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listen don’t get me wrong i love epic fantasy and sci-fi but it is very very important to me that we get fantasy & sci-fi on a smaller scale as well. i’m tired of reading about the Special Person Who Will Save The World. that’s not relateable. i want to hear more stories about bit players on the world stage! a traveling theatre troupe of goblins struggling to write a new play, two rival families of smugglers living on the same space station transport hub, a rom-com about a young hedge witch, a coming-of-age story about a dryad

give me more weird clever small stories

I think what gets me about Rogue One is that for the first time, we have a Star Wars movie that feels like we’re witnessing a war.

The body count is high, characters we come to know and love die violently and suddenly, there’s children caught in the crossfire, nameless soldiers get slaughtered left and right, characters suffer from PTSD, the heroes do shady shit like assassinations and sabotage, you feel the Rebels’ fear of the Death Star, and so on.

Like, you never really felt the cost of war in the other 7 movies. Yeah, there were battles but for the most part, you were watching a fun, escapist sci-fi movie. But Rogue One is a wake up call in that while this is still Star Wars, wars have prices to pay. It’s not all fun and games when you have to actually consider all the deaths and destruction that comes from war.

alright. so irl, donnie’s first language is cantonese, not mandarin, and he has a (really cute, sometimes fumbling) accent when speaking the latter.

consider the following: chirrut and baze are from different parts of jedha and speak their respective space-chineses. when they both start training at the temple, they learn basic but also each other’s languages, although baze is a much better teacher than chirrut so chirrut ends up trilingual whereas baze mostly just knows how to swear and order food in space-canto

Alright it's 2050

You gave up hope that a Trump was ever going to step down.

The new one said he couldn’t, because America is in danger and he has to remain in power for the safety and wellbeing of the American public.

Bannon or some form of him is in charge of all forms of news.

If he says the economy is growing thanks to our generous Chancellor Trump, then it’s growing and anyone who says otherwise is a dangerous terrorist dissident who’s merely trying to weaken the American empire.

Those who oppose the new order are just trying to disrupt the peace and justice of the empire.

The media is controlled by those who know what they’re talking about, the corporations, who have your best interests in mind, of course. 

DeVos or some form of her is in charge of education.

Which is segregated once more, not de jure, but just de facto.

Because only the rich can afford the decent schools.

The poor may be educated, but these schools are inefficient, poorly funded, and not equipped to give their children proper education.

They’re also all private and not state funded at all, which means that poor people are fucked, they can expect to live their lives working low paying jobs with no chance of advancement.

What else can they do? 

Work HARDER, of course.

Take on more jobs.

If they’re too lazy to, then they deserve to stay where they are. 

THIS of course affects people of color more than anyone because anti discrimination laws have been reappealed.

Because colored people getting more benefits than white PEOPLE is RACIST.

So we’re just holding hands now, just like those bleeding heart liberals always wanted, and letting people decide whether or not they want diversity in the workplace. 

And it’s fair now, isn’t it?

Everyone gets an equal shot.

No chance of bias, and if there is, then you didn’t want to work there anyway. 

Equal shot. 

It just so happens that the rich, the always rich, have more resources.

And they have better schools. 

Natural selection right, of colored people wanted better schooling, they would WORK harder, RIGHT?

Also education is religious now, as it always should’ve been. 

Since all schools are private, a lot of them are full of rich white kids.

THEY of course are dutiful little conservatives just like mommy and daddy.

they’ll grow up to perfectly replace them.

White culture, so rich, so important. 

It’s superior to other forms of culture because, natural selection. 

If other cultures wanted to be valued, then they wouldn’t KILL each other, right?

How can you respect a culture that kills, right, a culture that’s been antagonized and subjugated under your own for so long that its meaning has warped. 

Speaking of religion and culture, gay marriage is on the books still, of course, but seeing as gays have no anti discrimination laws on the books anymore and the federal government allows off parents to “convert” their children if they desire, why would you out yourself?

Trans people don’t exist.

