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Horror/SciFi Drabble Prompts (pt 1)

Send me a title and the names of a character/pairing for me to write a drabble or ficlet! Feel free to adapt the prompts to include more than 1-2 characters.

After It All: The end of the world has come and gone, but a few people still remain in the wastes. Character A comes across an old remaining laboratory where Character B has been kept all this time, preserved to survive the apocalypse.

Roswell: After an object falls from the sky, Characters A goes on a search to find what it was. What they find is Character B, who has crash-landed and is far from home.

No One Can Hear You Scream: The character is lost in space and loses connection with Earth. The isolation starts to drive them to their worst point.

Come Back to Me: Character A has died suddenly and tragically, so Character B relies on resurrection to bring them back to life.(Science or necromancy - take your pick!)

Long Road Home: Character A has died and meets Character B, who is there to lead them to the afterlife. Whether their afterlife is full of pleasant memories or horrible regrets is up to you. (Bonus: Character C plays a part in one of their most vibrant memories).

Blood Drinker: Character A has recently been bitten by a vampire and is struggling with their new insatiable hunger.

No Place Like Home: the character(s) are moving into a new home, but at least one of them has second thoughts after hearing about the grim history of the place.

Don’t Touch: Character A comes across a cursed object and makes the mistake of taking it with them: what does their hell on earth look like?

Not Quite Gone: Character A has recently died, but before they go, they want to pay a visit to Character B.

Taken: Character A has been kidnapped and experiences horrors at the hands of Character B. Do they make their escape?