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As requested by a number of people, I decided to release the fatigues Shepard wore in the Vancouver Prologue mission. It’s currently only available for males as I have yet to convert the female version. It’s obviously only available in one swatch :P Complete with spec, normal and a very basic shadow map for the sleeves (I’m terrible at working with the neck textures).

Btw, keep in mind that like most of my conversions, the top outfit is located under “outfits” while the bottom section of the outfit is located under “shoes”.

Enjoy :)

Download‘s down here↯

[Sim File Share]

| ME3 Prologue Fatigues [Male] |

I’ve been feeling very “bollywoody” so I’m going to be spamming with a lot of typical Bollywoodesque edits. This one is influeced by a scene were the bride looked uber pissed about getting hitched (family probs)

SN: Actually, I never really liked the looks of the stars in Bollywood film; as much as I love the stories and drama, everyone wears too much makeup to me. In high school I danced in a bhangra performance and guess what? We wore a jack-ton of it then, too.

Thanks to ninjaofthepurplethings for the lovely lady featured :3

The Shoemaker’s house, Amnora Glipsunu.

Preview of @alientrustfundkids update going up on Monday.

Won’t be on rest of today..happy Easter all who celebrate.

1. if you peek inside the house you will see some shoes ready to be boxed. Perhaps they are for Tzedon?

2. One wonders what became of the paper delivery kid with that HUGE spider in the front yard. Thanks @murfeelee ..there’s more of your stuff inside. House by @nornities. More to be shown monday.

See you all after Easter!


Liluck is somewhere between pet and servant to Emperor. 

He knows he can freely approach Emperor any time and solicit play from him without fear. Emperor is amused by Liluck. He often pets him and ruffles his silky hair.

Emperor is usually happy to play tag or hide and seek.

Sometimes Emperor seems annoyed if he gets tagged, but he does not remain irritated at Liluck for very long.

Still Liluck is careful to gauge Emperor’s mood at all times and backs off playing when he senses Emperor’s mood has shifted.

Emperor has never hit him or treated him harshly, but Liluck never wants there to be a first time for that. There might not be a second one.

You can never forget that Emperor is highly dangerous.


3000 Followers Special // Armor Set Alpha [Release]

WARNING - The LOD0 Outfits exceed 10k polys. May not be recommended for lower-tier/low-performance computers/laptops

So I’ve recently capped 3,000 followers and to commemorate it, I’ve decided to let these armor sets loose as a thank you, and to make a break in the sea of toddler CC :P Unfortunately, I’ve got no female armor to show for yet but I’ll be releasing these in random, intermittent sets, mostly based on the most recent armors I’ve converted that are readily available (so you may see some a little later on, whenever I can get to it really).

Anywho, for “Armor Set Alpha”, you get the default male N7 armor for Shepard in its standard black/gray and red/white color scheme and two of Alenko’s Alliance armors. The armors are all morph/slider compatible and are available in the outfits section, showing up as one entire armor set.

To resolve the shoe/feet issue, you’ll also need to download my “invisible” feet CC to use in tandem with the armors so feet/shoes don’t show up. It’s located in the shoe section and acts like any other shoe. You could also use any other “invisible feet” alternative CC, but I have mine here readily downloadable, so if you don’t already have one, take my ones with you on your way to the download :P (If you’re familiar with my thumbnail theme/appearance, then I’ll tell you now that it’s the same but yellow. Otherwise, just look for a yellow thumbnail with “xldsims” and “invisible foot”).

Enjoy ~~

Download‘s down here↯  

[Sims Workshop]

| Not currently available |

[Sim File Share]

| N7 Armor Set A - Standard Male (John Shepard) |

| Alliance Armor Set - Male (Kaidan Alenko) |

| Invisi-Foot (’Wearable’ Invisible Feet) |

Sorry Tsorgrez, I have to show people what your Daddy, Tzedon, is up to first..

..and no…he still isn’t overly concerned that he hasn’t heard from you in a long time.

He has a mining empire to run.

He has a very important moth to take care of.

He’s been trying to get another new vacation house built in unpolluted Candyfornia, where the waters are pure and sweet and there is good fishing.

He has just found out that this wonderful place also is hosting a GHOST Festival right now. Not good! 

Your father is very angry at his number one man, Voohon.

Why did Voohon choose a place that hosts GHOST FESTIVALS as a good location for his new vacation home? This is very inauspicious!

