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While the skies dim, try and find these Norton Critical Edition constellations high in the sky! 

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Astrology of the Body

Physiology of the Houses

1st: Head, face and the whole body

2nd: Neck, throat, voice

3rd: Hands, arms, shoulders, collar bones

4th: Chest, Breasts and stomach, stomach, Ribs

5th: Heart and Back

6th: Immune system, intestines and abdomen

7th: Loins, waist and skin

8th: Reproductive organs and genitals, anus, pelvic bones

9th: Hips and Thighs

10th: Knees, Joints and Bones

11th: Legs and ankles

12th: Feet

The Planets

The Sun: Back, spine, thymus, cardiovascular system, heart, self esteem, spinal chord, the arteries, blood pressure

The Moon: Breasts, nipples, emotional wellbeing, digestive juices, lymphatic system, the womb, digestive system

Mercury: The nervous system, brain, eyes, mouth, ears, bronchial tubes, thyroid, sense of sight/hearing/taste, reflexes, speech disorders, asthma, tremors, lungs

Venus: Throat, kidneys, sense of touch, kidney disease, general diseases, smallpox/measles  

Mars: Muscles, blood, adrenals, kidneys, resistance to disease (strength of immunity), elimination of bodily toxins, migraines, fevers, headaches, facial aches (nose and teeth), inflammations, burns, scars, minor infections, fractures

Jupiter: Liver, tumours and growths, disposition of body fat, obesity, diabetes, poor circulation, blood diseases, hip problems

Saturn: Bones, skeleton, skin, nails, teeth, gall-bladder, spleen, deafness, vertigo, tinnitus, blood clots and other bodily blockages,  arthritis, kidney stones, depression, anorexia

Uranus: Nervous system, bodies electrical impulses and systems, nerves, pineal gland, acute psychiatric issues, ruptures, epilepsy, seizures

Neptune: Drug/Alcohol abuse, poisoning, pineal gland (along with Uranus), cerebral, lymphatic system, schizophrenia, psychotic disorders, hallucinations, infectious diseases, insanity, allergies, glandular imbalances, hypochondria, anaemia, mental illnesses

Pluto: Degenerative diseases, reproductive organs, exactor organs, the unconscious thoughts,  tumours, cancer, general diseases, metabolic disorders, haemophilia

*If you are experiencing any issues listed above, please seek medical attention. Also, if you have these planets in the 6th/8th houses, this does not mean you’ll manifest these diseases. This post primarily shows planetary and house rulerships of the body and diseases.

What hobbies do your D&D characters have?

Please list them in the reblogs, along with (approximate) alignment, class, and race! I’m making charts for Science.

I’ll start.

Duran, Human Barbarian, NG: Woodcarving, hiking, and botany.

Faust, Tiefling Paladin, CG: Reading and writing poetry, reading romance novels.

Vallorik, Dragonborn Druid, LG: Baking, weaving, and storytelling.

Lyle, Halfling Bard, NE: Card games, improvised acting, and solving/creating riddles