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Hi I made this app called PhysicsPedia. It contains all the theory and formulas of high school and college physics. Please have a look.

Editor’s Note:

Thank you for your submission android-nikit  and we did check the app out and it is really interesting and useful. If you are in high school, we recommend you give this one a try!
Great Physics App for Android

So I just got sent a link to this app and asked to check it out. It’s really easy to use and contains a lot of information that’s easy to understand. If you’re studying physics at college or high school this could definitely help you. Equally, if you just have an interest in physics and aren’t studying it, PhysicsPedia (the name of the app) explains the basics of some quite complex topics that you will also be able to understand. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

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I created a group chat on the app “GroupMe” for developers, programmers and coders etc., a community to motivate one another, make connections & a direct link to ask questions, give & receive advice, message me if you would like to join 😊


The Best App For Throwback Thursdays

Latest episode from Nat & Lo looks at the subject of computational photography, the growing importance in the smartphone market of it, and how it relates to a new photo scanning app from Google:

This week Google Photos launched a new app, PhotoScan, that helps you digitize your old printed photos. Want to know how it works? You’ve come to the right video. :) 

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Of course Blaine got into NYADA

I’ve seen people say that it’s ridiculous and unrealistic that Blaine got into NYADA while Jesse St. James and Elliot didn’t, but I find that to be completely untrue, especially from the point of view of an admissions officer and what kind of application lands on their table (narrative necessity to have certain characters around aside).

Jesse isn’t the brightest bulb, and iirc he had another student take his classes for him so he could participate in Glee club. That kind of academic breech would probably bar him from any major college, unfortunately, no matter how talented he was. (Then again Cassandra July drinks on the job and slept with one of her students so the ethics at NYADA is admittedly questionable)

We don’t know much about Elliot’s background. He goes to NYU which is a pretty darn good school so it’s not like he’s untalented or unqualified. Maybe he didn’t do as good as he liked at his NYADA audition. Maybe his year was exceptionally competitive and was just shy of getting in. Maybe the admissions officer didn’t think he was the right fit based on personal essay. There are so many easily explainable reasons, and it’s not like it’s unusual when applying to prestigious schools to get into one but not the other.

We know what Blaine’s college application is like though. Senior Class President. Valedictorian (or at least, the second highest GPA in his year). 27 clubs. Lead of the Dalton Academy Warblers, which seems to have the reputation of the high school equivalent of the Whiffenpoofs. Proficiency in piano and music theory. Blaine also has an extensive history of performance and competitions: summer theme park jobs, 1st and 2nd place in the National Show Choir Championships, two school musicals where he played the lead role in one, as well as placing in fencing and dressage going by the trophies in his bedroom. On top of that, we know that Kurt talked up Blaine to Carmen Tibedeaux to bolster his chances.

Only a ragingly incompetent admissions officer, and even then they would have to be high out of their minds, would look at his application and say, “Hmmm, this person does not have the work ethic or experience to be able to contribute positively to our school, neither is there the potential for him to be a successful alumni.”

Hell, if Blaine wanted to be a doctor, he could probably get into Johns Hopkins with that kind of application.



from the Slow Knife album (2016) on Just Isn’t Music.


So I haven’t seen many CG posts. Here are the ones I have, in order of when I got them. I was going to wait but couldn’t I just love them all so much! I just got Reiji and Souma today. I find that quite coincidental as I unexplainably ship them?