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I know I’m new to doing original posts so hi! But have an in class assessment for microscopy on the first day back 😳 Featuring my periodic table mug

Here’s a cute memory from summer when I visited the Glaumbær museum in Iceland. All of these fantastic women, except for me, are currently working towards a PhD! From left there’s Luoth, who researches how microbial life can survive in extremely cold habitats, me (getting a BSc in Physics next semester), then Candice, who models Martian geochemistry from the Curiosity rover data, and finally Victoria with Martian hydrological cycles as her specialty. We’re in different fields, different countries, but Mars connects us.

9/02/17 - GUYS, I feel bad for recycling old photo (that I took as one of the profile pic options) because today was my LAST EXAM of this term! 💃 I’m literally dying and I have no idea how I managed to get through those 3 weeks - now it all seems like a blur but I’m happy I can finally rest for a bit!
(I actually have lots of my thesis writing to catch up on since I did nothing but focus on my exams recently so I got some work to do)

The doctors are in! This tea will be making its debut at London MCM at the end of May. This beautiful label of our squabbling scientists was done by the ever talented @salternates To see more teas in Pacific Rim series, visit my Tea Shop!

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Allergy Relief: Nettle Tea

Urtica dioica or commonly called Stinging Nettle is a diverse herb with known medical attributes dating back to as early as around 100 AD. The stinging sensation this plant can give off comes from small glass like hairs on the leaves, that when broken release a stinging liquid made up of formic acid, histamine, acetyl-choline and serotonin. However, fear not because the juice made from grinding the leaves of this plant can be used to treat its sting. 

Nettle can used to treat hay fever, asthma, itchy skin, insect bites, and most importantly treat acute allergy symptoms. (After trying this brew I did notice a significant decrease in my seasonal allergy symptoms.) In addition nettle can boost the production of breast milk, cleanse urine, treat enlarged prostates, work as an anti-arthritic, and slow bleeding. If you’re on any sort of medication for depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, or sedatives nettle can cause a moderate reaction.

The tea has a light grassy smell and mild taste of spinach. Honey is a great addition to this tea.

Happy Allergy Season,
-The Tea Drinkers Guide