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grimes: “yoink thanks 2 all who marched for science today🦂🦇and ESPecially to all scientists in the trenchez. gonna quote my friend @hanatruly cuz i dig what she said : "our mother 🌎 is under attack by our current administration and she is more vulnerable than ever. making calls to your senators and reps speaking out against trumps anti-science & anti-epa ways CAN cause action. give them a mandate! eat less meat (even one meat-free day a week is better than nothing!) consume less. recycle. read. share a study with a friend. take shorter showers. plant a tree. carpool. walk! if more of us make these little tiny changes, we can make a difference.”

like I mean it’s cool that there are other characters with weather-references and inspiration but Nami is distinct in that her connection to the weather is not merely combative nor is it derived purely from some external source (like Devil Fruits). The foundation of Nami’s power lies in her mind & intellect (science/intuition) which then gets manifested outwardly through both her Clima-Tact and her navigational abilities. Nami neutralized and redirected Monet and Enel’s elemental attacks, respectively, and discovered Cracker’s weak-point (and her fight with Khalifa, too!) using her clima-tact not through sheer force or power/domination - rather, she did something better: she nullified their devil fruit powers using her own abilities.

And, take Nami’s clima-tact away, you don’t take her intellect. She’s survived without an official weapon for a while. She’s a navigator, a cartographer, a meteorologist. Nami is intimately and inextricably tied to the weather and it’s almost like she was fated to be. ‘Tis why Arlong, who views humans as inferior, admitted that this human child could do what no one, Fishmen or men alike, could do. He called her powers God-given, called her maps his treasure, said she was necessary to secure Fishmen supremacy. Vivi said she’s never before encountered such navigator - observing that Nami not just ‘predicted’ the weather but physically felt it. Perhaps it’s also why Luffy was drawn to Nami so deeply and refused to let her go. 

God is dead and we killed him

Mountain Dew has a new flavor “DEW-S-A’ which is a combination of Code Red, White Out, and Voltage

they just mixed 3 flavors together and called it a day. the holy trinity of mountain dew has been merged. baja blast doesn’t count because it’s part of the taco bell au. livewire is the forgotten child. these are the flavors that matter and mountain dew company has dumped them into a big pot and mixed ‘em all up

and then poured them into bottles marked ‘red white and DEW’

so yeah i had to buy this abomination to science & nature alike and try it. The worst part is it’s actually good? It tastes like a carbonated fruit roll up? Im in hell

for some reason i feel compelled to tag @ulau

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Hi.I'm so interested in the whole idea of russ as I'm not from Norway it's something I've never heard until I watched skam but I was looking through the tag RT17 on Instagram and I was just wondering if you knew/could explain the idea of the red/blue jumpsuits people are wearing like is there a specific reason/tradition to it? Also I seen that there was a bus/concept (idk what to call it) called the meme machine and it's the best thing I've ever seen like same 8/8 totally relate to that one.

hey, anon!! 💖

traditionally, the course you take in high school decides which color your overalls/pants are going to be (^: rødruss are the most common, but blåruss are pretty common too!

rødruss (red russ): pupils who take general studies focusing on language & social sciences, music dance & drama,  media & communication or general studies w/ sports (though i know there are some places where the russ who take the sports course have white overalls/pants)

blåruss (blue russ): pupils who take general studies focusing on economy or service & transportation

svartruss (black russ): pupils who take a vocational course, e.g. health & society or design & crafts

grønnruss (green russ): pupils who take farming & nature studies

Let’s Hear It for Saturday!

When you get up on Saturday and walk a few miles in the London Science March in rain & shine and still look this good, don’t be surprised if Sexy Time Lord Saturday is a thing. 😏 🕶️

Happy Sexy Time Lord Saturday! It’s only a few more hours until episode 2 airs on BBC America. I’m so ready for more new adventures of The Doctor and Bill! 😊

I’ve been sorting through my DVD collection with the intention of getting rid of those I am least likely to never watch again. This seems like an endless process, as I have to watch each film I decide to keep. Having just tagged my 400th keeper, here is the first 10 of my favorite keepers.

Science Fiction & Fantasy (8 out of 10)

2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1968)

Gattaca (Andrew Nicolas, 1997)

Hugo (Martin Scorsese, 2011)

Lord of the Rings (Peter Jackson, 2001, 2002, 2003)

Mad Max: Fury Road (George Miller, 2015)

The Shining (Stanley Kubrick, 1980)

Star Trek (JJ Abrams, 2009)

Willow (Ron Howard, 1988)

I’ve wanted Cosima’s Golden Ratio tattoo on my wrist area honestly since I was like 16, mostly because it’s linked to one of my favorite songs (Lateralus by TOOL which lowkey changed my childhood and was how I learned about Fibonacci) but also because of the mathematical significance and also bc I’m gay for math & science.

Now I kind of also want “i am the master of my fate, i am the captain of my soul” somewhere on my torso because it’s such a powerful/meaningful verse to me like……. lowkey initially thought I’d want it somewhere I could see it easily but also it’s very personal so I feel like somewhere hidden might feel more appropriate for me???

Anyway idk why I’m posting about this here but👀 w/e I just wanted to voice this

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what are you studying in academia?

I’m in grad school for Library & Information Science 

as far as specifically right now, I’ve got a few ongoing things I’m working on

  • 2 teen programs for a local library based on their demographic info
  • an instruction session on coping with current event stress through blackout/erasure poetry
  • a paper on how the generation of profit through surveillance online (with big data as exchangeable commodity between capitalists) functions, and how that fits into the larger capitalist system, and what that means for methods of leftist resistance
  • a digital model of the concept of ‘networked authoritarianism’ as defined by MacKinnon
  • a syllabus audit evaluating the content of courses for whether they have (in my opinion) the bare minimum of “diverse” perspectives – for my boss

I wanna play a sci-fi rpg but not like one where you’re forced to engage in Big Political Space Drama or ship-to-ship combat or whatever I just wanna tinker on mechs and androids and go on adventures in the name of exploration & science.


CB&Q 9900 7-20-82 by Leon Kay
Via Flickr:
CB&Q 9900 “PIONEER ZEPHYR” (509 4/34) @Museum of Science & Industry Chicago IL 7-20-82