picture by: @laguzphotography
model: Anja @livingdreaddoll

This is my favorite picture of the year and it was a beautiful day! We traveled with a bunch of friends, of course in post apocalyptic style,  to this awesome location in Germany, called Landschaftspark. And I love how it shows off my outfit. Almost everything is DIY. My bestie Linda helped me with the bicycle inner tube top. You will see it in more pictures.


Ok, so I was thinking about what an abrupt change in uniform style there is between the original series movies and Next Generation, and basically a day later I had these drawings of transitional uniform designs (plus the canon ones seen on screen for a sense of continuity). There’s a lot more that could be done, and I didn’t research this much, so details are hazy, but you get the idea. I used drawings I found at as a guide.