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Now is absolutely the time to politicize Hurricane Irma and other natural disasters

“The full suite of data we have incontrovertibly points to one conclusion: the human effects that contribute to climate change are severe, and are making these disasters we’re experiencing far more damaging than they would otherwise be. The time to transform these scientific lessons into a policy that makes our nation and our world a safer, more secure, more resilient place is now. Natural disasters will always occur, but there’s no good reason to make them worse, especially when we can do something about it today. In the long run, it may be both more compassionate and less expensive to simply craft a better policy, but we can’t do that unless we craft those policies based on the best science humanity has to offer.”

Hurricane Irma has, as of this morning, knocked out power to more than 6 million, caused the evacuation of millions more, and has caused flooding and extreme wind damage across hundreds of miles across Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. When Irma first made landfall in the Florida Keys, it set a new ‘first’ for 2017: two Category 4 (or stronger) hurricanes made landfall in the USA in the same year for the first time. This is not simply a bad year or an unlucky coincidence, but is an effect of a planet that has been artificially warmed by human activity. This continues a pattern we’ve seen globally of more intense but fewer hurricanes in numbers, and 2017 is shaping up to be the most expensive hurricane season in US history. At the same time, wildfires are ravaging the western United States, and no, that’s not coincidence, either.

We don’t have to do this to ourselves; we could craft a science-based policy on climate change to minimize the damage of these disasters in the future. The time to act is now.


Lexus Skyjet, 28th Century. A single-seater pursuit craft belonging to the world of Valerian built for agents to use on missions across the galaxy.  Laurent Bouzige, designer at Lexus’s European design centre, sees it as a hybrid between a “space bike” and a fighter jet. It makes use of artificial intelligence in its operation, notably in the interface the pilot uses to control the craft.


Think I might’ve been misinterpreting the illustration that inspired these but idgaf bc oops I accidentally a way of illustrating waves and paths with 3D embroidered Mylar and there’s only like a million applications for that!!!!!! 3D embroidered Mylar is gonna be one of the top math art trends for fall on my backporch!!!!!!! Signal analysis and integral transforms are also back in style!!!!!!

Gotta nother one almost finished that’s a study of ellipses more than anything and I’m really excited to see how it turns out later today.

Product photography status: pairing each math art greeting card w/ a beautiful vintage textbook cover n an attractive, matching writing utensil like they food n wine .

I have decided this is the truest, purest expression of my inner self.

Gotta put together a pink/magenta scheme, tweak the red, and do some improvements on my cut templates n then I’m all good on the paper end.

I’m planning on 3D printing myself lil rig for easily aligning the cards up perf during taping/assembly but a set screw fell out of my 3D printer’s y-axis pulley like a month ago and I kept ordering the wrong replacements bc some forum had FAKE NEWS about what size I needed buuuut I think I’ve finally figured it out (hopefully). Until then, bout ta get down using the ol’ cardboard box technique.


Iteration #5. This one has elliptical spirals with two different eccentricities (blue more eccentric, green less) and a regular circular spiral (black).

Definitely still have a lot of construction things to figure out (e.g. how best to tie off threads, preferred thread types, etc), but I feel like I got enough of a handle on it to start focusing more on explorin some mathematics. If it’s a radial function of time, I’m comin for it. Laplace and z-transforms are 100% happening. I think it’d be cool to try and make a wave packet. I’d probably do some Riemann surfaces if it wouldn’t feel like I was beating a dead math art horse. Idk overwhelming number of potential applications, my next stop is decaying spirals, something something damped oscillations