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Name: Alex
Age: 26
Country: NYC/USA

I’m still in school, studying biology. Trying to earn me license as a Veterinary Technician. Huge bookworm, mostly read fantasy and science fiction, but I am branching out to other genres. This year I’m going to attempt to start my own garden. Ive done it before but with a lot of guidance, but that was a long time ago, so Im doing this based off of the internet, some old books and my memory. Anyone who knows anything about this great! I’d listen avidly. I make my own kombucha (thats fermented tea), like to bake and i love to eat.
Im trying something new here. And I’ve always wondered about doing this pen pal thing. Kinda like the idea of snail mail, sending handwritten letters and some cool photos (did i mention i live in New York City?) among other things seems like a pretty neat idea. Im not opposed to email letters or whats app, granted after some chatting.
My tumblr gives a better sense of me than this. kinda. just started a new one, and its gonna take some time to actually get it where i want to.
I prefer someone near my age, could care less about the gender, i just want someone to talk to

Preferences: N/A

Tea Facts

Black tea

Think black tea makes you feel good? You’re right. It’s been proven to help you de-stress fast. It also helps eliminate bad breath. Plus medical research indicates that it lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and reduces bad cholesterol.

Green tea

Want to stay slim, trim and beautiful? The antioxidants in green tea just might slow signs of aging, prevent the flu and raise your metabolism. More dramatically, it’s being shown to prevent and slow cancer, and help with arthritis and bad cholesterol too.

Oolong tea

This one’s known as a fat-buster in China, and science is indicating that it does indeed speed up your metabolism, burn fat and block fat absorption! Use it to fight expanding waistlines, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

White tea

Science is saying that white tea might be more effective than even green tea at preventing cell damage, shrinking cancerous tumours and stopping the growth of cancer cells. Plus it’s becoming the new cosmetic fix for aging skin. Beautiful!

Pu’erh tea

Traditional Chinese medicine prizes Pu’erh as a wonder tea. It’s said to aid digestion, cleanse the blood and help with weight loss. Studies in Europe are also saying it busts cholesterol as effectively as some medications.

Rooibos tea

It’s said that rooibos helps you recover from hangovers, and that it could slow dementia. Plus there’s evidence that it fights skin cancer and boosts the immune system. And it’s supposed to help with insomnia!

Yerba tea

Yerba mate is a fabulous stimulant, without the jitters. It’s also full of antioxidants, so there’s scientific speculation that it could have anti-cancer properties, help stimulate the immune system and protect against disease.

Herbal tea

Herbs, spices, fruits and flowers have long been used in traditional medicine to cure everything from headaches, stomach bugs and colds to stress and insomnia. The power of the tea depends on its ingredients.


February 6, 2017.
Studying at home this morning before heading out in the snow and the university. ❄️☕️📚
Study hard lovers!

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Name: Rose
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hey! I’m Rose. I enjoy hot sauce, political sciences, great books (particularly classic literature and magical realism), jasmine tea, scrabble and other word games, spirited debate, honest poetry, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, cinematography, existential questions, the work of Toni Morrison, avocados, paintings of Klimt and Grandma Moses, House of Cards, high heels, love, and friendship. That’s me, in a nutshell, but I am far more interested in forming a meaningful friendship than I am talking about what I like. I’m interested in getting to know someone from somewhere else. I grew up in a very diverse, fast-paced, accepting place, but life has taken me to a culture which is slightly homogenous and occasionally restrictive. I just really want friends who can show me their world views and allow me to see things from another perspective. A few other things about me: I am comfortable using English or Spanish; I like talking about fandoms and politics to an extent, but I kinda just want to talk about life sometimes yanno??; and I love love love to write. So yes, let’s talk, future friend <3.

Preferences: I would prefer 17+. Any gender, orientation, religion, etc is completely fine! English or Spanish communication :)

Improving Star Trek?

Moving beyond Western culture to reduce the problems I talked about previously.

The obvious solution to Star Trek’s treatment of alien cultures is not write them as one-note stereotypes. Not only does this reduce the problematic aspects of alien cultures in Star Trek, it would, frankly, make the show more interesting.

Are there minorities on Cardassia that are treated almost as badly as Bajorans were? Show them!

Are there Romulans who cannot figure how to tell a lie? Let’s see this person (and hear about their problems navigating Romulan society - which they would still rather remain in)!

Is there a Kazon who dresses like other Kazons, loves Kazon food and customs - but isn’t a jerk? They should meet Starfleet personnel!

Non-religious Bajorans?

Un-joined Trill who are perfectly happy not to have a worm in them, thank you very much…

Ordinary Klingons who don’t get a chance to do anything but mop up the ship because they aren’t of a high enough social class and who don’t really have a quest for glory (bc exactly HOW would that happen when there’s no chance for that to happen when I’m mopping floors, the Klingon asks) and would really just like some blood wine that was decent for change….

There’s so much that could be done with the species that Star Trek has already invented that we really don’t need to have new ones imo. I mean - look how much DS9 was able to by expanding what Ferengi could be.

ALSO, related to this, is expanding first the racial, but also the CULTURAL diversity in a crew. And doing this in an actually decent manner (i am looking at YOU Voyager).

Like - scene idea - four lower level Starfleet officers discussing their favorite religious holiday foods - two are human (one is Muslim, another is Christian, Hindu, Jewish - another religion), one is Bajoran, last one is Cardassian, and is the descendant of religious refugees that fled Cardassia several generations ago after being persecuted for being part of the Oralian Way.

Bc like….this is literally what happens whenever you put a bunch of decent humans from different cultures together for awhile - we get in these long discussions about the differences and similarities in our cultures (particularly holidays and food and family ime).

I find it hard to believe that such a thing WOULDN’T happen on the average starship.

ALSO, instead of only using a Western cultural backdrop, use things from other cultures and areas as well. Instead of citing “Abraham Lincoln” as a great dude, why not “Mahatma Gandhi”?

Instead of “some rando white dude explorer” how about “Zhang He”?

Foods are also important markers of identity and they only really refer to white people food.

Idk, these are just my ideas, feel free to add yours!

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Name: Rose
Age: 17
Country: The Netherlands

Hello hello everyone,
my name is as you already know Rose but i actually prefer my second name, Elisabeth (like the queen of England).
I plan to study ‘live science and technology’ in a few years, i say a few years because i want to take a gap year with my family in Italy (i’m not italian tho, they migrated).
if i have to describe myself i would say that i am a very bubbly person with way to much interests.
i like… movies, drawing, holahooping, reading, drinking tea, cats (espicialy my own, they are called Finnian and Cake (yes, like the dessert)), walks, nature, mathematics, physics and many more. I also love music, my taste goes from metal to musical songs (mostly, les miserables) my favorite band is MUSE. I play the cello, base guitare and the double cello.

Preferences: i am looking for someone who loves to talk about absolutely nothing and everything at the same time.
i want to talk about conspiracy theories, how weird clouds are, series and shows, our lives and maybey my feelings also (that one is optional).
i prefer someone older than 16, who is open minded.
any type of communication is fine (snail mail, e-mail, portals, blood magic, teleportation, etc.)


I know I’m new to doing original posts so hi! But have an in class assessment for microscopy on the first day back 😳 Featuring my periodic table mug