Earth Day

sunflowers wilt first, the apple “johns” curling inwardly
on long slender stems. The lack of sunlight is the future calling
out a fever, in night sweats, to a new generation
on a slim lined television, the romantic
scene of walking hand in hand on the beaches
of needles and 200 year old turtles strangle,
or was this another myth of sea creatures
that carried their homes on their backs?
This is what this generation, will grow up to
silence will not be golden,
speech will be full of hunch-backed words,
there will be blame, for the elders, left a thousand years ago
to build fantasy road-ways underwater,
with stones that crack and leak and buckle:
the dollar split in half, coins for the workers, petty cash
for the administrators, a whole dollar bill for the designers
corruption pulls down the bridge
when mother nature takes her turn on the toll booths.

in the west, where the sheep dream of throwing nets to catch fish.
the cage for the bird named the Hawk
a symbol of freedom, a mythological beast, bound, as we are
to the same mythological freedom.
what is this stamping of feet on the pavement
when the banks have taken the house
but not one banker was put behind bars.
we are all guilty of not waking to reasons light
even though the blast could have created a new island.

feathered to rise, the Phoenix, in ashes die metamorphoses,
matter informed with life, blessed by a horror of previous immortalized grief.
this tiny dot, an ink spot on the lineage age, looks to a book
that seems to hold many explanations of blue horizons-
how the fields sparkled with emerald
where snow covered the mountains summit and its slopes
with deepest green,
the essence which imbues with magic opacous flowers
and the feathers of the birds-
crimson, gold and opal that compose
a distant evening sky-
the infant learns the meaning of colors,
what it is to slide out from the embryo as the lily opens with dawn,
altering its own form and destiny,
indifferent and unconcerned whether it lives or dies
or leaves a legacy;
the first tear drop is learning how to cry.


“Coniferous University welcomes all new fall-semester undergrads. Your RA will explain which numbers are forbidden on campus. There are many.

A temporal advisor will ensure your courses aren’t taught by your future self. Paradoxical knowledge creation is for graduate students only.

Time Travel 1001: Prevenge
Coursework involves altering your past misfortunes to instead befall your enemies. Note: Enemies may also enroll.

Bookbinding 2130: Cryptobotany
Making ink and paper from spectral, digital, and dreamscape plants. Warning: Includes exposure to ghost-rose.

Meteorology 2771: Deepweather
Course covers the outward-facing storm systems that rage inside our hollow planet. Learn where lightning goes.”