science drawing

nightly-noivern  asked:

Where did you spend your child years the first time which you lived them? A lab? Or did you simply not have any?

The scientists made me forget any event that happened in my youth in order to keep me stable while I was still being developed. Actually… I don’t even know for sure if I ever really had a youth…

For the last lord knows how long, I have developed this rather nasty habit of spending up to half an hour each morning frittering away time on the internet. Religiously Checking X, Y or Z before doing anything creative or productive. A lot of high performing creatives, whose game I truly aspire to, talk frequently about the value of a mindful approach to both time management and investment. Evaluating my own habits, I really wanted to kick this, often mood altering, time sink to the curb so I decided to replace it with a bit of reading. In particular - Art Theory. 

This morning I finished “The science & Practice of Drawing” by Harold Speed, after having chomped through “Oil Painting techniques and Materials” and I have to say, I highly recommend them! I feel like I have learnt so much from them. When I originally ordered them, I was expecting much more in the way of an instructional format, as is often the case with any book on method and application but these books offer a much more in depth and wordy analysis than I have ever come across before. Every time I put It down, the fire beneath my creative ass was lit! I have not been so inspired to study for a long, long time. 

As I said, I cannot recommend these books to artists enough! Even if you work primarily digitally, there is a lot to be gained from giving these a go!