Teen Wolf + Real Descriptions
  • S1: Ah I've been bitten! Oh no quick, nobody can know i'm a werewolf!!!
  • S2: So yeah some others got bitten
  • S3: Monster here! Monster there! Monsters everywhere hey!
  • S4: We don't talk about this
  • S5: Lmao get this, there's no humans in Beacon Hills
  • S6: Who the hell are you?
It's a Date

shadowknight1224 wanted a Scisaac prompt:

they went on a date during the summer! :D

Isaac shuffles on the porch of Scott’s house, fidgeting. He hasn’t knocked on the door yet but he’s working up to it. He takes a deep breath, raises his arm, puts it down again, and turns around quickly to leave. This is stupid and mildly inappropriate, what with Erica and Boyd still being missing, he should be doing something productive like looking for them, not…whatever he’s here to do.

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anonymous asked:

Any sciaac + sterek fics? (Where they're both in the same story) Super excited for this new page c:

Okay, when you say Sterek and Scisaac, do you mean any type of AU. Because, I have a lot of them for you, my anonymous friend.

Quit Playing Games With My Heart by themistymountainsong

Word Count: 16,764

Rating: Teen and Up

Summary: “I am not paranoid Lydia! You’re the ones who are totally fucking with me- with us! You can’t say that this last month has been a series of weird, random happenstances!” Lydia ignores him, moving to open the car door, but before she can reach it Stiles hits the driver’s side lock. “No. No getting out of the car until you admit that you’ve had a hand in this.”

“Fine,” Lydia says, arms crossed, leveling Stiles with her glare that effectively says I could crush you under my heel and I don’t know why I like you. “We’ve been trying to set you and Derek up in time for Valentine’s Day.”

“What?!” he shrieks. “I mean- what?” he repeats, in a more reasonable tone.

A Cinderfella Story by yerawizardjane

Word Count: 19,389

Rating: General Audiences

Summary: A Cinderella Story AU: Stiles thinks he has found his soulmate online in a Yale chatroom, under the name ‘B@man’. Little does he know that it’s the most popular guy in school…Derek Hale.

The Importance of Tight Jeans in a Boyband by mandimarie

Word Count: 9,526

Rating: Explicit

Summary: The Pack is a worldwide known boyband (They’re not a boyband, Derek. They’re just a band made up of boys, you uncultured swine).

Or in which Derek (not so)reluctantly goes to a The Pack concert with his sisters and falls in love.

David Hale, Matchmaker by Menacherie

Word Count: 3,222

Rating: Not Rated

Summary: Chris doesn’t know about the baby. In fact, Laura doesn’t even know until they’re safe in New York with their normal and safe aunt and uncle. Laura doesn’t tell him either. (It’s not until years later, when Derek sees David’s blue eyes staring back at him through Chris Argent, that he has an inkling of who the father is.)

Derek doesn’t say anything, but it’s ironic that Kate Argent burns down the house of her own unborn nephew.

tie your napkin ‘round your neck, cherie by magneticwave

Word Count: 7,764

Rating: Not Rated

Summary: Stiles has been a teapot for 3,308 days. // Scott skids into the door breathlessly and shouts, “THERE’S A GIRL IN THE CASTLE,” and promptly brains himself on one of the casserole dishes.

written in the scars on our hearts by mixtapestar

Word Count: 21,053

Rating: Explicit

Summary: When Stiles needs a roommate as he starts college, he decides Derek is the perfect candidate. He knows college is supposed to change your life, but this is ridiculous. Domestic future fic.

taking the bus to chinatown by hito

Word Count: 13,303

Rating: Teen and Up

Summary: Stiles’ home economics teacher forces him to knit mittens. Nobody wants Stiles’ mittens, but then Stiles offers them to Derek, and Stiles is pretty sure Derek does these things purely to drive him crazy. What else could it be?

Can’t Take the Heat? by Ilovesocks_24

Word Count: 55,425

Rating: Teen and Up

Summary:  “Hi, I’m Stiles, and what I have for you today is…”

“Stop, just stop.” Grumpy Eyebrows interrupted. “That is honestly the worst looking Pasta Primavera I have ever seen. I don’t even want to eat it, it looks so bad.”

Stiles narrowed his eyes. No one insulted his creamy bacon carbonara without even trying it. And no one insulted his creamy bacon carbonara after they tried it either.

“It’s actually a Creamy Bacon Carbonara, asshole,” Stiles snapped. “And for the record, it’s supposed to look like that.” 

Or the one where Stiles is a new sous chef at Full Moon Steakhouse and Derek is the Gordon Ramsay of all head chefs. So of course they fall in love.

Lovebitten by LunaCanisLupus_22

Word Count: 10,367

Rating: Mature

Summary: The one where Derek gets bitten by a lovebug and Stiles is the first person he lays eyes on. Hilarity ensues.

Tis The Season Baristas Fear The Most by stilinskisparkles

Word Count: 5,470

Rating: Mature

Summary: Scott is hands down the worst barista Derek has ever hired. But it’s Christmas and apparently that means something to some people.

