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True story building off your college majors thing: I was planning to declare communications when I got into college because I wanted to work in media, however when the time came to declare I was told my GPA was too low to declare communications, so I had to end up declaring English because it had no GPA requirements. Still graduated still got a job in media. TL;DR majors are overrated it’s the other shit you do like internships that are more important.

Yeah really majors are just what you’re gonna’ get a degree in and most college degrees won’t really do much for you in terms of actual careers if it’s only a Bachelors sans helping you look more appealing to employers. The only times I know of degrees actually helping in specific careers are always like medical or science based careers and you generally need at least a Masters in order for it to really do anything.

If you’re just getting an AA/BA your major is really just what you’re more specialised in but that’s about it.

Results Day

I pray that you guys get the grades that you want insha'Allah.

However if you don’t make it, there are literally hundreds of other way to get to your goal. So please don’t stress too much about it. I know that you will be upset and feel as though you’ve failed in life, but that’s not the case, there are many backdoors and shortcuts which will help you.

Those of you who want to pursue a science-based career but have fallen short of a few grades/marks, then feel free to message me and I’ll give you sincere advice which is backed by many years of experience.

So don’t worry too much, have patience and remain firm. Everything happens with God’s will.

  • Adult: What do you want as a career?
  • Child: Maybe a doctor or lawyer or something. I want to make a lot of money!
  • Adult: Oh, money isn't everything! You know what they say, if you really love your job, you'll never work a day in your life.
  • Child: Awesome, I really want to be an artist or writer or actor then!!
  • Adult: HA! Good luck finding a job for that!! You should pick something else, otherwise you'll end up at a McDonalds, on the street, or in your parents basement.
  • Child: