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a list of quotes from my school

“So we didn’t light anything in fire? No? Oh, well I guess we have to.”- My (very pregnant) science teacher

“So like, meeting at Waffle House at 3am on Wednesday? Yeah?”- my friend

“BULLSHIT”- screamed by my English teacher

“Don’t use the verb être with the adjective ‘chaud’. Unless you’re into that type of thing.”- my French teacher

“I approve of these memes” and “I’m a VERY bad boy”-my world religion teacher

“But in some art, you might see -GASP- BREASTS”- my art teacher, very sarcastically

“Good play.” “Thanks, I used my long body to tackle him.”- my friend

“HIGH NOON”- also my very pregnant science teacher

“Aliens are real. Mr. Badger said so.”- my friend

“You can catch flies with honey, but you can catch more honeys being fly.”- this horrible kid in my class who looks like a pastry bag

“The trashy one who looks like a bumblebee.”- my friend

Real life question for my psychology side of tumblr: based on the definition I have read of Psuedopsychology, (“based on common beliefs, folk wisdom, or superstitions, it forms from unsupported information that does not follow the basics of empirical testing and research”) does this mean religion is a form of psuedopsychology?

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I'm confused, surely as pagans we should oppose science with every fibre of our being and seek to avoid and refute it wherever possible? Why do so many gush about that which tries to deny and erase us?

A student in a class I took years ago said that she actively avoided science because she didn’t “want to lose the magic in the world.”  I tried to explain to her after helpfully pointing out her ignorance that understanding the intricacies of our universe is what makes it seem that much more incredible, all its million trillion parts moving in enough harmony to make existence possible at all.  Are rainbows the sign of a happy god, or is it a complex interaction of the principles of refraction that spread out the hidden colors in white light that traveled so far from the freakin stars, demonstrated by deceptively tiny particles of moisture suspended in air that seems mostly empty but in fact is full of elements and living things and human-made pollutants and the magic of spoken language vibrating through it all?  I still remember a moment of spiritual profundity when I was eighteen and reading about the ties of mitochondrial genetics between completely different species and how it allows us to track our ancestors aeons back in the human evolutionary tree, and many of us are all about our ancestors.

So why wouldn’t we gush about that?

Science and religion are not mutually exclusive concepts.  I posted an argument about this here, so I won’t repeat it and end up turning this post into a thesis.  It’s true that post-Enlightenment ideology relegated religion to the realm of the ignorant and superstitious, but in and of themselves, outside of people’s blind dogma on both sides of the fence, science and religion can truly work together in beautiful ways.  Our universe functions according to physical laws/tendencies that have held true since its birth, and if religious and spiritual people are trying to run towards fundamental truths, they’d be shooting themselves in both feet by pretending science doesn’t exist.  Ignoring it makes someone no better than the dumbasses who made the Creation Museum.

(On the other hand, spiritual leaders need to learn what quantum physics actually is before using it to justify spiritual processes, a tendency which buys right back into the overly-reductionist system they’re criticizing in the first place, oh my god, serious pet peeve and I want to punch them in the face.)

Besides, anyone who thinks scientists are boringly restrictive hasn’t read about their overly honest methods.

- mountain hound

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With a legion of fans around the world who could be counted in hundreds of thousands, the rocker 34, who is also the lead singer of the band The Killers, has captivated critics for his extraordinary talent People magazine put this guy behaved well, which was buttons on a Las Vegas-among the 50 most sexy  Sunday talked with him exclusively 

 “I wanted to talk to you with a bottle of mezcal trust between us, ‘Brandon Flowers-, but I see that it will be impossible.“ He laughs. When it does, the voice that gave him worldwide fame as lead singer of the rock group The Killers springs and ends in a sharp crack as I play my bad luck. So he is looking to the bottle of water that has in his hands, smiles wryly and shrugs. “I think you’re interviewing the wrong musician,” he says while digging into the plastic nails those who have received manicure and look perfectly cut, making play with his hair slicked back, “I do not even remember my last drunk. It is so far away, I can not remember. ” 