Of Werewolves and Dolphins by Ilovesocks_24

Word Count: 53,501

Rating: Teen and Up

Summary: “Stiles, come on! It’ll be fun,” Scott said. “You can’t deny that seven days in the Caribbean on a cruise ship full of hot, single werewolves won’t be a good time.”

“Maybe for you,” Stiles said. “Because you’re tan and have a six pack. No one is going to talk to me at all. Also, fun fact: I’m not even a werewolf.”

“You don’t have to be a werewolf to come,” Scott said. “You just have to be twenty-one so you can drink. Or so hot guys can buy you drinks,” he added, raising his eyebrows suggestively.

“No, thanks,” Stiles said, shrugging. “Go on without me, just send postcards with all the hot guys you meet.”

“They’re stopping in Cozumel,” Scott said. “It says here that you can swim with dolphins.”

“Did you say we could swim with dolphins?” Stiles asked, curiously. “Like the ones that do tricks at Seaworld?”

“That’s what swimming is,” Scott said, eyes gleaming.  

“When do we leave?” Stiles asked.

Or the one where Scott convinces Stiles to go on a werewolf singles cruise. Stiles is really only going for the dolphins. Until he meets Derek.

Accidentally We Fall by scottmcniceass: Incomplete

Chapters 20/?

Word Count: 83,825 

Rating: Mature

Summary: Jackson was probably - no, definitely- the worst roommate ever, and Stiles would do anything to get rid of him, even if that meant attempting to seduce Derek Hale. And Derek? He finds Stiles annoying at best. Plus, he hasn’t been into dating, not after the death of his family, but even if he was, he wouldn’t go for someone so irritating. Right?

I don’t know if you’ve already read these or if you were thinking of something else, but here is what I found from my personal collection of fics.

With love and internet hugs,



Teen Wolf AU [each couple is an element]

—The gang just arrived from vacation and decided among them to mess around and play with collage on their pictures and post it just for fun. This was the result of it. All of them shared laughs and memories of their trip together and over their own talent or lack of it for arts. 

It was a day to remember for the love birds.

- art by me

Teen Wolf Episode 3x4 (WARNING: Technical Spoilers)

(Recap may not be in exact order, because I am doing this all from memory. sorry) 

So, I really just want to punch a lot of things, then crawl into a dark corner and sob, just because of this episode. 

Yeah, you see that. That is exactly how I am right now. Because I am so overwhelmed by this episode, all of the FEELS! 

Alright. Lets talk about this

So, first we are brought to Dr. Deaton’s office where Scott and him are helping this little dog named Bullet. 

From there we watch as Bullet’s poor owner is taken, leaving poor Bullet in an alley. All this happens as Scott digs through literal shit and finds mistletoe(yay?). But then he hears barking, and finds Bullet but no owner, and he kinda stands there like wtf

But, I just sat there waiting for something significant to happen like this:

Then we cut to Ms. Blake, who gets the shit scared out of her by Derek, and yeah they have there moment.(yeah, no don’t do that.) and they kinda flirt.(yeah don’t do that either.) 

After this we go to the locker room, which hello there lovelies. And Stiles and Scott kind of try and figure things out, where Stiles comes to the conclusion that he needed to get laid like yesterday. In which Danny is like “I can fix that.” and Stiles gets kinda excited (bisexual-ism for the win) but Danny is just like “jk.” (ahahaha. no.) 

Which, poor Stiles, but still:

Isaac then comes in and coach kinda tell everyone “you are fat, therefore you must RUN!” except hello have you seen the cast? (airbrushed abs FTW)


So, basically next the cross country team goes for a run. BUT HEY, the twins show up and Isaac is all “oh hell no bitches” and Scott is all like “No Isaac no.” but he still goes and runs after them.


Which he is inevitably caught and the twins attempt to teach Isaac a snarky and violent anatomy lesson, but Scott is like “No.” and punches one of them in the jaw; and they get all growly and stand in a circle. BUT a girl screams and they all run over to it. 

Where we find Bullet’s owner tied to a tree like the others (aww, but yeah kinda saw that coming.)  and everyone just stands around, and the cops come out of no where and are like “GTFO” and then the girlfriend (i guess) comes and starts crying. 

Great, more death:

Isaac, Scott and Stiles argue about “who dun it” because the twins look as surprised as the rest, but noooo Isaac is all like “its them! I just know it is, yet I have no proof.” and Stiles is like “NO its human sacrifices! But I also have little proof!” and Scott is like “I have no idea who to agree with.” (which ohhhh battle for best friend-atude!) 

No, I love Isaac and all but, No, don’t you dare take Scott away from Stiles:

We are then brought to Derek’s loft where he sort of talks to his sister(HALE FEELS, AW YUS). BUT of course its ended when the stupid alphas come, and Cora goes for Ennis and pretty much becomes one with the floor, and Derek fights Kali but is stabbed with a FUCKING PIPE! (like seriously ouch!) and then Duecalion comes and is just like “Hey lets chat.”(why..must you do this?)

