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-Chirrut and Baze working in security for the science vessel NCC-2348 Whills.

-Baze was the perfect member of Star Fleet, always got his reports done on time, always had good ideas on how to increase security.

-Chirrut and Baze had been on the Whills for so long, they had seen captains come and go, and they were jokingly called the Guardians of the Whills, because they were the only original crew left.

-Chirrut and Baze are the Whills’ power couple, and it was a not so secret rule that any one who joined the Whills, whether they were an officer or an enlisted, would find they were no longer on the Whills if Baze or Chirrut did not approve of them within six months.

-Baze and Chirrut had both been offered new posts, but neither Baze nor Chirrut ever took them, and they would only ever be considered of they could both go. But the Whills is where they needed to be, so they never took new postings anyway

-The Whills was a small ship, that did not often have a lot of security issues, so Baze and Chirrut often helped out in other departments.

–Baze likes to help the engineers around the ship, enjoys fixing things and making parts of the ship run more efficiently. He always gets a sense of pride whenever something works.

–Chirrut likes to take Bridge duty, and every time he is given the bridge he always makes jokes about taking over navigation.

-And then the Whills was attacked. It was ruthless, and unexpected. The Whills was a science vessel, not a military ship, most spats they got into they just ran away, called for back up, got away, or talked their way out of, but they couldn’t this time.

-Baze, Chirrut, and a few of the scientists managed to escape, but the Whills was destroyed.

-Once Baze and Chirrut were safe Baze resigned from Starfleet, ignoring Chirrut’s disappointment in him, and Chirrut trying to hide his disappointment.

-Baze still goes to space though, goes with Chirrut to his next posting, because they’re married, but Baze is now a civilian instead of an officer. Baze has to adjust to it, he doesn’t have the clearance levels he used to, doesn’t hold as much influence, but he adjusts.

-Chirrut doesn’t have the influence he used to have either and he finds it frustrating, because he just wants to get things DONE but he’s no longer one of the senior crew members and they have their own way of doing things and they don’t want/need Chirrut to “Shake things up”

-Chirrut sometimes tries to tempt Baze back into Star Fleet, which is the usual source of their arguments.

-Security Officers Baze and Chirrut ftw

alphacrow1  asked:

If Wesley hadn't joined with The Traveler & stayed in Starfleet what do you think he would be doing now? Would he have stayed in command or gone a different route?

I imagine that he would have gone into engineering or science. He really wasn’t the command type.

The first officer doesn't need to be a science officer.
  • TOS: Kirk is Command trained with Engineering background. Spock is a scientist who becomes first officer under Kirk.
  • AOS: Same thing, only I suspect Jim is more tactically based since all of AOS is more tactical.
  • TNG: Picard AND Riker are both command track through and through. (Data's the closest they even get to a science officer,which makes me sad.)
  • DS9: Sisko is command. Kira is Bajoran command. Dax is the science officer, and she's not the first officer.
  • VOY: Janeway wears a command tunic now that she's captain, but she was a science officer in the past. Chakotay is NOT her science officer although he is first officer.
  • ENT: Archer is in command, with a heavy engineering background. T'Pol is his science officer and made first officer. BUT originally Trip, the chief engineer was to be first officer of NX-01.
  • Logical conclusion: James T. Kirk would not be the chief science officer, or a science officer at all, but he could be Spock's first officer.

lol what have I done….This could get both fandoms angry LMAO

A Star Trek AU, around 2370s. Because of Captain Rex and Commander Cody, and they are STILL captain and commander in this AU lol Then we have the science officer(or medical officer or counselor), Commander Kenobi and chief engineer, Chief Skywalker.

The name of the ship is USS Negotiator, and maybe there are also a helm, Ensign Tano and a security officer(or tactical officer), Lieutenant Fives.

The reason why Skywalker a chief because he didn’t graduate from Starfleet Academy. 

ps: After finishing Commander Cody I found him just look like Chakotay in Star Trek Voyager. A mystery has revealed.(?