 Brandon Flowers, the current emblem Rock Las Vegas, is the most unusual I’ve heard about rockstar. You could offer a beer, a marijuana cigarette or a night of women and gambling, but he would say no and go to bed to sleep. His life is more like that of an insurance salesman than that of a musician with legions of fans who sexualized thousands every move on stage: ‘Take a teetotaler seven years without drinking alcohol and there is nothing I can do to convince him to try mezcal of Oaxaca that have led to the interview, if only because it is in Mexico City and this ancestral drink it a must for the tourists and do not smoke snuff. None of hallucinogenic pills or cocaine lines for inspiration. And when their fans, men and women fanning her underwear on stage looking luck finding it in the clubhouse and have a night of casual sex, he simply walk away with lingerie and still singing. Sometimes even he looks down to find out who that support or those pants. And for some reason, this musician of 34, very thin, which does not exceed 170 centimeters tall, boyish face and body of a teenager, who this afternoon wears sneakers anyone, either jeans and a T-shirt is the new icon either Rock on call Sin City .

 The man who last year reached the seat 44 of the 50 men sexy in the world, according to the magazine People , and not flirt with anyone but his wife. We are in the lobby of a hotel in Polanco, three floors below his room, and looks fresh, freshly bathed, with fine woods lotion that perfumes the neck. No excesses, none of wakefulness or hangover. If Elvis Presley or Jim Morrison out of their graves and they saw not believe that is part of the dynasty of the new generation rockstars millenial. And so I came to see him. To know why a guy who has captivated Bruce Springsteen, Bono and David Bowie can call themselves as “the most boring world rockstar” and succeed in a guild that requires a lifestyle as summarized by actor James Dean, “live fast, die young. ”

 “How is that being Mormon are the new example of rockstar, Brandon?” I ask. And Brandon laughs again. *****

 Brandon Flowers was born in 1981 in Las Vegas, Nevada.His first works orbited around the hotel life of the city until he heard the songHeroes of David Bowie and vocation is stamped on the chest. He left his job asbuttons and college, to devote himself to music. In 2005 he married his high school sweetheart and two years later was born the first of three children. He founded a group called Blush Response, whose success led to its members wanted to move to California, but Brandon did not want to leave their family and their home, so he created another band in 2001 and was placed in front of her vocals.In the next four years the band racked up seven Grammy nominations, two BRIT Awards, an MTV Europe Music Awards and 17 awards over 80 nominations resulting from awards to veteran bands only dream of achieving. The four members of this group called The Killers, in honor of the fictional band that plays in the music video for Crystal British band New Order. The murderers that would end the traditional way of playing in Las Vegas and emerge with a new style punk -half and half “A” rock-that led them to tread the most recognized in the world scenarios, while Brandon was catapulted to international fame. 

 His childhood traits captivated the press and fans. You do not know if you’ve sold more records with his music or posters with his face to girls who shout themselves hoarse for a kiss.

 Does it bother you that some fans are more followers of your physique your  music?  

 okay No,. At the end of the day, I’m just a humble Elvis impersonator. And that’s part of this paper: Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, love these rock icons by the way they look. I like them in appearance and his music. 

 -¿Te Uncomfortable there as much attention to your physical  appearance? 

No should take seriously those things. I do not do it. I want people to notice me for my songs, not if I shaved. But it does not hurt to be a sex symbol when you rock  … No, I guess not, but my life is not a common rockstar. I really like women, of course, but it’s not something I sought. No flirting with them, do not play with fire. I took years of playing and go home to sleep with my wife. I’m guessing the antirockstar by definition.

 The reason that Brandon Flowers will not fall into the temptations that every rockstar are presented, is that he is one of the most famous members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is Mormon, that is, someone whose life is guided by the precepts of the Book of Mormon , written by self-proclaimed prophet Joseph Smith. Among other things, it forbids sex outside of marriage, alcohol, drugs and give any concert on a Sunday, and the obligation to communicate their faith to others. And he takes it seriously: occasionally buttoned his white shirt and walk through Las Vegas with other Mormons of his age, name plates fastened to heart level and prophesying about the coming return of Jesus Christ. That image collides with Brandon projected on stage: she sings, she likes to dress in black, the hair stand up on a ridge, painted eyes and a little dance as the frontman of the decade of the 70. Few know that before move like a wannabe singer of The Rolling Stones, Flowers drinking an energy drink and isolated in a corner to pray with your inner voice. At the end of the concert, that corner again, pray and terminated their work. This duality has made ​​him one of the most controversial men at the scene of world rock: in November 2012, in a program of Norwegian television, Flowers was invited to a panel with the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, a scientist who has gained fame by extolling the virtues of atheism. There, the presenter of the show began to discuss the night in one of the most uncomfortable moments reminiscent musician.