The Psychic Consultant he hired to ensure that CryptoMoth is well guarded from unfriendly supernatural forces looks to be a fraud.

He has found out that his supposed “ghost expert” cannot keep ghosts out of the very hotel he and Voohon are  staying in in Candyfornia. Their hotel is FULL of hostile ghosts.

Time to make a few calls. 

So, here we are back in dying, polluted, Amnora Glipsunu..headquarters of Tzedon’s mining business.

Dying because of his rapacious mining operations there.

But, Tsorgrez, you’ve never cared about that right? As long as you could drive your gold plated hover-car and show off your blaster that shoots out diamonds, what did YOU care about the crappy air some peons have to breathe?

You and your mom got to live someplace else. Your sister Savaalka and her mom too.

The good  (!?!) Sisters of Camp Meroze are trying to reform you two… 

see ya later kid…


Ancient Aliens.

A mini-project of my alien species in their earliest genetic forms:

  • Tibuls - mainly pale-toned and bioluminescent. Pupil-less eyes.
  • Lur - very similar to present - day appearances. Slightly taller and males & females more physically similar, unlike today.
  • Konpicoas - originally black and white only skine tones present until local diets caused genetic adaptations. Black/White konpicoas considerd aboringals of sorts.

In old/ancientish inspired fashions of world cultues I draw inspiration for their  species from. Tibuls : South/Middle Asian and North African. Lur - East Asian. Konpicoas - Western European.


Tzedon likes his one-of-a-kind shoes, made from the facial skin of those who displease him.

Bodies get dumped in the front yard. See a big hole already prepared?

 The heads get sent to Shoemaker.

Shoemaker likes his solitary life far away from everyone else, at the edges of what once was a grassy plain dotted with trees and shrubs.

He has a giant spider for company.

Its too big to fit in the house now so he lets it run around the front yard. It finds its own food, apparently. It appears very well fed.

Inside, there is a carnivorous plant to keep him company during dinner.

No one needs to worry about Shoemaker. He has company and is perfectly happy. He enjoys his profession.

“Hello Tzedon. How is CryptoMoth? My spider is doing very well, thank you for asking. How may I help you sir? If its about your current order, two are ready to be delivered. I was designing the boxes today.”

He insists that everyone address him as “Emperor”

His children call him “Emperor Father”

His number one consort, Salas VL, privately calls him by names no one else is privy to.

Emperor is playful.

Playtime for him might involve incinerating an entire city. Salas VL takes beautiful photographs at the scenes of Emperor’s massacres. He tries to capture the moment when Death comes to harvest all the souls.

They have run out of room to display all the photos. The basement of the home is being expanded to accommodate more. You can see just a few of them in this picture.

The house appears rather modest from the outside, for a man of his power. He runs a vast intergalactic crime network,

 Emperor has a sentimental attachment to this home. His career began within these walls. He hatched his greatest plots here. And so, Emperor, Salas VL,  and two of their sons, remain in this outwardly modest seeming, treasure filled home with a vast, ever expanding basement of horrors.

Emperor thinks the house is a metaphor for himself. Misjudge his unimpressive physical appearance at your peril.

Emperor collects many things. Jewels. Art. Relics. Souls. Money. Toys.

He also enjoys his extremely rare, spotted, horned bloodsucker pets. He would like more of them, in rare colors. 

He recently gave his ordinary hued one to his daughter, who lives in her own fairy-tale home now. He has only one pet left: Liluck

He thinks the pink one he has arranged to purchase will be a good playmate for Liluck and himself.

Speaking of cool blogs doing sci-fi….(previous bit of blather.) I discovered a blog I somehow never saw before,,not exactly new..that has some sci-fi sims 3 stuff on it.

They have some pix of their version of Risastorm’s Lunestia world and a VERY cool snake alien. See how several of us can use some of the same cc but get very different looks?

Its not strictly a simblr..there is other game stuff in there..but the  sims 3 sci-fi pix are so nice to see.

I hope to see more sci-fi themed stuff from them. :)


The Flower Princes pt. 2 | Host Headshots

(SN: I had a lot of fun thinking up them up with some long ass backstories. Def’ listened to boybands and 90′s rom com music while simming them up. The 3rd/Chamomile is the one I’d choose as I’m a bitter sucker for quiet,earnest brooding moe dudes >:/)