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Man, those “Forbidden Planet” (1956) props really made the rounds. “Queen of Outer Space” (1958), “The Time Machine” (1960), “The Twilight Zone” (late 1950s - early 60s), even “Star Trek: First Contact” (1996). 

And here they are again in this promo for the 1962 sci fi comedy “The Three Stooges in Orbit”.


The walls between universes swayed from point to point in random motion. The space between grew to infinity and then shrank as fast as they expanded. I stared, if such an act could be done with no eyes and no body, at the expansion and contractions, mesmerized by the nothingness dancing between the barriers. Perceptions of an eternity passed by as my being took in the phenomena before itself.

But time did not exist where I was, outside the scope of your universe, any universe. Who’s to say my existence was for femtoseconds or millennia, the exhilaration of being was euphoric. Cognizance was a gift from a stranger, but I didn’t ask from who. I don’t know how I came to be where sentience should not exist but I could sense the multitude of worlds to enter. Their whispers crept by the apex of being, tempting me to enter their infinite expanses. 

Physical existence was a foreign concept; I had already forgot whether I had a body. Such an idea did not matter here, I had no anchor pulling me to a home, no memory of where I came from or what I should be. I let my consciousness relax and allocate between the void. It spread like water to fill the space between; growing and shrinking with the harmonic of each brane. Soon there was no longer a void, I had filled the empty space with myself. 

In this state, I peeked into the rose of creation of an infinite number universes. A multitude of big bangs occurred every moment, creating the potential for life. Yet, an innumerable number of worlds reached their crux prematurely, before the lives ushered in from the void could be. There was nothing binding life to the universes, and so they wailed into nonexistence with its death.

Suddenly I knew the purpose of my existence. My being instinctively contracted into an infinitesimal point, and when the walls expanded yet again, I was flung into a universe just as its rose bloomed. I expanded with the force of the Big Bang, encompassing the entirety of space and time. As I spread across the universe I felt life being ushered into it, and with all my being I clung to each soul for the remainder of my existence. 

Used a mix of The Expanse promotional material as reference. Now I want to draw a Belter and Martian version, too! (Naomi and Bobbie?? YES). Also inspired by my other spacey fanart stuff with characters holding planets.

I’ve loved Chrisjen Avasarala from that first pistachio-filled chapter. Listening to the books on Audible - and have to be careful not to laugh out loud in public.