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It will take some time for me to start dishing out the pages, for I have to still do the script and whatnot, but for the time being, this cover should suffice (and you can have an extra blank version for whatever reason you want).


Also unless you know me REALLY well, don’t call me Evonnie lmao


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Oh hey look, another Kotaru.

This was made for another server, and I wanted to do a current-rendered Kotaru to show off. Since my sister was also present and we were talking about Smash, I made it a Brawl-esque background gradient :y

So yeah, I’m super proud of it!

Kotaru was created by me for the future story @shisenota. You will not repost without credit and permission.


There is a Kyber Crystal is hidden within Chirrut Îmwe’s Bō staff, specifically in the metal piece at the end.

The “Crystal containment lamp,” as it’s described in the Star Wars Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide by Pablo Hidalgo, contains not a full Jedi Kyber Crystal, but “a kyber sliver.”

However, this doesn’t mean Chirrut is Force-sensitive, but rather the Kyber crystals known to issue a harmonic sound that typically only Jedi can hear - Chirrut, likely thanks to his blindness enhancing his hearing ability, can hear that harmonic sound.

“Likely being designed as a symbolic source of inner illumination, it also allows Chirrut to better gauge where the end of the staff is, as he can hear both the battery and crystal harmonics.”

Which is also why Chirrut was able to sense the Kyber Crystal on Jyn’s necklace - it wasn’t that he sensed it through the Force, but that he could hear the harmonic vibration of the crystal.


Dagger Kiss Episode 1 is now free on YouTube!

Check out all the sexy lesbian sci-fi/fantasy action.

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30 Day Monster Girl Challenge; Day 18: Alien

I couldn’t think of an original design for an alien, so I decided to do some fanart of the protagonist of my favorite sci-fi fantasy book series, Acorna from The Unicorn Girl Series by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. It’s a great series, with vivid characters and memorable themes and diversity. I love how this came out though, since this is my first fanart of her. Enjoy!
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Fantasy, magic and adventure with a lesbian twist! Arden has a mysterious magical gift. She leaves her home world to travel to Earth, where she meets Katia, a sexy tough girl. As they battle their way through mysteries, magic, swords and daggers, they begin to fall in love. Together, they set out to defeat the evil sorcerer Zareth before he can conquer both of their worlds.

We made it onto Amazon!  Thank you to everyone who has believed in and loved this series.  The movie version is on the way!!!

Another Space Mermaid
I actually started this painting before October, but as it is watercolor, I put it on hold while I did inktober


There are a few Photoshop corrections. The biggest being I felt her head in the original painting was too big, so I resized things a bit. I am gonna own up to that in case it make others feel confident about their art. Photoshop corrections are 100% legit for art and you are still a good artist if you need to make some. 

Unless you are selling the original than you are still legit, but you are gonna have to find another way to make the corrections :P