crime novels about the character Temperance Brennan who is also a forensic anthropologist, and a series for young adults about Temperance’s niece, Tory. Using her own experiences as a base for many of the events in the adult series, she has stated that she is meticulous in making sure that the science is accurate. In 2005 Fox television launched a series called Bones which is loosely based on the books and Kathy works as a producer, consultant and occasional writer for the show. In the series, Temperance writes novels about a forensic anthropologist named Kathy Reichs.

what we learned about Pax from Pierce Brown

1. He is the Kool-Aid man
2. He would BE the couch at a party
3. He is a walking, talking Clifford the Dog incarnation
4. Pierce didn’t plan to kill him
- he drew every name (except Mustang&Darrow) from a hat to choose who to kill
5. Pierce didn’t want to kill him
6. He was supposed to meet Ragnar and be like “ :O”
7. There was a whole plot for him and his trust in power and the dangers of blind faith

Bottom line: Pierce literally decided to kill him and erase the whole plot he had for him because his name was picked out of a hat.

The Freedom Writers

Become acquainted with the following consciousness expanders:
Alan Watts
Terrance Mckenna
Timothy Leary
Albert Hoffman
Ken Kesey
Tom Wolfe
Kurt Vonnegut
Charles Darwin
Henry David Thoreau
Walt Whitman
Robert Frost
Ernest Hemingway
Hermann Hesse
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Mark Twain
E.A. Poe
T.S. Eliot
C.S. Lewis
Franz Kafka
George Orwell
Aldous Huxley
Tom Robbins
William S. Burroughs
Jack Keuroac
Hunter S. Thompson
Carl Sagan
Robert A. Heinlein
Phillip K. Dick
H.G. Wells
Douglas Adams
Manly P. Hall
Buckmaster Fuller
Marcus Aurelius
Blaise Pascal
Jean-Paul Sartre
Albert Camus
William Blake
William Butler Yeats
Carl Jung
John Keats
Jules Verne
Albert Pike
Victor Hugo
Leo Tolstoy
Marcel Proust
Noam Chomsky
Howard Zinn
Bertrand Russel
Emma Goldman

et al.

For almost ten years now, every time a science fiction or fantasy author mentions a character from a made-up culture eating using a “utensil” in the singular,

(e.g “I raised my utensil in acknowledgment,” “Grallezar gestured across the camp with her utensil,” “Fuckhands McMike poked listlessly at his food with a utensil, never bringing any to his mouth.”)

My brain has filled in the detail that they’re actually eating with sporks, but the author was of course too embarassed to record this specifically.

English Practice 11

I exemplify simplified examples that I’ve
Written and committed to my mind
Stellar fortune teller errors
I’m better than misspellers
I’m stuck in this cellar
A seller of conundrums
A settler but a wanderer one

I’ve been to space, I’ve been in a chase, I’ve seen murderers disappear without a trace
I’m amazed I’m not phased by any of these plays
I’m in a haze
I’ve got a pen hand that stalks phrase
A brain that thinks of different ways
To figure out how much a word weighs

Bigger impact
Better syntax
Clear the earwax
For these clear facts
These wisecracks
These lines pack
A wallop

A wall of, text edited and formatted
These seeds of destruction go unplanted
But don’t panic
I have landed
And I will manage
To go through this part without rhyming the word planet

Guess not
You thought
But I sought as best I could

As per prose
As you’re close
It almost
Feels like a hoax
But I roast the host that boasts of loads of words

I’m quick to equip quips unto my lips and shift my grip on reality
But I’m miffed, I’m pissed that my gist is whispered in banalities
So I wish to sprain my wrist as I list the order of causality
This stint is a hint, a certain glint in the manner of profanity

A program for me
An epigram for thee
Another trick up my sleeve
Don’t worry, there’s so much more to see