That was just a dumb millenial fad, it went away after we decided they don’t exist anymore, or at least not as anything but a public menace since men dressed as women are just trying to sneak into women’s bathrooms.

As for healthcare, well, survival of the fittest.

Those without money aren’t contributing to the human race, right?

Worthless creatures just removing their dead weight.

It’s how nature works. 

Natural selection. 

It’s just a shame their bodies have to litter the public streets, why couldn’t they roll under a bridge somewhere, right?

All healthcare is private and owned by companies that can charge whatever they want.

Why not?

If you have money you’ll survive, and if you don’t, well, you shouldn’t be a drain on our working class, right?

No more social security, but hey, that was a waste of our tax dollars. 

We can take care of ourselves, we don’t need hand outs, our family has been wealthy for centuries, living off of those who might have needed social security. 

Besides, why do you want to live so long, anyway? You’re working until you physically can’t. 

You’re wasting valuable air.

Oh and btw, I hope you like cities and urban overcrowding because the majority of people will live in both.

We’ve made no attempt to regulate our housing economy, so apartments and work cubicles are in abundance.

Houses are for the super rich who can afford the land they’re build on. 

You don’t even have to walk to work anymore, you live in your workplace, eat, sleep, and defecate in there. 

Those rich enough of course, will live in lovely 2 million dollar flats far away on the hills where they can look the other direction, not at the ugly steaming mess of poverty but at the lovely green acres of meadow stretching out behind them.

There’s of course a nuclear plant beyond that, but if you ignore it, it’s a lovely view.

Additionally, that’s about the only green you can see.

Preserved green.

Everything has been flattened by companies looking to develop on it or to find resources.

Without regulation of any kind, companies can do whatever they like. Build pipelines in grids across an entire continent. The braces America never got to remove.

But hey!

It’s helping the economy!

People are maintaining these pipelines!

And best of all, when they die of health complications, they contribute to the economy because any money would’ve made goes to their families, who then spend their money on rent or food.

This helps the economy.

Trickle down economics; money trickles.

It trickles from oil pipelines.

It trickles through the blood of dying patients who can’t afford medical care. 

Right into the pockets of those who truly matter, those at the top of the business hierarchy. 

Business, my friends.

Economy and business will flourish. 

Human lives are a cash flow, a constant cash flow, and we’ve finally cured ourselves of all that useless prolonging of useless lives. 

And food!

Don’t you worry, you’ve still got beef.

Unfortunately, due to the overuse of water to both produce cash crops and feed and water livestock, it’s at the cost of ground water, but that’s alright.

As the ozone traps more and more heat, the ice caps are melting!

They’re fresh water, you see, they’re going to fix the acidified ocean!

Just add a little fresh water and bam, no more toxic, plastic-filled waterways! 

Eventually we’ll get around to fixing it, but in the mean time, the ECONOMY.

Keep dumping in the ocean, it’ll fix itself. 

Plus global warming, right?

More water is a good thing, it’s always good. 

Besides, even if it’s bad, you’ll be ok. 

You can afford the sustainadomes. 

Scientists are working on creating a sustainable environment within a segregated, cleansing dome with fresh water and clean air and trees to replenish the latter and medical care and shopping malls and a perfect little world within a globe. 

It’ll be paradise.

There won’t be any animals other than rats, insects, and other pests capable of living off of human waste.

But that’s fine.

We don’t need any pesky other animals living on OUR planet.

And soon, that will include the weak humans too, the ones who live in the urban areas, who can’t afford to live in the sustainable environment with you.

Natural selection.

It comes for all.

Soon all those pesky non working lazy resource draining lowlife violent criminal wastes of space will die.

You just have to outlive them and of course you’re going to.

You have the money for healthcare, a nice house, breathable air, drinkable water, and beef, of course, beef.

You’re here because you deserve it, because your hard working ancestors deserved to make millions off the backs of people whose lives you stole.

Natural selection.

The weak and useless die, and that’s how it always will be, nay, what it should be.

