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After sailing through the Telvian waters, the crew spots lights twinkling off in the distance just a few hours after the sun has set. Much to everyone’s delight, it appears you have reached civilization once again and have arrived in the large Port Town of Kidri!

After the great floods that submerged most of Telvi’s land masses under seawater, those who did not flee the planet had to get creative when constructing cities and towns. As such, most of Telvi’s cities are built into the remaining land masses that poke out of the water or built in the shallows and elevated with the help of stilts. The Port Town of Kidri is a combination. 

The town is a large and thriving metropolis built into the top of a once mighty mountain range that now only just barely peaks out of the water. However, because of the scarcity of land to build on, the vast majority of the city is built on stilts. People travel around the city via canals or through an elaborate bridge system that links the town together. The buildings are an array of different styles. Some appear to be built in a more traditional sylet while others are literally just parts of ships turned into homes or places of business.

This port town is alive and bustling and luckily for the crew, you happened to make it just as the town launches into its most lively and popular festival!

Time Spent In-Game in Kidri: 2 Weeks
OOC Time Spent in Kidri: 1 month (March 25th- April 29th) 


  • This is a normal trade hub and port town so piracy and criminal activities will result in getting arrested.
  • As always, when coming into areas like this, the crew is expected to uphold secrecy as to what they are, who they are, and the name of the ship they belong to.
  • The Spectre has docked alongside other ships in the dockyard and raised above the water so those who wish to access the thrusters can do so.
  • Now that you are back in civilization, mechanics now have access to the supplies and tools needed to repair the thrusters so the ship can fly again. 
  • In this town, there are a number of shops, trading posts, blacksmiths and repair shops, taverns, inns, libraries, museums, marketplaces, etc.  You can have your characters visit these places to exchange goods (trade in points for rewards/repair weapons/get new weapons/ etc).
  • Major character plot moments must be run by the admins before you do them.
  • We will be posting festival activities that your characters can engage in shortly! 

The bath salts are now up in the shop!

Inspired by different sci-fi and fantasy locations I would love to visit, these bath salts are a perfect way to treat yourself (or a fellow nerd)

All contain Dead Sea salts and Epsom salts, which will leave your skin silky smooth. Each one also has it’s own blend of special ingredients based upon its namesake.

Add a handful to a hot bath, or use as a scrub in the shower!

Endor (Star Wars): Cypress and berries, with whole juniper berries (which are particularly helpful in easing muscle pain and sore joints)
Risa (Star Trek:TNG): Cucumber, sage, whole lavender, and whole lemon peel
Fhloston Paradise (The Fifth Element): Pomegranate, sage, Hawaiian black salts and whole rose buds
Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland): Sweet pea, Himalayan pink salts
Rivendell  (Lord of the Rings): Ozone, water hyacinth, white thyme, whole jasmine buds


Our #Oscars celebration continues with classic and modern western movie sets on BLM-managed lands!  

Alabama Hills near Hollywood – photo by Bob Wick, BLM.  Since the early 1920’s, movie stars such as Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, and the Lone Ranger have been shooting it out at the Alabama Hills.

Diablo Canyon Recreation Area in New Mexico – photo by Steven W. Martin.  More than a well-known rock climbing location, Diablo Canyon’s cracked basalt walls served as the perfect film backdrop for Cowboys and Aliens, 3:10 to Yuma, and City Slickers.

Red Rocks National Conservation Area in Nevada – photo by Bob Wick, BLM. Red Rocks featured Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger in Bells of San Angelo (1947).

The historic Empire Ranch in Las Cienegas National Conservation Area in Arizona – photos by Bob Wick, BLM. Rich with history, this is still an operating cattle ranch that looks much the same as it did in the 1800’s. It provided the perfect setting for Red River (1948) and McLintock (1963) starring John Wayne, Outlaw Josie Wales (Clint Eastwood, 1976), and Gunsmoke (James Arness-series).

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Utah – photo by Bob Wick. The Pariah townsite in the southern part of the monument included a movie set which was built in the early 1960s for Sergeants Three, a Western featuring Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. It also provided settings for the television series Death Valley Days and Gunsmoke. The last movie filmed there was The Outlaw Josie Wales in 1976.

Stay tuned for our final #Oscars post of the day – sci fi and horror film locations on your public lands!


Welcome to the December #conservationlands15 Social Media Takeover – the final 2015 monthly celebration of the 15th anniversary of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands !

For more than 100 years, Hollywood filmmakers have sought out the most compelling, unique landscapes in the U.S. to use as settings for their movies, from Westerns to sci-fi to horror. Today’s takeover features locations where movies were filmed, in part or in their entirety, within the National Conservation Lands.

Stay tuned all day for beautiful locations that you can preview on the screen and then visit in person!

lingering-nomad  asked:

Re your post on Fenris naturally having light hair and dark brows. I've known some ppl with that combo. When I was in high school, a girl in my class had to bring childhood photos to prove she wasn't dyeing her hair blond. I believe the ritual changed Fenris' hair, but I 100% agree that it's headcanon. I picture Leto as a redhead, but ppl have shown me concept art of Fenris with brown hair and claimed that that makes it canon. Just curious, what is your take on concept art as canon?

I work in the industry and also have numerous close kins who is-working/worked at actual game studios so the fact is that I know exactly how a production pipeline works in these places.
At a concept stage, a character can have so many different looks until it is finalized and officially released as a canon. Thus, any concept art that is not officially marked as a *final design* are very unreliable  source of canon info about a character.  (In one of the concept art, Fenris even has heavy stubble as an elf)
As for my own example, the undisclosed production I’m working on nowadays has a lot of sci-fi props and locations with specific designs. I finished working on a whole scene with what was supposed to be close-to-final-designs and I got noted today that the director decided to change some major parts of it so now I have to redo most of that scene. 
Yet, these cancelled concepts will still be displayed on art-of-books or get released to the public for viewings because they’re part of the process that can be appreciated by the audience but the creators really don’t release them as a canon info.

That’s why they are called *concept* art.

So unless someone can provide me with an official *finalized* release from ‎BioWare (and please do if anyone has one), I wouldn’t believe that there is actually a solid canon about Fenris’s hair. A lot of times, even the directors themselves don’t know about the universe as much as a hard-core fan.

That being said though, while I personally favour white-haired-by-birth-Fenris in my drawings, I love seeing any other head cannon versions of him as long as they’re not presented to me imposingly.
(Just like how I loved the gorgeous red-headed one that you showed me a while back)

I kinda went nuts with this
Hope this answers your curiosity :)