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Do you think Jasper would still retain an accent? Some fics write him with a strong accent others it's nonexistent In the movies none of them really have a defining accent Ive lived in south Texas and Alabama my whole life I moved away from the south years ago and while my accent has faded there are times where I get so excited or just really damn angry and everything comes out of my mouth in that accent. Do you think the same would be the case for vampires?

This is really interesting to consider!

Personally, I’m inclined to say that vampires lose their accents when speaking second, third etc. languages. The basic theory behind accents goes like this: the human brain can only distinguish between and learn to produce certain sounds during childhood. After that, you’re stuck compensating for sounds in different languages with comparable ones from your own. For humans, this makes sense. “Space” in the brain is at a high premium, and there’s no reason to maintain sensitivity to phonemes which you’ll never use nor hear.

Since vampire brains get upgraded so much during the transformation process, I have to think that cognitive resources stop being a problem. Not only can immortals detect minute differences between sounds, but most of them can achieve fluency in an enormous number of languages. Venom, in other words, gives you complete control over your pronunciation. 

(Don’t ask me why Tanya canonically retains her Russian accent, whereas her sisters don’t. Or why Russian is her first language, period. We’re just going to ignore that or call it a deliberate choice on her part.)

Now, as for accents in one’s native language, I feel like venom leaves that up to a vampire’s discretion. It doesn’t want to tamper too much with the structures underpinning language use– memory loss when it comes to speaking isn’t great– but it doesn’t want to “freeze” them either, for fear of interfering with future learning. 

As a result, Jasper and Carlisle can sound like men of their time and region, if they want to. They just.. don’t want to often, because it seems suspicious. If your young doctor whipped out an idiom from 1623 in a period-appropriate London accent, after telling you he was raised in Pittsburgh, you’d probably freak out a little. Plus, Jasper and Rosalie frequently impersonate twins, and Rose’s natural cadence is very different from his. It’s kind of fun to imagine them slipping back into their native dialect when they’re angry or flustered, though. 

absolute banger vocaloid songs that never get old

  • luvoratorrrry
  • Dappou rock
  • Mont Blanc
  • Triple baka
  • Sweet devil
  • Outer science
  • Ponponpon
  • bad apple
  • Insanity

cute DINOt3 (ellie x alan x ian) headcanons

  • constant bed sharing and LOTS of cuddles
  • the scientific community refers to ian and alan as “ellie’s boys” (hc courtesy of @sinclair-solutions)
  • when they publish academic papers together they do so as “ellie and the boys”
  • lots of clothes sharing- ellie looking hot in ian’s leather jacket, ian in alan’s stupid neck bandana 
  • all of them are useless nerds who are too focused on their work to do like, basic domestic things, so none of them know how cook 
  • they sign up for a cooking class together
  • ellie showing up to dinner parties and fundraisers with alan and ian on each arm and them all looking so good together that everyone in the room’s mouths drops 
  • ellie and alan love doing dorky couple stuff together like date nights where they go bowling or dancing or mini golfing and they drag ian along and even though he complains he secretly loves it too 
  • but their ultimate “date” activity is sitting around getting drunk and making bad science puns

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Hi cunt women are lesser animals,with usually smaller brains, less neurons, and less synapses. That's why women rely more on instinct and emotion, rather than logic or reason. That also explains women's relative lack of intellectual accomplishments or invention over the past 3,000 years (and more). Your gender's main contributions have been singing, giving birth, cooking and cleaning, Nearly everything women have accomplished is with help from men or from a group of men. Women deserve no rights

Hi dickhead I’m feeling petty this morning so I’m gonna eviscerate this swill part by part. It seems like the concept of basic science confuses you. I’ll start by citing this article for you and provide some choice quotes. It used a heavily peer-reviewed study and the methodology was completely sound (i read the whole goddamn original work and several of its external citations).

“On average, for example, men tend to have a larger amygdala, a region associated with emotion. Such differences are small and highly influenced by the environment, yet they have still been used to paint a binary picture of the human brain,“

“Depending on whether the researchers looked at gray matter, white matter, or the diffusion tensor imaging data, between 23% and 53% of brains contained a mix of regions that fell on the male-end and female-end of the spectrum. Very few of the brains—between 0% and 8%—contained all male or all female structures.” 

A list of early inventions by women (it includes elevated rail-lines, Kevlar, and the submarine telescope! the lack of patents taken out by women early on is actually because men made it illegal for a woman to hold a patent in her name until the early 1900s. those darn men, always inhibiting progress)

 A detailed list of several well-known contemporary female scholars

Here’s Wikipedia’s list of Muslim women who made significant intellectual achievements

A list of 30 Black women who made history

A detailed history of Asian women’s contributions

Notable Native American women from the past 350 years

Here’s TWO articles on the contributions of trans women in contemporary culture (the first one also includes nonbinary people, just a heads up. It seemed more relevant than many of the others tho)

You know what fuck you here’s 50 more women who did important shit

Wikipedia’s history of lesbian literature (which lists a lot of books and authors)

Tbh I do agree with you on the singing being a main contribution, just because women have nicer voices (in my opinion) and are much more likely to use their songwriting expertise to push activist and progressive agendas.

Maybe don’t come into my inbox with this shit when you don’t know what you’re talking about? Put away the 18th century medical book and take a chill pill.

Dinosaurs may have been just minutes away from surviving extinction. Some researchers believe it wasn’t the size or scale of the asteroid that wiped them out, but the location of where it hit Earth. If it had landed just a few minutes earlier or later, it would have hit the Atlantic Ocean instead of the Yucatan Peninsula, and the dinosaurs might have survived. Source Source 2

Photo: BBC
The asteroid unleashed mass devastation on the planet, including the largest Tsunami in earth’s history, scientists said.

A chemist, a physicist, and a biologist go to the beach. The physicist is intrigued by the waves, walks into the ocean to examine them and drowns.

The biologist is intrigued by the various forms of life, walks into the ocean to study them, and drowns.

The chemist is sitting on the beach with a lab notebook and writes “Biologists and physicists are soluble in water.”


Hey, remember when I told you I had an idea for a KobaTohru child, but couldn’t show you because her sis was still being designed?

Here they are! Kobayashi Miho (美火 meaning: Beautiful Fire) and her sister Kobayashi Midori (翠 meaning: Green (designed by @askmisskobayashi))

Miho looks a lot like her working-mom, not just appearance-wise, but also personality-wise. So much that people often joke about if she’s even related to her maid-mom. Whenever they do, she casually shows off her fangs and tells them “I got these from her”.
Unlike her sister, she’s a human but can secretly use magic. She often pranks Midori by setting the curtains on fire and blaming her because “I’m a human. I can’t use magic.” She’s very laid back and often prefers playing indoors to doing anything active. Not very fond of physical contact, which is not so much fun when you have Tohru as a mom. 
Kobayashi once bought clothes for her and after getting scolded by her wife because these are not cute or fashionable, she was finally able to admit that Miho was the one who wanted to buy these. 

Midori is a happy-go-lucky dragon child. Her wings and tail are still non-existent, but she’s really proud that her horns are already growing. She’s the youngest sibling, but also the tallest which bothers Miho just a tiny bit. 
As sweet and loving as her mythical mother, Midori is a ball of sunshine and joy. Honest, but a bit of an airhead, she enjoys spending time with her mom and tries not to mess with her sister because she hasn’t forgotten all the pranks Miho pulled on her. 

Still they love the other a lot and often use each other’s laps during nap time, a habit that auntie Kanna taught them.