Opening up a few Discounted Flat color commissions!

They’re priced at $20 for single character, and $35 for two character c:

-Nsfw is okay!

-no more then 2 characters

-No detailed armor/ complex costumes/ complex weapons please!

need to make sure I have rent covered this month, so I can open up for like… five slots c: 

they usually look like this! 

If you’d like a piece, please PM me! c’: Thank you again!

Looking for Recommendations

Upon finishing The Crippled God (currently 80% into Dust of Dreams so we’ve got time yet) aside from weeping uncontrollably and feeling lost, I fully intend on reading The Malazan Empire series by ICE as well as Dancer’s Lament and the Kharkanas books by SE but before I read those, I want to read something in between. My reading list is currently topped with:

–The Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson
–Other Cosmere related goodness from Sanderson
–The Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks
–The Black Company by Glen Cook
–The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe
–Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons

So question is, what do you recommend I choose? Feel free to give nods to other series as well. I enjoy both Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Not so big on young adult tier stuff anymore, but I won’t say no just because something is categorized as such. I am presently leaning toward Stormlight or Lightbringer despite neither being completed (Stormlight nowhere NEAR but at least book three is currently set for a November 2017 release!)

Among stuff I have read in the past includes of course MBOTF but also Neil Gaiman’s Sandman as well as most of his novels, Harry Potter, Dark Tower, The Magician’s Trilogy, The Kingkiller Chronicles, and A Song of Ice and Fire.

Thanks in advance!

The line between writing fantasy and writing science fiction gets even blurrier when you spend an hour trying to figure out what orbital mechanics are necessary to create a daily solar eclipse in a certain region of a planet without having to change its axial tilt and thus eliminate seasons as a whole just so the medieval-era people who live in said region can use the eclipse as a basic time measurement.

All because someone giving directions and saying “you’ll be there by firstmoon” sounded kinda nifty.


This is a redesign or rather actual development of my old character called Duncan. He’s around 40 years old ex-test subject for artificial muscle tissue enhancements, being the only one the test actually had the desired effect on, he’s strong enough to lift a car with one hand.

He’s a goofball who can’t really take himself seriously, does powerlifting and boxing and helps those in need.