You’re a little unhappy, I mean there’s not much to do, but so what? That’s the price of power.

When you shut yourself in completely and never again look at the poverty stricken masses of what was once your race but isn’t anymore, because culture and money transcends basic shared human DNA, you can sleep well at night.

Soon the only sound will be yours.

You won’t have to hear them for much longer.

Natural selection.

Cruel but fair.

Life isn’t fair.

You’re here because you’re the strongest and the luckiest and the smartest.

They’re there because they were born without what you have.

And that’s just.

Natural selection.


So, some of you know how I’ve been going on and on for like two months about writing a Reaper76 space AU… Well, Chapter 1 is done (though not beta read atm and not getting posted until I finish this piece). Jack’s a bounty hunter, Gabe’s a space pirate. I don’t want to say much more about it, but it’s going to be a slow burn with fun time sci-fi tropes and eventual explicit content. Title is Escape Velocity and I’ll be writing it alongside Twice Dead.

I’m going to end up painting this *cracks knuckles*. I’ll just add it to the list…

And a lot of us on the crew are not straight and are not white, and these topics don’t seem like adult topics to us, because they were part of our experience growing up. The more I work on this show, the more incredible it seems to me that these topics are not usually discussed in media for kids. Kids not only get it, many of them are experiencing it themselves, sometimes with no context to tell them their experience makes sense, and almost always without a fun sci-fi fantasy take on that experience featuring wacky cartoon aliens. I’d really like to rectify that.
—  Rebecca Sugar, from this interview
Killjoys, Dark Matter, and The Expanse

One of the best things about “Killjoys” is the way that Syfy pulled a switcheroo in the way they were promoting it. It seemed like a fun, action/sci-fi space western (in the style of Firefly), about space bounty hunters (a la Starhunter), led by the usual 30-something, brown-haired white guy - in this case the delightful Aaron Ashmore. And for the first, oh, three minutes of the first episode that seems the case. And then Dutch appears.

Dutch: the female boss, the badass woman of color who is so much tougher, and cooler, and more interesting than the (also good) male character they were selling as the lead, and literally every other character in the series. She is very much the main character, make no mistake. Hannah John-Kamen, the actress in question, is first billed in the credits, too. Syfy lured in the nerds with the genre and style and what the expected face of the leader would be, and then they shouted, “Psych!” and gave us this amazing gift.

I have a lot of love for “Killjoys”’ (female) showrunner, Michelle Lovretta, already for her work on the amazing “Lost Girl”, and I think she is one of the most important players in the television game right now.

See how Dutch is not only front and center, but she has the most direct gaze? The boys are beside and behind her in lesser positions, both angled towards her. It’s clear who the leader is.

What’s even better is that Syfy did almost the same thing with the show they paired “Killjoys” with - “Dark Matter”. Played by the Chinese-Canadian actress/singer Melissa O’Neil, Two is an incredibly deadly, ferocious fighter, who wants to be more than the criminal past she doesn’t remember. In addition to her exceptional martial prowess, she is also clever and tech-savvy. While Two is not the focal point of that show the way Dutch is in “Killjoys”, she is the unquestioned leader of her group, immediately stepping into the role of captain. And, unlike Dutch in “Killjoys”, Two has the opportunity to regularly interact with other female main characters, as her crew includes a teenage girl and an ostensibly female robot (incorrectly called an android in the show - as a female-form robot she is actually a gynoid), the latter of whom is played by “Lost Girl” alumna Zoie Palmer.

Note the positions here - Two stands dead center, while One (the usual choice for main character and again fitting the 30-ish, dark-haired while male descriptor) is on the floor by her feet, and Three (the typical gun-toting muscle type) stands at her back, with the rest of the crew fanning out on either side. She also has the most powerful, confrontational body language of the group. Again, it is clear who the leader is.