Ensign Tano and Lieutenant Fives updated, click HERE. lol


So I went to the Star Trek Starfleet experience at the Intrepid Museum and they had most the TNG uniforms these are just a few of what they had.

It was pretty sweet! There were a bunch of quizzes and activities and you get an email at the end saying which division you’d be fit for, like I got Engineering followed up by Science and Command. Super super fun!

Top right: Beverly Crusher Top Left: Deanna Troi Middle: Data Bottom Left: Guinean Bottom Right: Picard’s Robin Hood outfit

a first look at the second generation to crew the aos enterprise!

lieutenant commander t'androma, quarter vulcan (daughter of kirk and spock), chief engineer

lieutenant commander [unnamed], orion, head of science and first officer

captain saavik, half vulcan half romulan

lieutenant commander [unnamed], human, chief medical officer

lieutenant [unnamed], andorian, chief communications officer

I am truly awful at names so if anyone has any suggestions or even any headcanons, please let me know!

I feel like Jim’s the type of Captain who would one day be struck by the brilliant realization that crew members with dual specializations could have their own uniforms colors:

Dual Command and Engineering or Security would be Orange

Dual Command and Science would be Green

Dual Science and Engineering or Security would be Purple

It’d make a beautiful rainbow

And he’d have to talked down by the rest of the crew including Spock who would secretly agree with logic of Jim’s stance while arguing against it on technical grounds (and because it’s against the rules).

Ok, real talk

Under the assumption that the Galaxy Garrison is in America, we can say it’s probably been developed from an offshoot of NASA.

In order to be a commander or pilot of a spacecraft, according to NASA’s current qualification requirements, one must:

  • Be 5 ft 2 to 6 ft 2
  • Have 20/20 vision (corrective surgery is taken into consideration, provided one year has passed from the surgery)
  • Have blood pressure that does not exceed 140/90 measured in a sitting position
  • Have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, biological science, physical science or mathematics
  • Have at least 1000 pilot-in-command hours of jet flight

So we can safely say that not only does Shiro have a degree, but most likely Lance and Keith were working towards one. Pidge and Hunk, as mission specialists, would also require degrees in those fields, but they would also require a minimum of three years’ professional experience and an advanced degree (which substitutes the hours of jet flight).


ONE’S PERSONALITY IS SEPARATE FROM ONE’S INTELLIGENCE. Just because Keith is impulsive, Lance is sometimes frivolous and Hunk likes to eat doesn’t mean any of them are idiots. Pidge is not the only intelligent person on this team. And don’t forget that everyone except Shiro is a teenager. They’re allowed to be stupid sometimes.

(This, of course, is working on the assumption that GG has the same rules NASA does.)

A final note re.: Shiro’s age: he could never have been a teenager and been the commander of a space mission. All NASA candidates to date have never been younger than 26 (likely because of the degree and the flight hours). 61% of astronaut candidates have come from the military, which Shiro obviously has. 

Of course, this is also a fictional universe with giant flying robot lions which combine into a huge space samurai with cat hands, there are space elves and reptilians and sentient planets, so we can bend the rules a little. But these are likely the guidelines of how the Garrison worked.

(Also, we know our technology had advanced to allow us to reached Kerberos in mere months, so space travel is obviously much, much more commonplace, perhaps even large-scale commercial, but this is an intensive professional program.

Also, it’s called the Garrison. They liked militarising the kids young, don’t they?)


I’ve been meaning to make these for a long time! It’s been fifty years since Star Trek TOS began. So we made fifty cupcakes to celebrate!

(Actually we made 76, and 26 of them were awful)

We have command, science, and engineering insignias; space/galaxy cupcakes; and a funky little enterprise (I tried :P). By far our most ambitious bake to date. But that’s our four-year mission: to boldly bake what no college student in their right mind has ever baked before. 

Happy 50th anniversary, Star Trek fandom! 

- NicNac

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