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Hello, writer's block, my old friend! So I need some motivation. Can you do a prompt for a younger person on a spaceship, the snarky one that likes to crack jokes? Really need some motivation to unravel their personality. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH

“I am more than my jokes.”

“Everyone’s tense. If me being the happy one helps, then I’ll do it.

“I just like to make everyone smile. We’re in the middle of space- where else are we going to find a comedian?” 

“I’m sorry. I know some of my comments go too far, and I won’t make excuses for it.”

Humans are space orcs

I’ve been reading a lot of these “humans are space orcs” posts and that got me thinking…

Imagine that you’re the only human in youre crew. Youre crew is getting attacked by pirates and they start shooting darts with a deadly substance in it. None of youre crewmembers is getting hit, but one dart hits you. The whole crew is freaking out and screaming “Oh no, our human is dying!”

But you don’t feel like you’re about to die. You feel energetic and hyperactive. You manage to blurt out “ohmygodifeelawesomewhatwasinthosedarts?!?” And one crewmember just stares at you like you lost youre mind and says “that… that was caffeine”

And then you spend the next hour running in cyrcles and screaming “WEEEEEEEEE” while your crewmembers slowly start to whish that these darts had killed you.