 “When I read the Book of Mormon that impressed me is obviously a farce, “he snapped Dawkins Brandon Flowers,” is a work of quackery, “recalling that the author of the holy book was a man charged with multiple sexual-and even crimes imprisoned several times. “To say that my sacred book is a quackery offends me, you should study more,” said the singer, who then complained that a day before, he was told that should confront their faith against a renowned scientist and that the more annoying was I had to play to close the program.

 ‘You’ve complained about the way the media now treat men who openly profess their faith, like you, is it difficult for you to defend your faith? 

 Oh, yes. Every day is more difficult. The world each day farther from religion, as if science and religion are excluded. I do not think so, walk the same path. Nothing that science will find will result in the death of God. What was the moment you decided to dump your life to religion?  I went raised as a Mormon, but I became more involved when I had my first child. That helped. I realized that I would set an example for my kids and also believe in being Mormon, I am a believer, not only tradition. 

 How do you combine the lifestyle of a rockstar lifestyle with a Mormon, which is a big part of your  life? 

  'Once I made ​​the commitment to pursue my religion became easier. It’s not as hard as it seems.Initially itself was difficult because all the mythology around the rock star kind Led Zeppelin and David Bowie is fun. All these stories are exciting, so when you’re young and you do well in music you feel the need to experience what your idols did, but I soon realized that was not for me. It was the mirage of a life that is not me.

 ‘Five or six years that you do not drink  … 

 I’m happier without drinking, I am a better person without a drink or without a cigarette.

 -¿Lo Understand your other  colleagues?  

No, they think it’s something very strange, but respected. 

 What would you like people to say about you when you  die?  

 That I was a good man.Therefore I am.

 ‘And what is a “good man”? -Be generous with the family, with the children, wife. 

 That does not sound very in style:

 “sex, drugs and rock and roll” … ’ I know, it’s disappointing to some, but very exemplary for others. There are already many rockstars rampant, but I go another way.

 How is a weekend for  you?

  I love the desert, I go with my family to climb. I like going to shoot with my children, children use guns to shoot cans, bottles … do the normal things. Only we shoot at cans, never to animals. We are not hunters. When I was 8 or 9 years old my parents gave me a weapon to shoot child and out of my house killed a bird. Uffff ..!, My heart was hurt and I realized that I am not a hunter. The same thing happened with my dad one day shot a rabbit and was very depressed.Never again to point to a living being. We are soft-hearted family. 

 What do you think your religious social issues such as  abortion?

 I believe in the unique circumstances of each woman and the way they were raised, so I do not think I should say what anyone should or should not do with her ​​body.

 ‘And gay  marriage?  

 No I dont lose sleep. It does not bother me at all. It is not something that makes me angry. I serve God, my family and music. ***** 

 Since 2010, besides continuing with The Killers, Brandon Flowers has his solo project. The Desired Effect is his second solo album, after the success of the first,Flamingo  Brandon recently was presented with great success at the Vive Latino Festival before 70,000 people. This weekend the “will rock world’s most boring” topped the 2015 Festival poster Hellow in Monterrey. 

 With such a successful solo career, where do you stop to The Killers?

 ’ They are happy, because they wanted to stop for a moment.In the band a break and there was the opportunity for this project emerged.

 What do you want to accomplish with this second album? 

  I do not know, I just want to be on the radio, but only if it’s on my terms. I want to make music that appeals to everyone, but especially to me. Not only seek what is popular, but who loves making music.

 ‘Have you ever refused to make music that does not represent  you?  

 Yes, several times. I have been asked to make music that is only made ​​to sell and not so no. I’ve had songs in my hands that I know will be a success, but do not see myself singing them on stage … and I do not.

 If today you could get on stage with a band, which one would you choose?

 We were lucky, we played with U2, Coldplay and Bruce Springsteen could sing. In my to-do list is get on the stage with Depeche Mode … but see what happens … I’m nervous …

 How is that being Mormon are the new example of rockstar,  Brandon? 

  I do not know … God knows. 

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