science and or fiction

ID #88327

Name: Alex
Age: 26
Country: NYC/USA

I’m still in school, studying biology. Trying to earn me license as a Veterinary Technician. Huge bookworm, mostly read fantasy and science fiction, but I am branching out to other genres. This year I’m going to attempt to start my own garden. Ive done it before but with a lot of guidance, but that was a long time ago, so Im doing this based off of the internet, some old books and my memory. Anyone who knows anything about this great! I’d listen avidly. I make my own kombucha (thats fermented tea), like to bake and i love to eat.
Im trying something new here. And I’ve always wondered about doing this pen pal thing. Kinda like the idea of snail mail, sending handwritten letters and some cool photos (did i mention i live in New York City?) among other things seems like a pretty neat idea. Im not opposed to email letters or whats app, granted after some chatting.
My tumblr gives a better sense of me than this. kinda. just started a new one, and its gonna take some time to actually get it where i want to.
I prefer someone near my age, could care less about the gender, i just want someone to talk to

Preferences: N/A

The American nation through economic and social collapse engendered the rise of the Imperial Americana. The new autocratic regime was welcomed with open arms from a people that was all too weary with a seemingly hopeless and bleak picture. Lest we forget what happened to all others that promised a return to glory. History is bound to repeat itself, we seem unwilling to learn from our mistakes.

Watching Star Trek has me thinking about the arts in sci-fi films and shows. Specifically, why are there so few examples of what filmmaking looks like in the future? I can think of futuristic takes on literature, music, dance, theatre, opera, sculpture, painting, architecture, fashion, gaming… But while ads, sports coverage, and news seem to pop up sporadically in cinematic sci-fi worlds, film and television examples are incredibly rare. Thoughts?