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Constellation Quilts are exactly what they sound like: A wide swath of turquoise cotton, darned with details of the night sky at the 40th parallel in the Northern Hemisphere in October. There’s Orion, the Big and Little Dippers, and even the Milky Way in general. The idea, explain its creators at the Brooklyn-based design studio Haptic Lab, was to make an object that was “a learning tool, a functional art object and modern heirloom,” all in one.

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i have a question; i really want to pursue a science career in either bio or chem, maybe something like forensic science, but I'm worried i'll have to work a lot with computer programs. i dont know how to make computer programs or simulations, and my question is: is this something vital to know for the jobs i want? how can i learn?

I’m not sure you’ll need them, but knowing how to program will put you ahead and get you better positions. Computational models are playing a bigger role in science, and becoming comfortable with programming early can help learning the process become a lot easier. Generally, I advise people to learn programming and use it to solve fun problems as they get better and better. 

Personally, I think Code Academy’s Python course is a great introduction to programming:

1) I love the layout they use to teach, and its very easy to follow
2) Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages, many different fields are picking up on using it. Its free, and open source. A lot of developers are taking advantage of this and create amazing packages


I realised I had never posted these.  This is a piece of crewelwork embroidery I completed as a gift for a former Queen of Lochac (the SCA Kingdom I belong to).  It was going to be a cushion, however she asked me not to make it up, as she wants to make it up herself as a coif.

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Science Cross Stitch will make you jump, jump!

So maybe you think cross stitching is something only grandmas or great aunts so. If so, you’re totally wrong! Cross stitching has taken a turn for the awesome thanks to the creativity (and snakiness) of us young-uns and sites like Etsy, where we can share all our funny, weird, or dirty craft ideas. However, this is a science blog, not a “Sara gets all mushy about crafts” blog (although I do a bit of cross stitching myself it tends to be on the adult side), and I’ve been collecting some kick-ass works of science-inspired cross stitchery on my romps through the internet. I encountered a really amazing one this morning and was thusly inspired to curate them into a post.

To begin, here’s the one that started it all:

How gorgeous is that?! It doesn’t even look like a cross stitch. Inspired by Carl Sagan, this design features a nebula, the birth place of stars. You can see more details over at its creator’s (nuclearArt) Etsy shop.

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5 Fun Science Experiments You Can Try This Weekend

You don’t have to spend a fortune going out to have a fun-filled weekend, just science. Whether it be playing with corn starch (aka non-newtonian fluid), making glowing water, or just making “hot ice”, these science experiments are sure to provide hours of fun. Continue reading to see them all.

This amazing sweater was created by mathematician and librarian Sondra Eklund. Upon first glance, it may look like just a colorful sweater, but it actually represents the prime facorization of all whole numbers from 2 to 100. Starting in the lower left hand corner of the front is the digit 1 (white). Heading left gives 2 and 3 and from then on, numbers are represented by colors corresponding to their prime factors. I don’t know the last time I wanted to take up knitting this badly.

The picture I posted is from Sondra Eklund’s blog, and the full story behind the sweater can also be found there.


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A Mother's Final Wish - GoFundMe

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This is my first square from the GAL 2014 (I know, how slow am I right?!?!) My friend glitteryren and I are going to do GAL together to make ourselves our own awesome geeky blankets. She’s already made a fantastic one for her husband and I’m hoping that I can match her awesomeness!! Find the GAL at Lattes and Llamas here: and please do donate if you can! It’s for a very good cause and the girls have worked so hard to give us awesome free patterns!!