I just kinda sat there like this the entire time:

They then take us back to the school where Isaac has seriously become fight hungry with those damn twins, and Scott is like “you need to chill before you die.” but no, Isaac goes to the bathroom, where the twins are already waiting for him in the hallway. And one seriously starts beating the shit out of the other one (like is this what you do in your free time, are you in to that kind of thing, or like what?) while Isaac just stands there staring at them with a “wtf is wrong with you two?” look on his face.

Then after a minute of that we all figure out what they are doing (can anyone spell S-E-T U-P) And the whole class comes out, and sees one of the twins on the floor bloody and Isaac standing next to him (in the same place he was before) and Isaac gets detention.


(But lets not forget the wonderful DETHAN ship we got goin on)


While all of this is happening we have Stiles playing detective.

Which he is first slapped by the dead guys girlfriend and yelled at by his dad.

Then has a little chat with Boyd (which wow sad with the friend thing and the ERICA THING)

Also, semi-told off by Lydia. 

And, goes on a research spree with Dr. Deaton (which yessss).

He does actually find out things, a lot actually.


(Lets go back now)

While Stiles is off on his own adventure, Scott, Allison and Isaac have one of their own.

Where Isaac and Allison have detention together. (because Isaac and the twin thing, and because Allison fell asleep in That-Bitch-Ms.-Morrell’s class) And have to restock the supply closet. which no big deal right, they just hate each other, like NO BIG DEAL.


Because while Allison and Isaac have their tiny forgiveness moment, they get locked in the closet. And Isaac goes crazy because, SMALL SPACES.

And he has flash backs, back to when he used to get locked in the freezer, and starts to shift because Im guessing fear and PTSD (which nonononononooo). This part literally made me cry a little. 

Isaac then goes kinda crazy and attacks Allison, but Scott saves them, and has to scream at Isaac to get him to stop. 

They then come up with this plan to get the twins, really, really angry.(yeah good plan guys, lets see how that goes.)

Yeah…that should work! :

Then, all the while this is happening (seriously how many things can be happening all at once in this show!!!!) 

Derek still has a pipe through his body, and his slowly bleeding out, because Duecalion is still chatting with him. And Cora has to watch while her brother slowly dies at the hands of alphas (sad!).

But we kinda get a little history lesson as to how the alphas came to be what they are now. (which yeah, that’s kinda bad and sad at the same time).

And Duecalion touches Derek and tells him he looks just like his mother.(NOPE) and asks him if he knows what he is…and Derek answers him. 


And Duecalion starts screaming in this deep crazy voice, “I AM THE DEMON WOLF!” (which wow touchy.)

Then they pull the pipe out of Derek and leave, just like that.

After that scene we find that Scott and the other have managed to piss the twins off enough with the bike thing, that they decide to corner Isaac and Scott and attack them with there “let me stick my hand into your body and lets become one thing”.(Which ew, that thing will always give me the heeby-geebies) 

But, before they can do too much damage, Duecalion comes, and gets kinda mad at them, and, gives them both this like small cut on their cheek.(what the hell?) and then they all leave.

Alright then: 

We are then brought to Lydia, who again has blacked out, and ends up in music class instead of art (i guess) and gets all freaked out, because she finds this random phone with this creepy recording. 

She then calls Stiles, and him and Dr. Deaton come, and they semi-figure out a pattern, first virgins then warriors (or soldiers).

That brings them to Harris, who has military background. But when they go to find him, he is gone (of course).

Well shit! :

But before we find out what happens to him (we already have a guess as to what is going to, but still)

We cut back to Derek’s loft where he tells Isaac he has to leave because of who knows why, but Isaac argues with him and gets a glass thrown at him, (NO DEREK WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT) 

And Isaac is then forced to go to Scott’s house.(which yay ROOMMATES….scisaac!) 

After that whole thing, we find Harris, and he is of course tied to a tree and begging to be set free, because “he did everything asked of him.” But some unknown thing KILLS HIM! (r.i.p. Mr. Harris)

THE HELL MAN!? And I just kinda sat there for a second:

Then the episode ends. 

Well, looks like I have to wait yet another week before the next PAINFUL episode…oh well. (;

I think I will be doing these recaps every week. Do people like it? I hope so, because this is the only way i can vent my FEELS for every episode.

Welp, see you later.(;


I want a thing

Where Allison and Isaac get closer and Scott and Isaac get closer.

But each pair bond over different stuff and Alison and Scott don’t know that Isaac is getting super close with both of them. And I want Allison and Isaac to bond over dead parents and anger and feeling helpless and then getting all this power and fucking up. And I want Scott and Isaac to bond over wolf things and puppies and how much they like to read things and lacrosse and TV shows.

And then I want them finding out how much time thier ex is spending time with Isaac and get jealous but its weird cause they’re not just jealous of Isaac?? And then confusion and avoidance and Isaac’s puppy eyes asking “Did I do something wrong?”


And then MORE PLOT and it ends somehow with Scott and Allison back together and they’re both like “So, I kissed Isaac back then” AND THEN SUDDENLY THEY’RE LIKE, KISSING IS WEIRD WITHOUT ISAAC HERE.

AND THEN MENAGE A TROIS. because reasons.

Yeah, that’s a thing I want.