sci universe

The line between writing fantasy and writing science fiction gets even blurrier when you spend an hour trying to figure out what orbital mechanics are necessary to create a daily solar eclipse in a certain region of a planet without having to change its axial tilt and thus eliminate seasons as a whole just so the medieval-era people who live in said region can use the eclipse as a basic time measurement.

All because someone giving directions and saying “you’ll be there by firstmoon” sounded kinda nifty.


“Coniferous University’s Spring Semester begins Monday. Classes end in May, except Time Travel 3302: Hyper-productivity, which ends Tuesday.

Space Travel 2910: Exocide
Learn the plants, poisons, songs, and symbols you’ll need to slay hostile behemoths beyond human ken. Pass/fail

Marketing 1101: Countermeasures
How to get your message to the masses despite hypnosis filters, outrage vaults, and weaponized truth serums”


Vintage Fringe Science Illustrated Prints.

1. Dark Matter
2. Cryonics
3. Parallel Universe
4. Nano Technology
5. Mutation
6. Psychokinesis
7. Reanimation
8. Hive Mind
9. Transmogrification
10. Hypnosis