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Voltron Youtuber Au

Oh look, it’s another one. I’m sure the fandom is tired of seeing these HCs, but I really wanted to try my hand at one! XD I kinda really like what I have, so I might make something of it when I get the chance.

There’s more under the cut. Turned out way longer than I meant it to. >->



  • would run a cooking channel
  • He’s an intelligent person, great with mechanics, but he’d use cooking as an outlet for relaxtion and freedom of expression
  • most of his videos would be about recipes and how to whip up a good meal based on diet, money and necessities
  • Baking is especially his favorite because coming up with cool designs on cupcakes and cookies is a lot of fun
  • Shay is a frequent special guest of his. Together, they take on harder baking projects with varying results.


  • would have a gaming channel
  • She’d play all sorts of games from first person shooter to a JRPG
  • She’s mostly a PC gamer (even goes so far to call it the master race) but does own a variety of other gaming systems and will play them if the mood fits
  • On Saturdays, she hosts a stream where she plays competitively with other players and kicks major ass
  • Lance is a frequent special guest in two-player games. He talks a big game and Pidge enjoys making him eat his words

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Silly Putty

That weird sensory stuff kids and adults alike get a kick out it. Even if you don’t like to admit how fun it is to play with, silly putty’s bizarre texture and chemistry is definitely therapeutic. Well, who knew you could make it out of three simple ingredients you probably already have lying around the house.

Simple and gratifying, follow this quick instructable on how to make the Putty childhood is made of.