Syfy gave us two cool science fiction shows set IN SPACE with powerful, badass, capable, intelligent female lead characters of color. “Dark Matter” also has multiple additional male characters of color, though in all other things I find “Killjoys” to be the superior show. What’s more, the upcoming series “The Expanse” is likely to be the best of the three as far as story goes. The book series of the same name from which it is adapted is AMAZING. “The Expanse” will also feature powerful, prominent characters of color, including women of color - though “The Expanse” will not be led by women like these two are.

I am so happy and excited to have this current slate of programming from Syfy. They have been making some really, really good, progressive choices, while simultaneously bringing in some elements of science fiction their recent slate has desperately been lacking. I really hope they keep it up.


A little known fact is, that the Stormtrooper gun in the fictional Star Wars films, is a near-identical copy of a ‘real’ gun, that was invented in England in 1944…

The actual gun its based on is the ‘Sterling SMG’ as illustrated below…

The reason it looks longer in the above photo, is that it has a folding stock, which here is unfolded, so making the gun longer. The shoulder strap is also attached.

Another modification, as shown above, was the addition of a sighting device upon the rear end. The barrel also has a new surrounding to give it solidity.

This a side-profile diagram showing more detail, an the folded stock version.

This publicity shot shows the gun in compact form, like as in the films. This photo was part of a campaign to advertise ex-military equipment that the British government had sold to a private company so they could sell as military surplas. 

From this under-view it can be seen that the magazine-clip was shortend.

The Functions as Sci-Fi Shows

by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Sensing (Si): Warehouse 13

The entire premise of the show is “a universe within an object.” It’s about exploring the hidden potential in historical artifacts, and the adventures that transpire therein. It reinvents history in interesting ways, bringing ancient mythologies to life in the modern era.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Arrow

Sleek, sophisticated, stylish, and high-adrenaline. This show is about raw power, pushing sensory reality to its limits (through physical training, hand to hand combat, and brutal fighting tactics), and living purely in the moment.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Heroes

The sprawling narrative engages dozens of main characters, but all with a specific purpose, defined by “destiny” – “save the cheerleader, save the world.” Surreal, impressionistic, continually re-inventing itself in new directions, it’s unpredictable but forges toward a distant, dramatic future with a singular focus.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): The Flash

This show “re-sets” itself with every season, reinventing the same characters with unique personas (alternate universe realities, external forces taking over and controlling personalities, etc), bringing back old characters for larger arcs mid and late season, and playing with time travel, altering the future with each attempt. The heroism of its main character brings a sense of idealism, offset with sentimentality and the desire to “re-invent” reality into a higher state.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Firefly

Detached in some ways, focused on inner consistency within the storytelling, and unafraid to question ethics, established tropes, and stereotypes, this series’ emphasis on practicality (“just keep flying”), problem-solving and on pondering philosophical questions competes with its episodic formula. It’s interested in exploring and intellectually understanding its characters, and focused on problem-solving one adventure at a time.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Battlestar Galactica

Brutal reality. Power plays. Tough losses. Survival at all costs. Difficult decisions. Emphasis on individuality, paired with a sense of individual responsibility, with the desire to eradicate adversaries and protect the defenseless. The show contains an element of detachment, focusing on a variety of different characters forced to battle and emerge victorious over powers larger than themselves. Emotion is sacrificed for a “greater cause.”

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Fringe

Even though the series’ superficial focus is on ideas, at its heart, it’s a story of intense emotional bonds, of ethical decisions, and taking personal responsibility for mistakes. Emotion (positive or negative) drives each encounter, impacting major decisions. Every major arc focuses on a different facet of emotional intensity, exploring a wide variety of different intense emotions. It uses sci-fi themes to explore self-forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing individual journeys.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): LOST

The show invests the audience in the lives of many different individuals, all of whom have unique stories, by introducing us to every element of their emotional life. Continually evolving and shifting, characters’ ethics bleed in and out of focus, merging in shades of gray, reminding us that humans are not right or wrong all the time, and nuance lies in objectivity and shifting circumstances. Their individual arcs tie together, in a common drive for the greater good of the community.