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Dear passengers, for your safety and comfort, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the Captain turns off the Fasten Seat Belt sign. This will indicate that we have parked at the gate and that it is safe for you to move about.

DOWNLOAD your ticket to Saturenorn here and prepare to enter our spaceport. It’s 8 o'clock in the morning local time. Temperature is 57F, the day will be bright and sunny. Welcome to Saturenorn!


As requested by a number of people, I decided to release the fatigues Shepard wore in the Vancouver Prologue mission. It’s currently only available for males as I have yet to convert the female version. It’s obviously only available in one swatch :P Complete with spec, normal and a very basic shadow map for the sleeves (I’m terrible at working with the neck textures).

Btw, keep in mind that like most of my conversions, the top outfit is located under “outfits” while the bottom section of the outfit is located under “shoes”.

Enjoy :)

Download‘s down here↯

[Sim File Share]

| ME3 Prologue Fatigues [Male] |


Welcome to Groovy Groceries!

We have the usual items you depend on us to stock: organic fruits and veggies from our farm, a great variety of mushrooms, natural perfumes, homegrown medicinal herbs , art supplies, hacky-sacks and frisbees, laundry supplies, very small brains, eyes, bloodfruit, crystal flowers, finely crafted glassware, artwork, books, disco balls, candles, used clothing, primo incense and much, much more.

We have some new items today!  Yummy cupcakes, supplied by @soloriya !

These deliciously frosted little green guys are just waiting to be abducted by YOU! How’s that for a change?  Beam some up today!

(Groovy Groceries is one of my @alientrustfundkids story settings)


Thank you @soloriya for the wonderful birthday gift! These charming alien cupcakes can be recolored..the aliens themselves and the cupcake paper.

Very sweet gifty that I will share, courtesy Soloriya.

Here is the link to download them yourself from her:

Thank you so much for making my birthday even more fun. :)

These will be a regularly stocked item at Groovy Groceries, but the flavors might change from time to time..


3000 Followers Special // Armor Set Alpha [Release]

WARNING - The LOD0 Outfits exceed 10k polys. May not be recommended for lower-tier/low-performance computers/laptops

So I’ve recently capped 3,000 followers and to commemorate it, I’ve decided to let these armor sets loose as a thank you, and to make a break in the sea of toddler CC :P Unfortunately, I’ve got no female armor to show for yet but I’ll be releasing these in random, intermittent sets, mostly based on the most recent armors I’ve converted that are readily available (so you may see some a little later on, whenever I can get to it really).

Anywho, for “Armor Set Alpha”, you get the default male N7 armor for Shepard in its standard black/gray and red/white color scheme and two of Alenko’s Alliance armors. The armors are all morph/slider compatible and are available in the outfits section, showing up as one entire armor set.

To resolve the shoe/feet issue, you’ll also need to download my “invisible” feet CC to use in tandem with the armors so feet/shoes don’t show up. It’s located in the shoe section and acts like any other shoe. You could also use any other “invisible feet” alternative CC, but I have mine here readily downloadable, so if you don’t already have one, take my ones with you on your way to the download :P (If you’re familiar with my thumbnail theme/appearance, then I’ll tell you now that it’s the same but yellow. Otherwise, just look for a yellow thumbnail with “xldsims” and “invisible foot”).

Enjoy ~~

Download‘s down here↯  

[Sims Workshop]

| Not currently available |

[Sim File Share]

| N7 Armor Set A - Standard Male (John Shepard) |

| Alliance Armor Set - Male (Kaidan Alenko) |

| Invisi-Foot (’Wearable’ Invisible Feet) |

Insectoid Alien Species | Sexes Physical Dimorphism

F: On average taller, larger in mass, horns more varied, arm/leg/chest scaling (not shown), body colouring muted.
M: On average shorter, vibrant body/vibrant colouring, smaller muscle mass.
F&M: Acute sense of smell & sight. Weak hearing & vocal abilities.

Why the Dimorphism?: Species believed to have been similar initially, however selective breeding and higher F birth-ratio resulted in physically stronger F’s over time. M’s smallest attributed to body’s focus on toxin development over stature.

Cultural Implications: Males and females are believed to be polar opposite spiritual forces, constantly clashing to overpower the other. “A male should give despair and a female must conquer it.” - Common Proverb


Ancient Aliens.

A mini-project of my alien species in their earliest genetic forms:

  • Tibuls - mainly pale-toned and bioluminescent. Pupil-less eyes.
  • Lur - very similar to present - day appearances. Slightly taller and males & females more physically similar, unlike today.
  • Konpicoas - originally black and white only skine tones present until local diets caused genetic adaptations. Black/White konpicoas considerd aboringals of sorts.

In old/ancientish inspired fashions of world cultues I draw inspiration for their  species from. Tibuls : South/Middle Asian and North African. Lur - East Asian. Konpicoas - Western European.


As I touched upon in THIS post, it’s extremely difficult to go for a more sci-fi look in TS4 with what you’ve got to work with. Thankfully, the Star Trek world doesn’t have really “way out” clothing for the most part, so I can kind of get the feel, without really struggling. Mixing and matching combinations and going for that all same colour look in an outfit works, especially for Louise. Being Human, she can get away with less constrictive clothing, but not to the point that she’s shocking the locals with too much exposed skin.


I also took some time while playing Isbur and Aarvo to add some things to their home, the magnificent Bespinaire (by @satureja13 )

Top pic: added some huge pink jewels and paintings by @crowkeeperthesimmer to their gameroom..which glows purple at night due to how Satureja set the lighting.

middle pic: One of their Christmas trees , recolored to better suit their home and another painting by @crowkeeperthesimmer

(i really like them)

Some more jewels casually decorating a coffee table. Hey, these guys are mega rich.

Bottom pic: View of part of the main level, showing yet another Christmas tree and stands near the tube elevator displaying more giant gems.

Thank you @nornities for making Saturenorn and thank you @satureja13 for your amazing builds for the world.

You can get Saturenorn at the site Norn made for it: @saturenorn

Isbur and Aarvo will be made available soon to put in this world..once I get those doofs skilled up more..hopefully tomorrow.


If you have never written a Sim story that takes place in a sci-fi world, you can’t understand the struggles of dressing your Sims. I’m pretty sure this applies to all versions of the game. It usually means you’ve got to crank up Photoshop and S4S and start editing. Now, I’m not the best person in the world for editing clothing etc, but I’ve gotten better at it. I can combine these edited clothes with in game clothing that will work for that 2240 vibe. These are Sybok’s outfits so far, ranging from formal, everyday and sportswear.


I have a LOT of work still to do in my Sims 2 alien world of Murkimizu.

(1) top pic is a rough plan for the next batch of lots. MCC is the Murkimizu Clearwater Club..flanking it will be parks. Ascended Dragons live near the shoreline, rest of the non-ascended commoners are away from the ancestral waters. Nobi is a new Ascended Dragon family you saw some of the members of in yesterday’s pic. (formal intros upcoming in a day or so)

Newcomers to my blog may not realize that this Murkimizu project has been in the works for a while now.

The pix that follow are  a round-up of previously posted pix showing scenes from each lot already placed in the world, starting leftmost and going along shoreline to the right>

2 and 3: Gikiniji Yurei and his brother Crypnadir at V’Znitexi Preserve

4 and 5: Abyssi Manor

6. W’Nytris Park

7 and 8. Gikiniji Yurei outside his Manor and a full view of the Yurei Manor

9. E’Nytris Park, Yurei brothers and guards fishing.

Can see more in archives searching tag: Murkimizu

I’d REALLY be into some new sky mods. So many of us using the same ones. On a Mac so no cc making happening here.