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Very excited to announce that this piece will be at the Society of Illustrators as a part of Point of Vision: Celebrating Women Artist in Fantasy and Science Fiction. This piece for the story, “The Destroyer” will be there alongside work from so many incredible ladies, I’m humbled and honoured to be a part of it. Many thanks to Irene Gallo for trusting me with an entirely different direction in this piece and for the opportunity to be a part of the show!

Prints of this piece are also available HERE!

fake tv show meme: science fantasy

@lionkate said:the crew of an interstellar vessel on an exploratory mission falls through a wormhole and into a high fantasy setting and try to blend in while they repair their ship. hijinks abound.

tate (michael b jordan) and mia (rinko kikuchi) are on an exploratory mission when something goes terribly wrong and they crash land right in the middle of a fairy tale kingdom. tate tries to fix their ship and dodge suspicion from the king (liam cunningham), while mia befriends the princess adelle (sarah bolger). things become difficult when mia and adelle fall in love and tate discovers that there is magic- real magic- in this world. suddenly, neither of them are too eager to get home.

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