sci fi vs fantasy

little-space asks!!

teddy bear: do you have a favorite stuffy or blankie?

magic wand: what is your little age?

sippy: milk or juice?

glitter: are you more sweet or are you more bratty?

paci: do you suck your thumb?

rainbow: what’s your favorite color?

stars: are you more sleepy or energetic in little space?

playroom: what are your favorite little space activities?

sorting hat: what is your hogwarts house?

nibbles: what are your favorite little space snacks?

potty: do you wear a diaper?

sky: do you prefer playing in the sun or the snow?

heart: do you cry easily?

sugar: chocolate, sweets, or fruit?

stage: are you more confident or shy?

space: fantasy vs sci fi?

costumes: are you a prince(ss)/t or a knight?

cuddles: do you have or want a caregiver?

sweets: what’s your favorite pet name?

colors: is your coloring neat inside the lines, or is it more crazy?

When Worlds Collide

If they can make ALIEN VS. PREDATOR movies (uh, quality notwithstanding), why not something that brings STAR TREK and STAR WARS into the same galaxy and timeline.

And what might happen if you threw FIRE FLY into the mix?

I’m just sayin’.

This month’s Splatfest vote is a tough one! Even though I’m a big fan of “real” science fiction, the fact that Fantasy includes everything from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings to Fairy Tales, Myths, Ducktales & Star Wars (Yes, Star Wars is Fantasy in a Sci-Fi setting)… I gotta go with Fantasy. Because minotaurs are cool.

This is just like that episode of Home Movies!